Cosmic Reporter: Memorial Day Retrograde

  • -- This is a re-posting of Cosmic Reporter's Blog entry from May 23rd, 2008 --

    We have some rather unusual planetary action coming up this Memorial Day weekend. On Monday morning, both Mercury, planet of communication and travel, and Neptune, ruler of dreams and the unconscious, are turning Retrograde.

    What does this mean? When a planet changes directions (or appears to from our earthly perspective anyway), we get a big dose of what that planet represents. Has anyone else been feeling especially sleepy, dreamy, hyper-sensitive and/or confused the past few days? Say hello to Neptune. Have you been experiencing “technical difficulties” — computer, car or other mechanical issues — and/or communication mix-ups? That’s Mercury.

    While the Mercury Retrograde period will last for about three weeks, the day that this normally speedy planet appears to come to a standstill and change directions is when the influence is strongest. Meaning — if you’re traveling on Monday, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll experience delays, and if you’re socializing with friends and family, you’ll want to be extra-attentive to communicating clearly. In terms of the Neptunian effect, you might feel more like staying in bed than cavorting with the crowds.

    The planets aren’t “out to get us” with these influences that might seem inconvenient or feel uncomfortable. Astrology indicates that there is a time for everything, and this weekend — and especially on Monday — it’s time to slow down, pause, reflect and tune into your inner world.

    Memorial Day is a strange holiday. On the one hand, it’s our first 3-day weekend as we head into summer — a time for celebration, travel, picnics and barbeques. On the other hand, the intention behind this day is to remember and honor those who died in war — a pretty heavy theme that doesn’t really jive with summer fun.

    For those who have not lost family members to war, and who don’t currently have family in the military, it can be easy to forget the significance of Memorial Day. No matter what people think about the US’s current and past military actions, we can all feel compassion for any lives that have been lost as a result. The planetary influences this Monday invite us to take some time to reflect on Memorial Day’s true meaning — and perhaps to create greater connection with one another through these shared feelings.

    --Cosmic Reporter

  • Hi C.R. (Cosmic Reporter)! You wanted to know how we were experiencing Mercury & Neptune in retrograde, so I'm reporting in!

    At our home, we are in the process of getting ready for a major launch of a new product (we are both self-employed, online entrepreneurs). Everything is "stalling" as if the entire launch is in retrograde! (Laughing) Software and servers having glitches, e-mails lost, and so on.

    Our brains seem to be feeling the effects of the Neptune side of things. If it's not written down at the time we think about it, it's lost in the ethers. Focusing on tasks seems extremely difficult also. We both noticed our thoughts wander far too much!

    And this isn't just related to our product launch either since we are both in separate types of business. My housemate is helping my company launch the product because one of his businesses is Internet marketing. He's experiencing the same type of glitches in the other businesses as well.

    Very strange indeed! We've scheduled the launch tentatively for June 19. It'll be interesting to see if we are able to pull it off with this type of energy around us!


  • hi Debbie,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Mercury & Neptune Retro experiences! I just wrote a blog about what's been going on here at -- very similar to what you've been experiencing.

    This is obviously a challenging time for anyone involved in internet or computer-related businesses. Especially since Neptune is now in Aquarius -- the sign that rules computers and technology. I can definitely relate to your wandering mind syndrome as well... Probably a good time to tap into our intuition and higher vision (Neptune) to get more information about what to do business-wise -- and a good time to get information from our dreams, which are particularly active now.

    June 19 might be a tough date for your launch, since that's the day that Mercury will start moving forward again (as you're probably aware). On the day that Mercury changes directions, the Retro influence is especially strong, even though it's starting to move forward. Maybe the 20th is a better date? The Mercury Retro influence will be waning and you'll get the added power of the Summer Solstice.

    I wish you all the best in preparing for your launch! Thanks again for your reply, CR

    *I am a employee. The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of

  • CR, Thanks for the "heads up" about the 19th! No problem to move the date.

