Expert Challenge: Strange Aspect in My Chart

  • I have a set of aspects in my chart that I believe are unique:

    • My natal Sun is at 6° of Pisces in the 3rd house (nothing so strange there)

    • My South Node is perfectly conjunct at 6° of Pisces in the 3rd house (makes me really feel like a Pisces)

    • My North Node is at 6° of Virgo in the 9th house (by definition)

    • Pluto is also at 6° of Virgo in the 9th house (hmmmm...)

    Since this involves three objects (The Sun, North Node, and Pluto) in conjunction or opposition you won't find it by Googling.

    If I know a anything about it I believe that it is heavily Karma related.

    I would be interested in what any senior astrology students think.

  • Can you explain a little more what all that 6 degree signs mean? Also how you know what your sign is in. I am becoming very interested in Astrology, but don't understand compelety how the houses work.


  • I’m not an expert, but I have something similar although your conjunctions are exact. I have Sun conjunct SN in Pisces (out of sign with a wider orb) in the 4th house. NN conjunct Pluto in the 10th with a 1 deg orb. Pluto is my chart ruler. I don’t know whether it’s karmic or not but I have always felt a definite drive to transition to a different way of life away from the beliefs of my family, lifestyle and on a wider scale some of the norms of society. For me it felt like a force and not a choice because if I tried to ignore it there was a never ending pressure in my gut to change it. A Sun/Pluto opposition is about transformation so it’s no surprise that Pluto would give you the power to find your way to the NN. Hope this helps.

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