PLEASE help me interpret this reading I just did

  • I've been seeing a guy for the last month and everything was perfect until this past weekend. He was slightly mad at something I said, and I haven't heard from him since. we normally are in contact every day, at least a handful of times throughout the day whether it's via txt msgs or a phone call. I tried to contact him to talk about things but it seems he's ignoring me. It's been 5 days now...I have no idea what's going on. I should also mention that he is someone i used to know when we were little kids...we haven't seen each other in over 20 yes and reconnected recently via Facebook....long story short, the last month has been PERFECT. and I'm really just beyond confused now. Any help in reading this spread would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    where does this situation currently stand?

    4 of wands

    how does he currently feel about me / what are his feelings - 3 of wands

    what does he want to happen?

    page of wands

    What is he actually going to do?

    Ace of wands

    will he contact me soon?

    Six of cups

    why has he been ignoring me?

    the chariot

    Will we get back on track to the way things were? What will happen in the near future?

    ace of cups

  • I'm new to this site but I've been doing readings for 10 years, so I'll put my view on your reading and we'll see how things go.

    The 4 of wands indicates that he was having a good time being with you and enjoying your company.

    The 3 of wands indicates that he was beginning to think that you had everything he wanted in a relationship and you two could have a good partnership.

    The page of wands indicates that he started to think, or maybe someone told him, he should take more time to avoid a possible risk.

    The ace of wands indicates that he is considering the relationship and trying to figure out how it might fit into his goals.

    The 6 of cups indicates that maybe a friendly call or visit, to remind him of the good times you shared might be in order. DO NOT BE HOSTILE!!!! And don't push him.

    The chariot indicates that he is being pulled in two different directions.

    The ace of cups indicates that there is a new relationship in your future.

    I hope this helped.

  • Hi

    my interpretation here is that you and your friend will reunite. someone said something to him and put him in a foul mood. the ace of cups is renewal since you had prior a 6 of cups the chariot and then the ace.

    he will contact you in a few days, probably this weekend.


  • thank you both so much.

    I really do hope he contacts me soon. I feel like now he's just playing games..almost like a power struggle, which makes me want to scream. I did reach out to him three separate times....however, it was before I backed off and just dropped contact all I definitely cannot contact him again anytime soon. It would be too much now.

    That's why I'm hoping. I just can't believe that he could be so mad at me for saying a stupid little thing, that he would go vanish like this.


    Thank u so much tho!! 🙂

  • well, you could understand why if you look back on you running away when someone y ou knew said or did something you did not like. it happens. that is why so many of us have a hard time trusting.

    it would be good if you not keep trying to reach out to him. he will get over it and call you.


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