I really need spiritual help

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for letting us all know that you put your dog to sleep. Look for her to visit you when she can, in ways like you feel her present in the room with you or you may even see her appear in spirit form . She may come to you in a dream also. She is not alone I asure you, someone feels like your Aunt is with her overseeing her, and assisting in her healing.

    God Bless

  • i havent really felt her pressence but i know once in awhile we forget that shes not here anymore and im so used to having her in bed with me that when i open my bedroom door i for some reason expect to see her there. after we put her to sleep i looked in the mirror and saw her face in mine which doesnt surprise me since i had that happen to me with a couple of loved ones i lost but what does that mean?. i also think its very interesting how you say somebody who feels like my aunt is around her...

    i dont know if i had any aunts die but i know my grandma on mom's side passed away when i was a little girl and i do know of a couple of older female members of my family that passed away(i didnt know them)and this year my cousin committed suicide on mother's day but shes younger.

    oh! her previous owner was an older lady maybe she passed away?. thank you for your replies.

    p.s. i know you are all probably going to hate me for this but i have one more question.

    about almost a week ago before all this i was walking up the stairs to use the bathroom in the morning and i really didnt feel like walking up the stairs,my muscles were very sore and i still struggle walking up stairs due to a physical injury i recently had. getting to the point i can hear somebody saying "come on" "you can do it." and i had the image of a young man with slightly

    longish black hair wearing a red robe in my mind. the tone in his voice was very gentle and sweet as if he was trying to call a dog or young child up the stairs. was this an angel?.

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