    And as an additional update on this current retrograde energy, our central air unit went out last week during the high humidity and hot weather we've been experiencing in the Midwest. And unfortunately, we can't afford to replace yet.

    Thank goodness that this too shall pass!


  • Hi, CR and other forum members!

    I'm a "newbie" to the forum, but not new to Astrology or the effects of MR. I am actually an ordained minister of a progessive, multi-denominational / faith, multi-cultural church. I am an empathic "hands on" healer, and I also perform divinations using Astrology and Karma Cards. Our church promotes the use of all types of holistic modalities for healing of the body, mind, and spirit. I conduct church business online predominately, and have a church branch site.

    I, too, have experienced some difficulties during both the MR cycles so far. I have learned to plan ahead, and probably have suffered less because of it. I found it the repsonsible thing to do to inform my online visitors about MR, and have written an article about it and posted links to the "Mercury Retrograde 101" and "Mercury Retrograde Calendar" on my site for visitors to consult with further. I also have posted a special protection prayer and meditation for my visitors to access during this time.

    One thing that I think is important to note is that the AIR SIGN folks out there are getting hit the hardest, since all the MR episodes are in AIR SIGNS this year. And since Mercury is in it's own domain with this one, the negative effects seem to be doubly amplified. The AIR SIGN people need to really take special care this year during all of the MR episodes.

    A perfect example, I am saddened to say, it a Libra acquaintance of mine (only 8 days older than me) was killed in a freak motorcycle accident on the 27th of May. He was NOT a seasoned was a new hobby for him, and he was traveling in an area he had never ridden his bike on before when it happened. He was so badly injured that he was rushed to the hospital by air care, but the extent of his injuries were misdiagnosed intially. By the time the error was caught, even the 12 hours of surgery (new surgeries being a no-no during MR, too) could not repair the damage in time, and he died...48 years old. The whole community is mourning his death, as he was a popular radio DJ, and the anchor member of a very popular independent award-winning band in our area. Had I been closer to him, and knew that he was a new bike hobbyist, I would have issued him the appropriate warning...and told him to stay off his bike until June 20th.

    Although this is an extreme example of MR in force, I think it's important to make a note of how bad it can get. MR is NO JOKE, or a matter to be "pooh-poohed off". Please, dear ones, take all the necessary precautions. An ounce of prevention can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

    Love & Light,

    Be blessed and safe...


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    As confusing and overwhelming as MR can get sometimes, I feel obligated to point out a silver lining from the IT side of things. With a wee bit of patience, MR can actually become a fairly useful "debugging" tool. After all -- no one ever expects some of the things that MR seems to cause. Just about every retrograde reveals to me new and interesting ways that things can, and do, break (although calling it "breaking" might not be accurate, as it seems more like an unusual arrangement of circumstance sometimes. )

    So, in a manner of speaking, MR presents to me a "knowledge scavenger hunt" of sorts. Sure, things break, but every once in a while, something will break in a way you've never seen before. The ultimate result is that I end up learning something about our unique points of failure and the interconnections between moving parts. I have, in essence, become more knowledgeable and experienced in the very system that has just broken.

    Crazy? For sure. But, certainly a good chance to observe and learn if you can.


    • I am a employee. The views expressed in this post are mine, and do not reflect the views of

  • Since I do all of my own web design and updating, and d perform all of my own computer maintenance, I too have noticed this. That's why before MR starts, I do a complete maintenenance on my PC ahead of time to ward off simple problems. I have also observed that, for some reason, when I try to install new programs during MR they never seem to work quite right. So I try to avoid new installations until MR is over in order to avoid all the glitches that insue from a funky installation.

    I have noticed that this recent MR in Gemini has abounded with technical problems with electronics of all kinds...which makes sense, but more than usual because of Mercury being in it's own domain.

    And I, too , have found "fixes" that I normally would not have sought out. And since I sometimes help others with their IT problems, that is knowlege that can be put to good use.


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