For everyone who gets strong mood affecting feelings which reflect the future

  • Every now and then I get into some kind of mood out of no where. Then I get these really strong feelings and impulses to do or prepare for certain things. Very soon after, I am in a situation which puts me in a mood that reflects exactly what I was feeling earlier.

    It's like some kind of internal warning/defense mechanism. Does that happen to you guys too? I know everyone's different, I was just wondering what that is exactly. My guess is that they are spirit friends and family etc trying to help you.

    What are your thoughts and experiences? You are all welcome to share your perspectives on such gifts!

  • Hey chloe, I am not necessarily experiencing this on a regular basis but it's usually been when someone is about to leave my life, whether it has been a death or a relationship. I have gotten into grumpy/depressed moods before the event (usually a few hours to a day before). On the one hand, it happened once with someone who entered my life. I had good feelings as though there was a "birth" and thinking back on it now, knew it would be a friend for life. That is all I can say really. I am probably not recognizing that it may happen more often but I know it has. 🙂

  • Hi espearite, thank you for sharing 🙂 . I have the same time frame. A few hours to a day as well. I'm happy I can do this. The only downside is when I'm uncomfortably anxious or scared or sad. When these feelings come out of no where, I feel like sometimes its a spirit projecting their own feelings or a heads up. Like before a natural disaster animals and insects behave strangely, running for their lives before we even get blips on our radars. Their hypersensitivity to the vibrations and what not. I compare what we can do to that. Sometimes it's like I know something really shitty is going to happen cause I feel it coming only I don't know exactly what and when. Kinda ruins my day sometimes. It's like the doctor explaining how painful something is going to be so you're anticipating it when really if he had just ripped off the metaphoric band aide then maybe I wouldn't have suppered as much. I dunno, 🙂

  • Suffered as much rather, lol.

  • Hi , I too get these feelings but mine start about a week or two before. I am never wrong. Like you I feel something is wrong or is going to happen and I don't know what or where it is going to come from. But it does, sometimes a couple of days before the event, I can get an indication of what it will be because I am so intuned to the feeling. If only I new what it was earlier, then I can start to plan what to do to limit it's impact on me and mine. Sometimes I get an uncontrolable feeling to act and do something, and I think to myself , why did I do that, then eventualy I know. I could say a lot more mine is very strong.

  • Ditto, I get the same kind of internal warning signs. Before I got laid off I started feeling funky, uncertain, was in a really bad mood for over a week. The day I got laid off the boss said to me, I don't know when or if we can bring everyone back so you should gather your personal belongings. I looked around and realized I'd already taken almost every single thing home except the picture of my girls. Piece by piece in the couple weeks prior I had taken my stuff home even my coffee cup and spoon that I kept in my desk.

    I can't say as it has given me confidence to know something was coming but I have definitely felt that certainty of upheaval on the horizon. You are not alone.

  • I wonder if someone can tell us what this is? How we can develop it and instead of being suprised ie; wondering and waiting for the shoe to drop one way or another. It makes my life a living **** and I don't like it! I'd think I would rather be ignorant of these things if I can't have any control. If I had a way to really know what it will be than I think I could live with it. I get it for others too and thats not so bad because it does not effect me directly..but the feeling I get, for me and mine drives me crazy!

  • I hear ya. I must say though I think we do know what it is, it's our instincts flaring up. That wonderful personal alarm that says something is not right here. For myself, I obviously knew what was coming or I wouldn't have started taking my personal stuff home. Truth be told when he said that to me and I looked around my desk and realized the photo was all I had to take it dawned on me, hey I knew something was coming. I think deep down we get what I call "the still small voice" messages, I surely must have heard it. Although in my waking life it wasn't loud enough to have an impact on me on a conscious level. Does that make any sense?

    Do you ever get peeved with the person you are falling away from and not understand why on earth they are getting on your nerves so badly?

  • Yes, but I squash it. I think it is better not to burn any bridges. I don't know why again it's a feeling I get. I guess I am so uncertian about things that may happen and the one person I spurn may be the one to help me. Does that make sense to you?

  • It does make sense. But I can't tell you how many times in my life that I have had that intuition and fought it, only to regret it later. Ultimately the decision is always yours to make.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi LibrasLair!

    You are really sweet for posting those sites. And totally bad a** for posting them again after they were deleted, haha! I visited one of them and was totally blown away! I came back to thank you but your post was deleted. What's up with that??! Anywho, I took the test and scored as a natural born empath. Whew. For a miss know it all I sure was out of the loop! It was so much fun to read all that stuff. I always felt like some kind of weirdo for having such a profound love for all living things including flowers, plants and nature. Especially dogs! There was so much of myself that was explained it was scary!! Are you an empath too? You must have some fun gifts yourself! I'm a libra moon myself 🙂 Not sure what that means exactly, just thought I'd share. Thanks again for being awesome.

  • Well I hope you can share them now I kind of covered them this time but the admin doesn't want them so they take them off. I know they will take off anything that isn't part of their community on here. No competition with them. I wouldn't have known to help you all if Flowsco hadn't let me know. Knowledge is meant to be shared so don't keep it to yourself. Glad you found it. It is an eye opener to learn why you react to things. I have known something would happen before it did and was ignored when I said something about it but at least I said something. I never knew what it was just that you shouldn't go against the feelings. I feel others cravings, pain and moods. I do all kinds of different things not just being an empath. Crying at game shows on tv has been a life long embarrassment. And I was relieved to find out why. And yes I am. I know when someone is sick and I am across the country from them. I mimic people I don't even know and find out days later why I do something that isn't me. I talk to all the animals and am very much an outdoors person. I don't do well at all in crowds and stay away as much as possible. Now your not so weird are you. There is a world full of us. We may do things differently but the out come is the same. And don't be afraid of any of it.

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