Blmoon...if you have some time...please:)

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I was drawn to you as I've read many of your posts and I wanted to know if you can provide me any guidance around the feelings I've been having the past while.

    I had a very emotional year last year and had to let go of both things and was very difficult for me to do and it took me a while to finally make the decision to do so but once I did, I felt a weight had lifted from me and felt very at peace with the decisions I had made.

    Since then I have days where I am soooo content, happy, excited about life and then others where I wake up so depressed for no apparent reason. I feel heavy, like the weight of the world is on me but I can't figure out why...I try to let it go but it can get all consuming...and then, just like a flash it's gone and I'm back to my normal self.

    I also find myself second guessing the relationship I'm currently in for no real reason. One minute I feel very secure and happy with the relationship and the next, I feel insecure about it.

    Any insights would be so greatly appreciated. I know you are a very busy person but I really hope you can find a few minutes to provide me with any guidance you may have.


  • Bump - keeping my fingers crossed:)

  • Bump, goodluck 🙂 i know that she is resting at the moment but she will get to you soon.

    Bee X

  • Hey Bee, that was so very kind of you! You have a wonderful evening.

  • No problem, glad i could let you know 🙂 she will proberbly be back soon though so will keep up bumping this thread for you, if you wish. 🙂

    Angel blessings Bee 😄 X

  • Bee,

    Thanks very much, I really appreciate it. I'd love it if you bump my thread. Thanks for the offer, have a wonderful day filled with much happiness and joy.


  • Bump, and it would be my pleasure, 🙂 and hope you have a wonderful filled day with happiness and love too, Angel blessings and love to you Lesley

    Bee X

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