Why are Virgo Men so confusing???

  • Patek>>>>>i just want to know, if he ever loved me? yes, but a long time ago, not now.

    and if he did will he ever come back?>>>>> No, he is not coming back.

    It hurts, it really hurts as he had got me really involved with him. >>>>>> it was YOU that became involved with him. you knew he was married, and you are married. what kind of game are you playing? learn to take full responsibility for YOUR actions. learn to make better decisions.

    Someone kindly answer please as I am getting mad over the endless waiting game that he is playing with me.>>>>>> it will always be endless, pull yourself out of this darkness, and take full control of your path. stay off line will help..

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  • thanks MaSunny, can u advice on a new topic, if i start one?

  • @MsSunny, but how will u know my thread to advice and comment because i really find your help useful and want to discuss more please

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    for Patak,

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  • @MsSunny, I have some more to discuss with u as this is not as it sounds...please, if u want i can start a new thread for u to write and help me.

  • Tempesteous and Chiana, I replied to your question on the previous page.. feedback is appreciated.

    Patak, to be honest, I don't understand what you are asking. I have said it's okay to continue on this thread.

    I am going to give you some insights regarding IM chat messages. IT IS very inappropriate to discuss on a chat, with strong sexual overtures, and s e x u a l innuendos.. I mean good grief that was pretty cheezy and tacky, and extremely easy for his wife to find it... or your husband . it shows he has no class, and this is hardly love, but lust, and thrust.

    He has no respect for you.

    it is no different if he went to a porno site, and there are thousands of porno sites that offer sex chats (for money) and videos that would shock your ears off. because he ran out of money, and was in lust, he compulsively turned to you.

    so then his wife finds out, and now she has actual proof of his and your indiscretion. just because you knew him as friends or as lovers 30 years ago, should not in any way give you the green light, thinking it was okay to engage in a s e x u a l conversation that should have been between him and his wife, not with another woman and a married one at that.

    you are not thinking with your mind, but with your emotions, and not with your heart either. you are letting your emotions run gamut..

    as a woman to woman, his wife feels you betrayed her and knowingly. and if you try to persist on reconnecting with him, she will go to your husband. you really do not want to make this worse than it already is..

    i am not going to waste my breath suggesting you seek out a counselor to help you find yourself again. I think you are in denial, and stay off the internet looking for love. you will only end up regretting it.


  • actually i thought u dont want me to post on this thread at all.

    the thing was not at all about ***, it was about our old affection towards each other, first of all, i was not looking for a relationship, but he forced me into one with him, and when i slowly started to develop feelings, it was over in the spur of a moment, without even the slightest regret from his side, that actually shocked me. Because the only regret that i have is that due to this horrible relation that he started, we ended up losing our precious friendship as well, because after break up, i tried my best to be just friends as normal but he would say," if i communicate with u or call u, i have no limits, and i cannot control myself and would like to do so again and again, therefore i want to wall u off from my life" which is hurting after such intimacy. so the whole point is that i just wanted to be normal with him like before, and thats why i wanted to know if he will ever come back or not, but as u said"he won't", so i got your message.

    I have to try and pull myself out of this messy situation now.

  • @MsSunny, very rightly u have used the word denial, actually i was in a strong denial and u have opened my eyes to reality, i am really very very thankful to u.

  • Ms. Sunny,

    Yes I am still seeing him. He is a musician and it seems this vocation attracts the more childlike types. I suppose I am attracted to him because I seem to be a caretaker. He really is so sweet but you are right about him he doesn’t seem to know what he wants when it comes to women.

    He started traveling as the drummer in his parent’s band at the age of 10. He has been on the road much of his life leading the life of a “rock star”. Being involved in the music world I understand these guys more than some and I do tend to mother a lot of them. He is special because I can talk to him about anything…not something I normally do. I am pretty reserved.

    I have also sensed he is depressed. I don’t think he has gotten use to living life without his kids. He was the main caregiver for a good portion of their lives and his wife took them out of his life completely and suddenly. He has not seen them in six years but his house remains a monument to them.

    He says he does not want a relationship with anyone at this stage in his life but wants to concentrate on developing his small businesses. That he has had enough sex to last him a lifetime.

    I feel like I would want him as a friend but he tugs at my heart. Do you think that eventually he will find his way or is he going to remain a lost boy? I guess there is a part of me that feels I could gain his trust and we could work through all this but maybe at a different time further down the road. We are not seeing as much of each other at this point more because he is busy with the four bands he is in.

    You are probably right…I should look elsewhere but all my life I have sort of instantly new exactly who I could mate with and there have not been very many. And I have ended up with all of them. I don’t regret any of them because each in his own way was what I needed at the time.

