Why are Virgo Men so confusing???

  • I just realized that you said on the previous page you will not be doing any more readings for Virgos. I hope you can do one more for me. I'm so confused!!! This relationship is torturing me mentally and I really need some insight into it. Thanks!

  • can you do one more for me too... I am totally confused by this virgo... J 9/5/56 and im 5/24/63 he is totally hot and cold.. calls and text me non stop then ignores me... i have told him i really like him but dont think he wants to commit so then i started seeing someone else and he texts me non stop and asks me gives me a hard time about seeing someone else.. any help you can offer would be appreciated..

  • hi im in a weird kind of relationship with a male virgo and i really like him but i dont know how he feels about me just wondering if it the sex or if he really like me for me. D(9/21/61)is his and mine isL(9/25/1973)

  • Hey sexy sassy, what do mean a weird relationship if you don't mind me asking? I'm in a really weird one too. the more I read about Virgo men, the more I'm seeing this. We're both Virgos with Virgos. Maybe we can get some insight together on this.

  • your problem(s) with these male virgos has nothing to do with his/her sign. it actually has more to do with the fact that he is a man, and there are things about a man you must learn and understand how to play the game of chase, pursue, and conquest. once a woman makes its too easy for him to have her he has control over you, he gets bored and will put you on hold and the game goes on and on. eventually he will leave you for good once you become too readable emotionally speaking.

    women tend to worry more about where this relationship is going, or your biological clock is ticking, yada, yada , yada. you have to let the idea come from the man. once you start talking about "commitments", "relationship", and other complicated areas that some women obsessed on.

    stop trying to figure him out, and quit worrying when he will call you. stop calling him, stop emailing, and forget about texting. none of this is important to a man.

    try and go a week without obsessing on why he has not called.

    if you are married to the guy, then the above does not apply. I am assuming you are single women looking to understand your lover/boyfriend.

    if the man is married and you are the other lady, the above does not apply either. if there are drug or alcohol abuse, the above does not apply.

    the man needs to do the pursuing, the chasing, otherwise he gets bored as hell, and will search elsewhere for a strong, and indepedent woman. not a woman that is needy, clingy, and always worrying about why he has not called, and always worrying about what he is feeling or thinking.

    BTW - I am not giving you ladies a psychic/intuitive reading, just basic common sense and a bit of general knowledge on how a men are basically speaking are not into feelings, thoughts on future. men are spontaneous, and like a mental challenge.

  • Thanks Sunny, you are so right about that, we as women need to be stronger and stop worrying so much. Although I do find, the more I read about it, there seems to be a strong indication of Virgo men being VERY non-communicatve and cold-hearted as compared to the other signs. I wish you would do a reading for me, I am so utterly confused by this man and really want help to know if I should walk away or not. I'm so torn!

  • I think you are wrong about Virgos being non-communicative in general sense. My husband who is a virgo is not at all non-communicative. he is very chatty, and he actually talks too much!

    what he and most men do not want to talk about are in-depths lengthy talks on where the relationship is going... where do you stand, etc. too much emphasis on the relationship is boring for any man.

    I read your posts on why you think your virgo man took off because you break items, and split water on him? lol I don't think that is it at all.

    that maybe what you believe, and perhaps he told you this.... he may see you as being clumsy, but if he really loves you, that would be something he could overlook. I mean come on now.

    any man can read you when you are needy, or clingy. a man can read your emotions very well, and are good with reading you and without you ever knowing about it. virgos are are deep thinkers and are private people.

    I don't know what else to tell you, but I do have a question for you and others.

    has anyone of you have your man or boyfriend/lover ever tell you he loves you?

  • if you are so torn, then that would be your sign to break away. if he is really into you, he will find you no matter where you are, he will find you. a man who is in love, nothing will stop him.

  • Virgos are not emotional, and men in general are not emotional.. some maybe more sensitive than others, but in general, men are not emotional. men are from mars, and are aggressive, and like the competition and the challenge.

    my virgo is very calm and does not go up and down which is a good thing for me, because I need someone who is that way to help me stay grounded. I like that... I like the strong and silent type, and that I find very sexy.

    it could boil down to that your Virgo may not be in love with you, the only way to know for sure is for you to pull back entirely, and let him find you. and you still need to play it cool...

    insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. try a new approach and see what happens.

