Miss him, but my Pisces needs his space

  • Come to the conclusion that it is best to ride the wave and give my Pisces all of the space he needs and be about the business of MY business. Seems like is cares, but he is one of those people that needs to be left alone. So, I will keep my date book open for other opportunities of relationships and let him make the moves. Despite the women's lib movement, the Victorian age is still alive and kicking.

  • Hey there. As a Pisces. I can honestly tell you that he is going thru something. If he is backing off and going within himself he is probably facing a huge decision. I am not sure if he is a Pisces/Horse or not...but if he is...let him do the chasing for a bit. If he wants the relationship...you will hear from him soon. Don't hold your breath and sit be the phone...do your thing...less you seem available the more he will work to get your attention. Unfortunately, for some Pisces...the minute a relationship becomes difficult we either do one of two things: Swim away for good or retreat to the ocean and rethink the plan...maybe come up with a new one. I can promise you this...depending on his birth date and overall personality. A Pisces be it man or woman...can be worth the wait. But then again, I am slightly biased. smiles.

  • Virgo and Pisces Match 😉

    I can say from experience my pisces and I did become sort of inseperatable,

    to the point not being together or not hearing from him for more than a few hours

    I felt something was going on lol, the connection was so instant, he was there

    for me when I needed him each time, but when he became down he wouldnt tell me although i could feel it clearly, he still tried to act happy.. He wouldnt let me show my caring in return

    I notice whe pisces are going through something they tend to defintely suppress thier

    feelings even if you know the situation, they need thier space to be alone alone.

    I think Virgos are the same, I need ALOT of alone time, I have to feel comfortable with myself

    first before i can feel comfortable with anyone else and its still that way in alot of cases for me

    with a huge desire to want to LOVE myself first deeply then letting another in.

    Pisces are just more dreamy & imaginative and Virgos more so rational and logical

    they both need thier space to go inside thier minds and play around virgos and pisces make

    a great match if they dont venture off with thier big outrageous ideas lol.

    blessings, hope this helped.

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