Help with starting out?

  • I just got my first Tarot deck yesterday. The deck I got is the Tarot of a Moon Garden. I fell in love with it online because of the fantasy feel and how dreamy and alice in wonderlandy it was. I also have always had a strong connection with the moon and nearly every card has one pictured. So I got the deck and fell even more in love. I immediately connected with the deck and I can't stand to be away from it. I carry it around all day and continously look through it. I alreay made a connection with the strength card. It is my favorite. I love everything about it. ANyways I was wondering if anyone has some tips about learning and what spreads to start out with. I don't have the book that comes with the deck yet, I ordered it seperately. Anyways thanks a lot!

  • Try it with a simple spread first.. Like Answering a simple question.. =}

  • Welcome Tara to the start of the Royal Road of Tarot.

    I'm so pleased you found a deck that you really connect with. The same thing happened to me 20 years ago when I fell in love with the Rider-Waite deck. I just totally connected with the images, and although I have other decks and have used other decks, none have felt quite as comfortable as the Rider deck.

    I can totally identify with your feelings and connection with the Moon. I, too, have had a strong connection with this lovely orb since I was a boy. Needless to say, I wasn't surprised many years later to discover that the Moon rules my Natal Chart. It makes perfect sense.

    I'd like to recommend a book to you that was written by my Teacher and Mentor, Susan Levitt, the SF Bay Area's most respected and popular Tarotist and Astrologer. It is called "Introduction to Tarot" and you can buy it on Amazon used for next to nothing.

    Mikyo's advice is sound. Start out with simple readings such as drawing a card each day and journaling about it. Every card has something to teach and an oracle always resonates to the time in which it is consulted. So, you'll always get what you need.

    Another simple spread you can try is Body-Mind-Spirit. Shuffle and cut the deck and then spread the cards in a fan-like shape. Then draw three cards representing the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. These three cards will give you so much information you may want to just be with them for awhile.

    Another helpful thing is to sleep with the cards under your pillow. I put my cards in my pillow case from time to time. Then record any dreams or visions you might have.

    You are definitely doing the right things instinctively to "season" your deck. Keep your cards wrapped in silk when not using them. This keeps negative energy from penetrating the deck. I also put a quartz crystal on top of my deck when not in use.

    I am very excited for you. You're obviously ready to begin this incredible journey. All the best to you.


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  • gwalchmai60, I also keep a piece of moonstone with my decks too.. I guess there is alot of ways to get in touch with decks~ maybe after that can try out a book call tarot shadow works~ I would say I just read the whole thing quite cool~

  • Hi all! I just bought my first deck today. I went to a store that I found online, it was in the town I grew up in. They said they had many unusual and out of print decks. My passions are nature and vintage. I went through everything twice and nothing jumped out at me! I decided it wasn't to be at this store and was going to try another possibility. Then I picked up the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot deck and read the back. It has two Temperance cards and I decided that was my sign, since Temperance keeps coming up in my readings (I do understand I need to remove one of them). I will probably end up with another deck at some point in the future but for now this will work just fine.

    I also got a piece of Kyanite when I was there, the description of it sounded like it would be helpful. I now wish I had gotten two pieces of quartz after reading this. I got one to carry in my pocket. They also didn't have any silk there.

    Any advice on blessing the deck? (is that what they call it?) I don't have a wand? Everything was sealed else I would have asked these things before I left the store!

    Thank you for any advice,


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