  • "" I find that very s e x y ""

  • @rdiana -- How are you, sorry to hear you're confused. I'm actually a virgo dating a virgo and to the contrary of Msunny's comment, my virgo actually just asked last night where we stand, how I feel about him. But, I have to agree with Msunny, I think the clingy, needy woman would drive any man away (especially a virgo). Me and my virgo are very similar in that we need tons of space and a lot of time to think things through. The email I got from him asking what I thought of him and why I wanted him actually scared the crap out of me. To the point where I think I responded rather emotionally to push him away (which I dont think I did, although he hasnt responded yet because I know he;s thinking about the best way to respond). But the point I'm trying to make is that we virgos tend to get very caught up in our thoughts. We play out scenarios in our minds over and over again before we can make a move. Like, for example, I;'m extra cautious so I never like to jump into things head first. So typical communication between me and guy has been like an email or two a week for the past year or so. There is more communication if there is more to talk about. But other than that, we appreciate substance in our communication rather than frequency in communication. Also, another tip for you is to just relax and get busy. Trust me it works. Dont always be the last to respoind. Dont try to be cold and aloof when responding. Just be yourself, and let him have the space and time (as much time as he needs to come back around to you) and you guys will be fine.

    Currently. I;m a little on edge because this is the first time in over a year my guy asked where we stand (sort of) and I responded with a heartfelt (i really like you) kind of email and still havent heard back. Its only been a few hours, LOL but still, for a virgo like me it feels like an eternity. But I know how we virgos are and I know he;s really taking in what I wrote. Now whether he feels the same, time can only tell. I'll see what his response says. But until then, all I can do is wait. But again, I truly believe that allowing him his space and freedom to chase me has bought us to the point where me as the female didnt have to ask HIM where we stand. or even have to imply I wanted something more serious. So that feels great, he he.

    Hope this helps. I can give more insight if you give more detail about your situation.

    take care.

  • Orchid>>>>> I'm actually a virgo dating a virgo and to the contrary of Msunny's comment, my virgo actually just asked last night where we stand, how I feel about him. But, I have to agree with Msunny, I think the clingy, needy woman would drive any man away (especially a virgo). Me and my virgo are very similar in that we need tons of space and a lot of time to think things through. The email I got from him asking what I thought of him and why I wanted him actually scared the **** out of me.

    sunny>>>> I think you misunderstood me. I said, you have to let the man think it's his idea. because you have played cool, and not concern on where you stand or where the relationship is going.... you have given him the opportunity to feel that it's his idea on "relationship". now because you are not the type to be clingy, needy, or emotional and have maintained an aura of mystery. that is what guys like!!!!!! they like to be on the edge and to keep him guessing.

    however, I read the part where you say, "I really like you" hmmm... I would guess that is fine, and probably best to not say those words that may scare him off.

    with me, I never talked about where do I stand, etc. when we met, I was into the "I don't care about relationships, and was more into day to day, and I never pressured him. it worked.

    this does not work if your man is married to someone else. or you are married to someone else. extra martial affairs do not apply to getting your man, but only creates chaos, turmoil, and usually ends up as a disaster.

    hope I made myself clearer. sunny

  • Dear Sunny and Orchid, thanks so much for your responses. I have not in the past typically been a needy or clingy person. But in this case, maybe I have. I've tried to play it cool so as not to scare him off, but the truth is that I moved to a different state where I no NO ONE. I've essentially latched myself onto this guy because I'm all alone. He's all I have; my family is 3 1/2 hours away and I also think I have serious rejection issues from being hurt in the past. And the answer to your question Sunny about has he ever told me he loved me? Yes in the beginning after 4 months of dating, he started telling me all the time. I'm the one who held back in the beginning because I thought it was moving too fast. He pushed though and I let my guard down and fell in love with him. Then shortly after, he stopped telling me. Lately he has told me a few weeks ago that he loves me, once.

