Why are Virgo Men so confusing???

  • Orchid

    I just want to add that it's important to let your man know that you do love him, and that he is the one you want to be with. let him know he is important, and where he stands with you. you wont' regret it.

    as long as you hold onto your own independence, and self worth, he will respect you. it's when you do not put up with any crap, is where he will value you, and treat you like a lady.

    in other words, you are not afraid to walk away if needed. that is what keeps them around, as odd as that sounds.

    best wishes on your spiritual journey.. sunny

  • thanks ms sunny, i have waited seven month to hook up with this virgo and when i did it was very confusing,we have a long distance fling and i will travel where ever he is cuz he ask me to come to his shows .i really don't know where it is going i really need some help,i have never been this crazy for any one it'sreally scary can you please help me? i just don't want to waste my time.D9/21/1961 his and mine is 9/25/1973 please just let me know,

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  • Thank you again MsSunny. So I have an update: my guy emailed me this morning at around 9 am. Totally put a smile on my face :-D. Strange thing happened. Last night I had a dream that felt more like a vision. In my dream I pick up my phone and there's an email from my guy. I vividly saw it. Low and behold, I woke this morning and while thinking about my guy, I get an email from my guy (smile). The surreal part is that the email said exactly what it said in my dream (one word off, lol). In any event, this isn't the first time I've had visions/very strong feelings about something and they've come to fruition.

    So Sunny, I know you do readings and that's entirely different than being a psychic, but you did mention earlier that you had a vision of my sister making a move on my guy. Which leads me to believe you do have the gift of discernment. If you could, would you be able to tell me some of the feelings you experience while having these visions? I guess I'm trying to figure out if I have a gift 🙂

    Talk to you soon!!

  • Ms Sunny,

    I have been dating this Virgo guy (B. 09/08/74) for almost 2 months, then suddenly he desapeared, so I sent him an email telling him that I didnt expect that reaction from him bc after all I though we were friends and I think this made him think and after one week he started to look for me again. This time I was more cautious about him, I was afraid he wanted just sex so I saw him a couple of times just to talk and one day he told me that he loved me BUT that he didn't want a relationship at the moment (he was already engaged but his ex cheated on him) then he said, I'm sorry I'm so confused is better if I go home. I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to tell him and he left, then he started to look for me again, he visited me several times, some of them we had sex some of them no.. just talked, but he never mentioned the "L" word again, neither did I, he just said.. i like you so much, you drive me crazy and stuff like that, me? I can't say anything, bc I'm afraid I can loose him if I say that I really love him and that I really want a relationship with him. This is the first Virgo I ever met and I don't know how to behave bc I know he already told me he doesn't want a realtionship and I'm afraid if I say all what I feel he can run away from me. By the way i am a Leo (S. 08/17/78). It is better be honest to him and tell him all what I want or just wait untill he realize what he feels toward me and wait for him to make the first step?

    Hope you can help me with this! Thxs a lot!!!

    I hope you can help me....

  • Ms. Sunny: I'd love some insight to my "relationship" with a Virgo man. It started back in March, so 9 months ago, and at first he was extremely into me, but insulting at times. Since learning about Virgo men, I've learned that he was just being more of a perfectionist and not trying to be hurtful. However, things became difficult in his personal life. He went through a foreclosure and had to move and was very distant. When we were together, he was into me, but also distant and then he's be MIA for weeks. It seems that religiously, he would contact me every 3 weeks, especially after I told him to take a hike, and I've told him this about 10 times. He won't respond to my emails or texts asking him what "this" is between us. I am a Capricorn, actually born on the cusp on December 23rd. He always acts distant with me but then I get texts in the middle of the night sometimes. I finally told him, after not seeing him for several months, that I was starting a new year and was seeing someone else, albeit a casual relationship, and didn't want to hear from him ever again. He didn't listen and we ended up spending a Saturday evening together. He was affectionate, kind, generous, loving, cuddly, almost telling me he loved me, but didn't quite get there. He stayed with his arms around me all night. Something so different from the last times we've spent together. I have said to him to step up to the plate or get out of my life. I made breakfast, he sat next to me on the sofa and held my hand through an entire movie. At 1pm on Sunday, I basically shooed him out the door. I don't think he was ready to leave. Of course, then I don't hear from him except 5 days later to get a text that said something about him missing me sexually. At this point, I've finally sent him an email and said what do you want from me. Is this casual, is it more, I want you in my life in the new year, what do you want....however, he has not responded at all and when I ask him why he hasn't acknowledged my email or responded to my texts, he says he's been busy at work. He's non-committal. I don't know if he wants this to just be causual but doesn't want to tell me because he'll lose me as that's not what I want, or if he wants more, but is scared to death. I swear I could tell that man is in love with me that Saturday night. I can see it and I can feel it. I am a very intuitive person. However, I don't want to waste my time with him if he's only playing mind games to keep me on the hook until he finds someone he really wants to build a life with. Should I be patient with him and just give him space or move on? I'd think a man who did not want to be with me would not keep coming back after I keep telling him to get lost. Please help me!


