• Please help me.

    I visited my grandparents house two nights ago and that was the last place i remember having them.

    I cannot find them anywhere??

    I'm going on holiday tonight and desperately need to find them, I've packed and tidies and re-arranged a lot so they could be anywhere??

    My grandmother has checked and said they're not at her house... and the worst thing is that they're moving house tomorrow so they really could be anywhere....

    please help!

    i'm desperate!


  • Davroe,

    the glasses are in your house.

    Maureen and Peggy, the wives of Paddy and Sean, are

    sitting in the Dainty Dandelion pub drinking wine

    coolers, when Maureen shakes her head and moans, "My

    husband is so ugly that if I want to make love to him,

    I have to put a bag over his head."

    "That's nothing," says Peggy. "My husband is so ugly

    that when he was born, the doctor slapped his mother!"

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