Question for The Captain or anyone else as talented :)

  • Hi Captain~I recently asked a question about love and career. I posted in the wrong place and before I got a chance to fix it, my computed died. Anywhoo, I had a question if that's ok.

    I interviewed for a position like two weeks ago. I'm just curious if you saw anything like if I got it or not. Also if I did get it, will it work out or not. Thank you either way.

  • Chloe, I feel that you come across as rather insecure and not confident enough in your own abilities in an interview and this can hold you back from being considered for a position, especially if there is some authority attached to it. So I don't feel you getting what you want, sorry. Try projecting more self-confidence and self-approval and see where it gets you. If you don't believe in yourself, why would an employer?

  • Hi Captain! Thank you for the prompt response!

    Not sure if this makes a difference but I am one of those quintessential Scorpios. The all seeing and knowing ones too aware and confident for their own good. Who see's, feel's and know's things about people and situations that isn't obvious to everyone else.

    I know I haven't been lucky because I've been going for things I'm not qualified for but willing to learn about(I'm that confident). I know what I'm capable which pushes me to take such leaps. The interviews go really well(scorpios being such talkers), it just ends up going to the better qualified. For every failed attempt, I know exactly why it didn't work.

    This one however I am qualified for. He really liked me and his vibrations at the time were very positive. Anywhoo I thought if I gave a little clarification that it might make a difference.

  • Sorry it sent on accident, I'm doing this from my phone. Anywhoo, with some clarity, does this affect what you see? Also if this helps, my bday 11/05/80 12:13pm Wednesday. Thank you again for everything 🙂

  • I'm sorry but I still think you put yourself across badly in interviews. You care so much about what others think that you try too hard and appear rather desperate. I pick up negative thought patterns in you that cause you to push yourself forwards rather too much. It's not about someone having better qualifications or you wouldn't be called to the interview. The interview is all about how you come across to the employer. You project a confusing image of holding back on some things and being too talkative about issues that do not involve your real self. Unless you develop the courage to reveal your true identity to the world, and stop putting on a false front to mask your insecurity, you will keep missing out on opportunities. Employers want someone real and honest, not a person who wears a mask. You are a very emotional person who creates an easy-going facade that actually doesn't fool many people - certainly not potenttial employers who have the experience to see through such self-created images.

  • Hi Captain~

    I appreciate your honestly and objectivity. Don't be sorry for saying what you feel. Interesting perspective though 🙂 . I do focus on being myself, sincere and genuine but who knows. Every interview I've conducted and sat through share the common denominator of a potential candidate projecting a combination of themselves as well as what they think will get them the job. Maybe it's a mentality my generation was socialized into having as a means of being successful. That combination of professionalism, propriety and a certain level of detachment. I do care a lot about what the interviewer thinks of me cause it's paramount to the success of the interview. Maybe I take myself too seriously sometimes, lol. It's more an effort to not intimidate or turn others off versus a self created image, but I dunno. I know you're good at what you do, so I'll definitely give what you said some serious thought nonetheless. Thank you again! You're so good to help people you don't even know. Since you don't see this working out, can you see what I will be doing? Last question on this thread I promise 🙂

  • What career are you trying to obtain a position in, and what do you really want to do in your wildest dreams?

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