• Can I have a reading?

  • Yes, What is the area of your concern?

  • Could I please have a reading? I'm confused and don't know what to think or do about my situation. Thanks,

  • I went to the same reader 2 weeks ago and was told that I would marry the guy that I'm involved with or was involved with and then a week later no i would meet someone and marry them. He knew alot of what was going on etc. His name is Steve birthdate is 7/19/1958 mine is 1/19/1960 and the wife is 4/27/1965. He is someone I dated in highschool. Can you please tell me what is going on? thanks, Colleen

  • Dear Colleengw,

    I sense that Steve is having his cake and eating it too. If you have been seeing him for more than six months and he has made no move to seperate from his wife, my PERSONAL advice is to move on.

    Psychic advice for you: I feel you trying to cling to the past as you like the familar and have a fear of the unkinown. In 2011 you will long for stabitility in your personal life and love area. You will most certainly find it if you will step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others in your search. First start to ask for what you want in a man and send it out on the either wave of the universe, which is the law of attraction. Than dorn your best dress, powder your face and go out there to dances and if you don't know how to learn. Get involved in the community in some way and that is where and how you will meet a man that is of German decent and he will open the door of disire for you, you luckey woman you will have more than one man to choose from when you put yourself out there for the world to see and know. Keep us updated when you step out and start to receive the love waiting for you.

  • Shuabby could you help me as well please?

    My friend has been looking for documents for quite some time. These documents WILL prove his innocense. ( I think that he signed something that was forged and he got into trouble for it).

    {His companies Director forged the documents}

    Apparently one of the employees by the name of (M) has destroyed them. She was promised money from what I understand.

    I have been praying that he can somehow prove his innocense.

    Will the truth come out about these documents? Also, will this employee get into trouble for destroying these documents?

    Your Insight Please 🙂

  • BUMP 🙂

  • I would love a reading from anyone who deems themselves to be gifted in any form of divination. I have met someone with whom I truly click - and yet, we are experiencing some circumstantial setbacks that are raising my ever-neurotic eyebrows and nerves.

    It doesn't help that I've connected so deeply with an intensely spiritual yet secretive Scorpio. Any insights, time, or plain advice would help so much.


    An Over-Thinking Aquarian, studying the Tarot

  • Just moving this one up to the top, seeing as how I can't stop thinking about it....


    The Over-Thinker

  • Wildplaces, listen to your gut feeling, it is correct. Don't refuse to acknowledge what you are feeling inside. You are intuitive, listen to your inner self. When you are willing to do this, the solution will be crystal clear.

  • Dear GypsyDreams:

    Being an over-thinker, it is hard for me to separate my personal thoughts, emotions, and desires. They truly block my gut feelings and intuitions. It's why I consider myself a student of Tarot and the Divine - because I can only read for others - all of my own issues get in the way of trusting my intuition when reading for myself.

    Can you read? Can you help? Any insight would be greatly appreciated - and if you need information, I am not above giving you details.



  • Hello Pilotoo7

    This is truely a question for 007. I have not dwelt with legal questions before, however in reading your question and thinking on it, I sense that the truth will be reveled and justice will be done, therefore proving your friends innocense if he truely did not know what he was signing?

  • Yeah...that thought did come to my mind. DID he know what he was signing when he signed these forged documents?

    Your insight please

  • Wild places,The gratification in this relationship is based more on the sensual than the emotional. You are right about his secretive nature, all is not what it seems here. Tread carefully and as I said before, listen to your instincts, you can do it, maybe you don't want to listen to them but that is totally different to not being able to.

  • Oh!! Also, you stated that the truth will be revealed. So are you saying that the employee, who destroyed the documents for the Director, will "Blow the Wistle" and tell the truth??

  • Now a reading about him.

    He doubts himself and his decisions.He has some mental anxiety and instability. His relationships will only start to blossom when he can accept the way he is.

    Wildplaces.. Your relationships will blossom when you start to let go of fear and trust the universe. Loving someone is letting go, surrendering. Not just to a lover but to life itself. Trust yourself more.

  • Wow! GypsyDreams --

    You are dead on accurate about me. Dead on. And I absolutely have sensed this captivity he creates for himself, as I do for myself. Perhaps that is why we feel such a strong pull and connection to each other. It's almost as if we can teach each other something about evolving. That is what my gut has been telling me.

    My lonely heart has been hoping for more, despite knowing I am not ready; and sensing he is not. It's just been strange to have someone so significant completely walk away from open arms of friendship.

    Thank you for your clarity, insight, and reflection. You truly are gifted.

    Also, I read what you saw regarding MintGirll123's dilemma, and found your clarity there in the current relationship he's got really interesting. I believe that is what I saw in the reversed 8 of Cups (only in a less tangible sense, as my divination skills are not as honed yet).



  • I am glad I was some sort of help Wildplaces. I do feel that you and this Scorpio man have similar issues going on deep inside, and this can be good sometimes because there is understanding and the potential of growing and learning together, but sometimes it's like looking in a mirror and some are not ready to do that. Take your time, when you are ready you will know in your heart.

    Lots of luck 🙂

  • Thank you Shuabby for the reading. I and my ex live to together in our home. We sleep in seperate bedrooms and is strickly a living conveince. Do you see me possiably staying here the way things are? I know you had mentioned a man on german decent. Are you meaning roots will be from Germany or he will be from Germany? Do you see my financial situation getting any better?

    Thanks, Colleen

  • Dear Colleen,

    Your situtation will change in 2011 as you will meet a man whom came from Germany (the man will speak with an accent), when you do of course you will ask your husband to move out and get a eff apt or room, as you will want to have this new man feel comfortable in your home. Your money situtuation will improved through your working , I'm not shown what you do? The new man will also help you if need be in a finanial way as he will have the means to do so.

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