  • By the way, his birthday is 8/30/67 and his name is Steve Fitzgibbons.

  • @Ms.Sunny: I like the advice you are giving other girls, im hoping you can give me a little advice too. I am a libra, and i am very romantic, emotional, need a lot of attention, very insecure, and VERY jealous, im a mess i know. Anyways this Virgo guy i went out with for years is the complete opposite, no emotions, not romantic at all and for 2 years i always felt like he didnt love me enough because he never showed it, i always read that its normal for Virgos to be non-emotional BUT are very loyal. We went through a lot of ups and downs and break ups and make ups, i always said i would trust him and try to change my insecurities and try not to be so jealous but that i wanted him to show more love towards me. After our last break up he didnt want to take me back like the other times after i said i would change, he wanted to stay friends and me show him that i would change, he didnt want to get back together and have to go through a break up once again over the same problems.

    (He was always caught up in situations in which it seemed like he was lying and cheating but he always had an excuse for everything, and he would say that sometimes it was just easier to lie to me than tell me the truth and have me get mad and crazy, and i understand that, thats why i wanted to change the most, so he could feel like he could tell me anything and me not get mad at him)

    For new years this year he went with his whole family to Utah, again, i was very insecure about him going and i let him know that i wasnt happy that he was going to be so far away and that i didnt know what he would be doing (we were still not together, but i felt like i still had that kind of control over him) anyways while he was there i decided to check his cousins facebook that lives in Utah, and read that the two of them had gotten a hotel room and were going to throw a party and the cousin was inviting all his friends, that made me sooo furious, i went off on my guy calling him a liar and a cheater for not telling me that he was throwing a party, all he had to say was that he was sick and tired of my BS that im so controlling and dont trust him at all and to stay out of his life, that if i only knew why his cousin was putting those things on facebook i would feel so stupid but that he doesnt even want to fix this anymore that we were thru.

    Now i dont know what to do, if i should apologize for over reacting or if i should just move on?

    This is my first love, my first serious relationship, we wanted to save to move in together and talked about marriage, he would tell me things like he wanted to wake up next to me every morning, and to stop being so insecure bc he only had eyes for me, bla bla bla the boyfriend kinds of things but that was never enough, i wanted the roses and the teddy bears etc. i dont know if i messed up or if he really never cared about me.

    Advice Please.

    o and his Birthdate is Sep 5, 1987

    first initial is A

  • hey there ms sunny would love some insight 🙂

    His birthday is september 6th 1985 his intial is A. My birthday is april 14th.

    We have been together since beginning of july 2010. Started off great as it usually does,. We both love eachother( or so he says, he just has a different way of showing it being a virgo and me being an aries) and have built a great bond. he started doing this dissapearing thing where i wouldnt hear from him for awhile and would worry about him, he had beeen staying with me. He blamed it on work etc. It started to become a problem for me so i told him how i felt about it when i didnt see him for long periods of time without contact, he realized his fault now maintains contact via phone/text. I will see him for like a week straight lately then not at all for 1-2 weeks even 3 before! I was about to break up with him but then he and i had a serious conversation he said he does love me and he doesn't even realize when so much time has gone by when he's travelling from city to city(electrician) working and he thinks he has a "problem". I understand he has deep trust issues and i try my best to show him i can be trusted, but it really makes it hard being in a relationship with somebody who isnt phsyically around, which of course also makes me question my trust in him.

    I do want a future with him and we discussed it before i told him on a few occasions i need a reliable man who actually wants a future. so he knows where i stand.

    He also has a child with another women from years ago, she doesnt let him see the child and is constantly posting sad love songs, writing poems about she wish they could be a family etc. It was really bothering me and i chose to be mature about it and not say anthing to her but i mentioned to him it was pissing me off and he said it just shows he doesnt see her at all and that he's with me and she's just trying to get a reaction. I dont believe its gonna stop unless he says something, i do not even know if she knows me and him are serious she has just seen me once.

    Frankly i dont even know whats real or not at this point. This is just the weirdest relationship ive been in and i really care for him and would like to build a future with him as he says he wants as well. For someone who's so controlling/possesive of me when he's around he just dissapears to go "work" for weeks and says it shouldnt change anything. Am i just being delusional and this is actually as retarted as i think it is, or is this just typical virgo behaviour, because it seems kind of odd.

  • Hi Sunny, I am copying my storey here. I am so lost

    I am in love with Virgo man. It is VERY COMPLECATED.

    We casually hooked up 6 month ago and I thought it would be one-night-stand. He kept on coming back.

    He was always welcomed at my place. Getting to know each other better was like an eyes opener for me.

    I never thought I could find a person sooo compatible in all the aspects: believes, same career field, we both have kids of same age, we were doing the activities that we both love physical attraction is unbelievable as well. Everything seems like a perfect fairy-tale came thrue out of no where!

