Libra Male and Virgo Female.....Is There Hope?

  • Is there any hope for a Libra Male and Virgo Female with Pisces rising and Scorpio Moon?

  • I've been with a Libran male..I'm a Virgo.. for almost 3 years. He is romantic, gorgeous looking,charming and all those things but am tiring of him now. Tired of the superficiality and the saying that money is not important (he has absolutely none, I have some) so there's an imbalance and he doesn't see it. (can share it can't you!!) Us Virgos are so pragmatic and can see what's going on fairly quickly....Libran men are dreamy, fall over their own feet, and so impractical. For the long haul they're end up doing everything,paying the biils, and making all the decisions. Finally, you resent them...but they're so apt at charming there way back into your life!

  • Yeah, I got the feeling about this guy, but I think a need a little fantasy for now. My pisces/aries is totally living detached, but seems to care for me, but lacks the sensitivity I need for romance and intimacy.

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