I told a cancer guy i like him.. bad move? confusing help!

  • ok so were really good friends for a while now... we always flirt in our convo's im very comfortable talking to him.And i think he likes me too. i actually wasnt planning it was on accident like one of those post anonomyse but ended up not being anonomyse cause i didnt click a button so i text him telling to take it off cause i dont want pple to see... hes cool with it then he asks again if its true and goes like aww (my name)<3 u should have told me... and all but my replys were very insecure like eh didnt want to tell u like this blahh.. and he told me that he used to like me but has a gf now and put a sad face after..? hmm

    so a day later he puts that post back and replys with a dot... and makes this status saying i dont like u get over it or whatever and i have no idea who that was too because in the convo i told him lets go back to being friends and he's like sounds good and i asked why he didnt tell me before his reply was "it wouldve been awkward cuz if u didnt like me back" .... so that just pissed me off but i guess thats how cancers are

    butttt now i havnt talked to him since and he hasnt either.. whats going through his head was i too much? he has mentioned he had a gf but thing werent working out but supposedly no one knows about it..

    i dont know what to do ,what to think my head is spinning in circles i am clueless on what to do now.

    anyone tell me something about this cancer he's july 8 an im nov 1 ...

    im a scorpio...

    ps. before that we would always talk and i would be so happy and we would be comfortable talking to each other and we have soo much in common its crazy! and i guess its a good thing that i got him to tell me or whatver??...

    yeah of u have any comments feel free to say it 🙂

  • Well how well do many of us knows this enigma puzzled called cancerian male. Many threads with numerous pages has been posted debated discussed adviced on.

    at first i´d advice u to study up the sign of cancerians, linda goodmann has em good pegged BUT do google n study, eventually lend or buy books.

    next i´d say the most typical trait, n it goes for ALL men regardless of zodiac sign is the "OOPPPSSS did i tell her too much personal stuff? did i take it too far? was i too forthcoming? was i too pushy in her face? better retract n retreat as fast as i can n remain still n when im ready she´ll forgotten it all ..................... i hope" Move.

    3rd ive learnt n recently discovered is cancerian males seem to love when we make faux de paus, meaning we slip our thoughts tongues dear to our hearts n then apologize for being so forthcoming so emotional so nagging so blue n so on.

    hell if i know why it works but it does. So dont feel bad for making a OOPPPS n apologize , im sure he devoured it like a cat n creammilk. lapping it up. enigmapuzzle this is indeed.

    as for the possible gf in or out of picture, well best thing u can do now is to remain on friendbase square until u know for sure she is out of picture. safe urself from heartache of u move on without knowing is there another there or not.

    last search the forum for cancer n see what pops up, n if u got the guts read all pages of the diff threads that shows.

    best of luck with ya cancerian. I myself am waiting for mine as well LMAO


    ps: word of advice, u cannot get ur cancer man to do anything he doesnt wanna do. as watersign he goes much with flow i think ................. enigma puzzle aaiii weeehhh!!

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