Career? Love? Anyone?

  • I am currently in college trying to start a new career, I am doing my best and my GPA is at 4.0. However, I am wondering if anyone can tell me if the career path I am choosing is the right one for me. Intuitively, it feels very strong, however, I am concerned about being able to get the career I want. Is there anyone that can tell me this is the right path?

    As it goes for LOVE, I was wondering if I will soon meet an amazing man and start a romance, or if I already have and just do not realize it.

  • What is your chosen career path?

  • Long Term Care.. Administration and management

  • LoveDetox, this career will only satisfy you as long as you also satisfy your creative urges in some way. I feel a need in you to express yourself creatively in some way so if it is not through your work, you must make sure you do it in your personal time, or you will feel that your life is not complete.

    No I don't feel you have met the right man yet. You are not quite sure what type of person would suit you so your 'request' to the Universe cannot be filled because it is not firm or clear yet. I feel in general you are not completely sure of what you want from life or where you are going.

  • Thank you, I think you have hit the nail on the head so to speak. I do need creative outlets for sure, however, my time is consumed with my home life, work and school. I do not have much time for anything.

    I don't feel I've met the right man yet either. You are right there also, I don't know what I want. I do know what I don't want.

    It has been difficult to concentrate on anything lately, I am surprised I am doing so well in school. I have had many hardships as of late, they have not been only financial.

    I do have to reply to the comment you placed about me being in general of what I really want or where I am going, I do hope for clarity soon. I have many messes that need to be cleared up that were started on other peoples ends. I suppose they will never do the right thing so I am unable to wait for them to do so, for it will never be done. I guess that's where the Karmic Law steps in.

    I need more relax time, maybe that would help? I feel I am always on the go.

    Anyways, thank you so much for your guidance and responses to me, I guess sometimes we just need to hear what we already know. You are appreciated, thank you once again.



  • You need more time for yourself.

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