• I lost my philips 4gb mp3 player last week. I am hopeless without it. I was the one who was last with it. I was on my balcony downloading music onto it then i disconnected it from the usb cord and sat it down on the balcony. Then when i was ready to go in the house it was no where to be seen. No way it could have flew off the porch because I would have heard it. I might have brought it inside the house with me but I literally searched EVERYWHERE. and haven't found it. its black small and a curved rectangle shape. I truly loved my mp3 player I listen to it on the train and bus and also when i'm doing my daily walks. It also calms me down when I'm angry. (seriously) I have been so stressed since I lost it because i'm mostly stressed that I cant find it and also because the times when I get angry I have nothing to listen to so I just stay mad and have nothing else that calms me down.If any physchic can please help me find my mp3 player that would be greatly appreciated. and thank you in advance

  • You are being given a message that you should rely on inner relaxation to de-stress rather than a machine. When you are less dependent on an outside source for comfort, you will find your player.

  • Thanks i'll try that

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