    Except one thing: He is MARRIED. Has been married for over 15 years, has great house, beautiful wife and 2 young children. He said he never in his life had an affair before. This is not like him, I know. He cares and feels for me, I KNOW! He is not happy there at home. He said he can’t leave her due lots of money involved (he is a wealthy man), LOVES his kids and he just been with her for too long to get use to it. At home everything seem to him like hard work. With me he is happy. I tried to break things off several times. I do not want to be a lover. I am a single mother with 5 year old daughter. I love him crazy. I know and I FEEL we are ment to be together. In past 2 month he started drifting away. He said he can’t handle more then his work and family but he misses me. He asked if I can still be in his life. I know he feels for me. He still coming back rarely and we communicate every other day by text. I do not want to loose him. I know we both will be very happy together. How can I make this together happen? Both myself and his wife are Arias. I am 7 years old younger then her. Any reading, help or advise will be very appreciated.

    I cut off any communication with him almost 2 weeks ago now. He was trying to get a hold of me for a first week, but now stopped…

    Me: V, Apr 1, 1982

    Him: N Sep2, 1972

    Your reading would be great!!!

  • This is the true problem in life hes with someone else and your just along for the ride.. your both stupid....

  • MsSunny--You give sound advice when it comes to relationships with these Virgo men...I was wondering whether you could help me.

    My virgo man and I dated (though never exclusively in a relationship) for about 2 1/2 years and then off and on for another 2 years. Lately, things have been rocky and communication short and I feel as if I am at a crossroads where I do not know which path to take in our relationship. We don't talk about our feelings for each other at all...things of that sort remain unspoken. (dealing with a Virgo man, I've learned to keep my emotions in check). However, I need to know what is going on with our relationship and how he feels. Of course, I could ask but I suppose I'm afraid of the answer...or rejection. During the 2 1/2 years when we were dating consistently, I was more than aware of how he felt about me and us, though it was never voiced. But now...I'm not as confident and I am completely torn up about it. Since we were never monogamous, I know that there were other women, and for me, there were other men, but he was always my last call of the day. I would just like some clarity and advice on how to move forward. Thanks so much. His first initial is A and is birthdate is 9/9/88. Mine is A and 10/28/1986.

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  • Hello Ms. Sunny coud you tell me about my Virgo man . I think he's my man. lol E 9-9-1965

  • Are you like a physic or sometihng?

  • Hi Ms. Sunny!! I am ToriRose and I wanted to know if you would be willing to discuss my situation with me. Three years ago I beleive I met my soul mate online, We instantly connected! Unfortuantly, my parents feel that distance and age are a huge factor and strongly push me to leave him. I am a great kid, but this is something I will stand my ground on. I am chosing to be stubborn and continue to talk to him every day. If you have not figured it out yet ( I am sure you have) I am a libra woman and I feel like my soul mate is a Virgo man. How can I know if he actually feels the way he does? He is traveling up to visit in the summer so we can meet and he has seperated himself from his family to be with me. His parents, much similar to mine, do not support the situation. Are we meant to be together? Or is this some kind of journy that will introduce me to my true love?

  • Hello Ms. Sunny!! Im Pisces K2/28/89 My boyfriend Virgo C9/12/92..We have been together off & on for a year now. Things are good..now..of course in the begging we came together like magnets..then drifted apart..i got so frustraited with him because of his lack of expression..my two best friends are virgo as well as my father..so i have some understanding..but its so different in a relationship..but with the knowledge i have..i dont let him hurt my feelings as much as i probly would..I just dont know where we will go..he shows me he loves me & my daughter..but he wont tell me..she cheated in the begining & practically begged me not to leave..but it was in his Virgo way..any input???

  • Hello Ms. Sunny. Could you help me please help me with my Virgo. His first name is Maurice and his DOB is 09-14-61....HELP!! My birthday is 03-25-74.... If you needed that as well

  • hello ms sunny...you're really amazing! could you give me some info as well on my virgo lover lol?! his birthday is 9/5/90...his name is thomas griffith. thank you!!

  • Hello Ms Sunny, Im in love with a Virgo Guy too but really cant work him out!

    Jake 08-31-76 and My DOB 07-07-70

    Im so disappointed that he cant communicate with me & I dont want to feel that im just an after thought, up until now I have always felt special to him. I dont want to put pressure on him but i want him to respect me. He recently didnt show up to a romantic dinner I had planned, our first night alone without children in approx 5 months. He has been working hard & fell asleep on the sofa grrrr. What made it worse for me was that he didnt even attempt to call me the next day, I finally called him & he apologised but at this stage I was very hurt & teary. He said that he loves me but i havent heard from him since (4 days)...... I really thought this was it, he's the one!

    Part of me says walk away but Ive never felt so secure with any other man.

    He has 2 x children from previous relationship (she fell preganant after they were together only 3months) been separated from her 6 yrs they werent married & he is very bitter about her.

    Ms Sunny its an omen im sure, ive only been on this site a few days and chose the Ms Sunshine as my profile name, but only came across you today!

    Love & light

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