    Do you think maybe there is someone in my future? I have been on my own for now for eighteen years. I didn’t think I really needed anyone anymore but I think it would be nice now that my kids are all raised to have someone in my life. I am very young at heart and am enjoying doing things that I want to do. Music being a large part of that.

    My Birthdate 10/28/47

    His Birthdate 9/14/61

  • advice number one when tempting to find a man long term. do not ever Mother a man. do not give advice, and play hard to get. Men want to conquer a lady, and so far you have made it too easy for him.

    there is NO challenge for him. the next man you find, do not do the same thing you have been doing. learn on what makes a man tick and what they want exactly.

    there are several books on the market, and time for you to get educated on how men are, and why they do what they do.

    watch animal planet once in awhile. ever watch a male animal chase a female animal? never ever give away your emotions, and heart with a man... especially in the early stages of dating. use your head, watch and learn...

  • smile thank you MsSunny, you are quite right. We had been seeing each other 4 months. In the beginning he was just as caught up as I was in this relationship, I feel he lead me on a bit just to keep me around and then once he had me wrapped decided he wanted to see other women. He is recently separated, but I suspect your right, he's been seeing other women long before he was officially separated. Oh well, I'm letting go, your right,I've been trying to keep this relationship where we had it in the beginning and he simply is not interested in being with me any longer. Thank you for your candid if somewhat harsh insight. I do appreciate your taking the time to respond. Your very good! Thank you!

  • I am assuming "advise number one" is for me. You are right. I have been out of the dating game for a long time. Concentrated on my job and raising my kids for quite some time. I have already started reading relationship books in hopes it will give me some insight. Thank you for your time.

  • chiana.... he backed off as soon as YOU became interested in where the 2 of you are heading . thinking of future, etc. and then you start thinking it's a relationship. scared him big time...

    this is what all men do in the beginning. they will test you constantly. as soon you as begin to revolve your life around his 100 percent, they lose interest. he is a man and men get bored very easily and quick.

    a strong woman, and a woman that is independent, stands her ground and does not give in to bad behavior will get the man's respect. in other words, you need to be b i t c h y lol

    not kidding... as soon as you get real busy with your life, he comes back around real quick. depends of course on the man. some men and women have no business being in a relationship. you have to factor in addictions, and cheaters are big no no's. some people never get married and why we have long term bachelors, and bachelorettes. they don't want the hassle, nor children. whatever floats your boat.

    there is a book, I have read, and it's a shocker, and you ladies shoudl get this book, and read it.

    many of your stories are classic, and I am not even using my psychic abilities for many of you.

    Book #1 Why men love Bitches, and book #2 Why men marry Bitches.

    good luck and wishing you magic

    to be a real b i t c h comes from within.. that is where the real power lies, and men pick up on it. once you have had enough c r a p taken from an ex male lover/boyfriend/husband, you get angry enough, and that you would want to change from being too nice, and available on his terms, to the smart, sassy lady and one with moxie is the one that will find a good man and keep him for life.

    never ever give your secret away, and your emotions smell like a rat to a man when you display your feeling all over the place.

    xo Sunny

  • Books to read right now!!


    Why Men Love B i t c h e s

    Why Men Marry B i t c h e s

    by Sherry Argov

  • Very well said, I also have to learn the same lesson what u said above and i thank u so so much for this very valuable piece of advice.

  • Everything you said describes the love of my life and soon to be father of my child....one min he wants to be a family the next he denys that the baby is even his or not....he has been in and out just since I have been pregnant 3 times ....it hurts me so bad bc I love him so....what can I do or do you think he will come around once the baby gets here in 2 weeks....please any advice will help

  • Kaydon>>>>Everything you said describes the love of my life and soon to be father of my child....one min he wants to be a family the next he denys that the baby is even his or not....he has been in and out just since I have been pregnant 3 times ....it hurts me so bad bc I love him so....what can I do or do you think he will come around once the baby gets here in 2 weeks....please any advice will help

    sunny>>>>I will need yours and his date of birth. I am sorry he is such a jerk to you. I don't know if there is anything I can do to change your situation. but I will do my best, and see what the tarot cards and my guides have to say for you.

  • AND, please get the books I recommended in this thread.... ok, you need to re-orient your life, and the sooner the better. it's you that needs to change. having a baby IS NOT a guarantee of a happy family. it could make things worse.


    book 1 and 2

    why men love b i t c h e s

    why men marry b i t c h e s

    by Sherry Argov

  • Wow Ms Sunny I've read these posts and I'm amazed at your insight. Could you give me some insight into my so-called relationship with a Virgo man? I've been seeing him for a year and a half now. First name Paul, born Sept 14, 1959 . I'm a virgo born Sept. 10, 1971. He is very non-communicative. I don't know what he's thinking ever, i only can go by the vibes I get from him.

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