Calling all Psychics

  • Hello Everyone 🙂

    I first off wanted to thank you for visiting my thread. Like you, I try my best to help others with the gifts God has given me. Although I am no where near good enough to do what you guys can do. The closest I can get to helping complete strangers online is via Yahoo Answers 🙂 , so your heart, talent and gifts are most appreciated.

    I just really needed some help. I have been really freaking out about work. I interviewed for something recently. I just wanted to know how you guys saw that working out. Also, if I didn't get it. What do you guys see me doing and when?

    My next question is about love. I was told I'd be getting married and be having a child this or next year. This is the same person who predicted my parents would meet before they even met. I know she has a good reputation for her readings but honestly, this sounds like something going on in another dimension as I am single and all.

    What did you guys see going on? Any help will be very much appreciated.

    Also if this helps, my bday: 11/05/80 Wednesday 12:13pm

    Thank you in advance! Hope everyone has a good night and awesome weekend!

  • Hello to all, I also need some advise and expertize from a psychic I am in my 60,s I have just ended a relationship that lasted 15 months I am sad about it but I truly believe it is for the best . My problem is I feel I can no longer deal with these kind of dissapointments I am tired disallusioned and truly do not know where to go from here.

    My date of birth; February 5th 1943 in Timmins Ontario Canada, time of birth 7;30 P.M.

    His date of birth was May6th 1946 Munich Germany,arrived in Canada when he was 2yrs old

    his time of birth was 3;30 there where so many things right and so many things wrong and then he added to it by bringing in a third party which he wanted me to accept.This has been going on for three months. Of course I was hurt and could not accept it,In other words he wanted both of us. I began to feel like the filler when she was not available. Now what i need is some advise as to whether I will ever get over this and meet some one else. Right now I am totaly Frightened of my feelings as I,can,t even imagine trying again with someone new I am tired older and lonely.

    He calls me often and today he wanted and came to see me I told him it is me or her and that is it but I am hurting. Please advise, Thank you so much ... Leonida

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