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  • Hi Watergirl18,

    I read a post you made about getting in touch with your Spirit Guides and asking them for guidance. (and now I understand why you say you are in a similar situation to me!). 2 months ago I started to go back into church, to pray (after not being in a church for over 20 years). Not for Mass but I'd go during the day just to pray. I would often ask for a sign and like you, I would often get them. Sometimes they would be in the form of an email (usually sent at the time I was sitting in the church!). Typically those signs were ambiguous but nonetheless, I took them as signs.

    Anyway, as I am seeking more and more guidance I am wondering how one becomes more in tune with their Spirit Guides? I seem to need a lot of help lately which is a first for me. Usually in my life I just pick myself off, brush myself off and keep going. But this year I just can't even seem to get up, despite all the positive readings I am receiving. I am picked up by them and I believe but it seems to be short lived.

    Like I said before, outwardly happy while internally frustrated! I am trying to keep my mind forward on the outcomes I have been told but some days the present just overwhelms me.

    Bizarre question, I know, but if you could find the time to jot a quick answer I would much appreciate it.

    Thank you so much!

  • bump since I'm not sure if anyone ever goes beyond page one. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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  • OK no rush! I saw your post about resting after I did this bump - so sorry! Take your time. Bathroom is near by LOL


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  • Bummer! Coincidentally I just took my potty break then saw this!

    What I do (and usually as you, after I lose something), is compose it in my word processor rather than the web and save often.

    Take your time, I know how frustrating it is!

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  • Thank you Watergirl, that will be a lot to digest but I will! I know this sounds funny but the reason I asked is because it seemed to work best for me when I actually go to church. And the thing that has kept me out of church for over 20 years was the belief that one shouldn't have to go to a particular building to talk to God. But for some reason it seems to work better, maybe because my mind is more clear, so maybe that's what I have to work on.

    I found a store in the town I grew up in that sells Tarot cards and crystals so I may go up there today to see if anything speaks to me. 🙂

    Have a great weekend and thanks again!

  • Hello Watergirl18! What a timely discovery and I'm sure the Universe is really trying to tell me something important which I've not been paying heed all through those miserable years! I got it loud and clear! Self-love and unconditional love begins with myself, until then I won't be ready to love and cherish anyone in my life and will just be going through the motions of falling in love with the idea of just falling in love with whoever comes along! I knew it already and yet my pride and self-denial persisted over this message from the Universe. Thank you so much for using your healing gifts to make a difference in many people's lives, like me. Suddenly, I felt so uplifted and a total release from my depression and negative thinking pervades my being while reading your life sharing! Well, talking of attracting like-minded souls who will be enriched because we just opened our hearts and souls to love them unconditionally! I couldn't thank you enough for this chance to turn my life around for good and confirmed my life's purpose and direction to help others. I have received so much by joining this forum...reading other people's postings and sharing as well...now I have to do my share, love myself enough to be able to give love in return to whoever the Universe will send my way each waking day. I'm so ecstatic and renewed to start living full of hope and love in my heart! May God continue to bless you as you fulfill your life's mission with deep appreciation in your heart! Happy week-end and my spirit took a positive turn as you can tell from my previous posting in my own blog...What a great gift I received this week-end and I know greater gifts are coming my way once I truly surrender to the voice of my spirit guides...like you did! Keep it up!

  • Watergirl, I thought you especially would get a kick out of this. I went to that store I mentioned this morning.

    First I had a meltdown when I got off the exit as in front of me was a small church that bf and I had parked in 2 winters ago. This was right after my separation and he was upset I wasn't giving him more me and I was upset he wasn't giving me more space. I tried to go for a drive and he ended up following me and I got off the highway, we pulled over to talk, an officer asked us to leave the road so I drove around the corner and there was this church. So we sat there and talked - at 2am. Anyway I had no idea it was off the exit I used today since I had come in from a different direction then since the roads were so bad and I was still wired, I went home the back way. So that just stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it this morning, enough so that before I went home, I went back to the church and pulled into the spots we sat in to try and find peace. Which hasn't worked yet. Anyway.....

    I find the store and find the stones I was looking for. I wanted a Tarot deck and their site claimed many unusual and out of print ones. My passions are nature and vintage so I was hoping something unusual would "speak" to me. Most were sealed and I wasn't sure how I would get a good feel without seeing the cards.

    I carefully looked at each deck in the bookcase at least twice and I'm getting nothing. I figure OK, there is another store that may sell them, maybe I'll check them out. Now I'm back to the bottom shelf. I pick up the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot package and read the back.

    Guess what? There are TWO Temperance cards in it! Now THAT'S a sign lol

    I also picked up "Tall Dark Stranger, Tarot for Love and Romance" (lucky for me everything was half price)

    Other than that I am having a really emotional day. So I'm going to crash on the deck with my new books and at least get a suntan.

    Other than that I am having a really emotional day. So I'

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  • Ironically I had never been needy in love before. And I wasn't needy IN love this time until it was abruptly withdrawn. I have gone over and over the fact that yes I was rejected but it does seem to be more than that, I have certainly been rejected before!

    As for the church, yikes, I hope that one isn't "the one". It's too far to be able to go to on a regular basis. The one I have been going to for 2 months was the 3rd one I tried and turned out it was the closest to me, and other signs drew me to it once the first two didn't work.

    I think the reason for my funk is that my exh is getting remarried this weekend. And it's not that I'm upset he's getting remarried, it's more that I am in a personal bad place at this moment in time.

    I've read my Tarot instructions and see I have to "bless" my deck! So before I go further with that, I do think I am going to the grocery store to find me a little something sinful to eat as I have not eaten much all day. 🙂

    I will keep my heart and mind open for my inner voice. Once I was 20 or so and learned the my intuition is often right but right now I think I am allowing emotions to take over so I need to reel them back in a bit.

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you ever so much for the continued advice!

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  • Oh! OK that makes sense (the church). I was disappointed you didn't comment on Temperance LOL

    Yes you may be right on that and I WILL continue to go to the church. I read someone here saying that they only pull 3 card spreads for themselves as that's all their mind will keep quiet for. I have gone to church a couple of times on busy days and find my todo list is out-talking my prayers so I certainly have that problem.

    Thank you for the quote and you are right about the exh! Always something to work on to keep moving oneself forward. As a nice aside to my day, I made an unplanned visit to see my parents after buying the deck. Missed Mom but Dad was quite thrilled to see me. 🙂

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