  • Sunny I know it sounds strange what I told about the reasons he gave for breaking up with me, but he does seem overly concerned with petty things like that. His is abnormally bothered by anything going wrong in his environment. I'm really not clumsy or careless, he just construes every little mistake as being so. He seems to want to live in a bubble of perfection. He seems completely unable (or unwilling) to handle conflict of any kind.

    Orchid, not sure what details to give but I will tell you that our relationship has been extremely sexual. This seems to be the draw for us. We're very physically compatible, it's been almost like an addiction.

  • Orchid how long have you been dating him?

  • well, all I can is that it's real easy to find fault in another. the truth is, he is projecting onto you. it's a 2 way street, and if he really loves you, then tell him to stop acting like a child, and man up.

    you are right, he is looking for perfection and he IS trying to change you, and working on controlling you. it's sounds like a game... in my opinion, it's stupid and a waste of time.

    xo sunny

  • @rdiana, I've dated my V for a year and about 4 months now. But like I mentioned to you and Sunny earlier he recently asked where we stood (sort of kind of) and I responded but still haven't heard back. So now I'm actually in the "I'm confused by my virguy" pool (ugh...such a frustrating place to be in). Virgos tend to do that. Once you think everything is going great, they switch things up on you. Leave things up in the air so you're forever confused.

    With that said, MsSunny, if you're still here, can u please do a quick reading on me and my guy? Like I said earlier, I played my cards right. I was natural, non-clingy, gave space (which I needed as well) and just overall was always consistent and even-keeled with my behaviour. So he asked the where do we stand questions first. I answered as best I could and now he's gone cold. I sense my answer upset him, wasn't the answer he was looking for. After I answered his questions he didn't respond for about an hour so I emailed, asked if maybe I answered incorrectly because I didn't really understand what he was asking. His reponse was a curt "fell asleep". That was the last I heard from him and that was on Monday of this week. Given the nature of his questions and my response, I thought he would have some sort of response to it, but nothing. So at this point I need some insight. His bday is 9/21/74 (initial - D). Mine is 8/27/82 (initial - L). If you need background info give me your email I can correspond off the record. Also, my sister, whom I think has a serious crush on my guy and may be the reason he's gone cold on me. Her initial is B and her bday is 5/18/74.

    Thank u soooo much :)!

  • GM Orchid

    well, based on what you have said here, he is testing you, and upset that y our response was not what he was looking for. after a year and 4 months, and if you still can't say "I love you with all my heart" and not worry about it, something is wrong.

    I have read your posts on your sister, and I must admit it did not give me a good feeling and that she does not have respect for you. she is definitely trying to get him for herself. you already know that, and while I would not react aggressively, I would definitely say something to your sister about her antics. exactly what is she doing here?

    I was shown an image of your sister making a play for your man, but she is making a big fool of herself. as if she is throwing herself at him, and he is not really interested in her.

    he is testing you, and he intentionally responded with a short and stupid answer to get you upset. he is upset with your answer that you really like him a lot.

    these types of conversations are best left either on the phone or direct contact. emails and texts are easily misconstrued.

    even after 31 years of marriage to a virgo man, I can tell you, their feelings get hurt, they retreat and don't talk much. cold I know.... and it leaves you guessing. take a deep breath, and tell him you owuld like to see him.

    for now though, do not contact him.. he is testing you. give him another week, he will call you.

    I don't feel you have anything to worry about, except for your jealous sister. bad karma there.

    wishing you the best... sunny

  • MsSunny, thank you so much for that reading. It is exactly what I thought it was. He's upset with me or rather my response. I'm actually partially to blame. I should have never responded via email. My gut instinct was to call him. But since I could feel this was a sensitive moment for him I wanted to write rather than call. In any event, I really hope things workout because just the day before he sent me that email I could feel him and it hit me -- I felt like I was in love with him. I didn't say that in the email because I know that virguys get scared very easily. At this point, I will wait because I do love him and hope that things workout.

    With regard to my sister. Its such a sad situation. I actually had it out with her today. I called her out on her childish behaviour. She actually went as far as to have her daughter lie and say she met him yesterday but she I know she didn't. I actually think he's out of town right now. So hopefully she doesn't pull another stunt but we'll see. I'm happy knowing he isn't interested in her :-D!

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