• How do i deal with finding a condom wrapper in my husbands truck?

  • Umm. Do you still have the wrapper? I would confront my husband and casually announce "Look what I found in your truck whilst I was looking for ...." and hold it up in front of him. I would look him directly in the face. Depending on his reaction, I would then decide my next move. The wrapper may be entirely innocent....but I'm guessing that you have a gut ache so painful your instinct is telling you that its far from innocent. Your next move would depend on you - I wish you luck.

  • Let's see, how would I handle this? I would confront him immediately, like rnrchick said, also, I would not stop there. If you found this wrapper God knows how many more there are that you haven't found. You've got to protect yourself, if he is being intimate with other women you need that information, again to protect yourself. As far as the wrapper being totally innocent, I do have a funny story. Many years ago, I worked in an OB/GYN's office. During the OB portion of a visit, in the early stages of pregnancy physicians use condoms to cover the vaginal ultrasound probe. I don't remember why, but somehow I ended up with an unopened box of condoms at my house. I was in a committed relationship and we were far beyond the condom stage. But there was something about my partner I did not trust (in the end I know exactly why, but that's another story). One day I was cleaning the guest bathroom when I saw the box of condoms, I knew I had never opened them, but there it was not only open but three of them missing. My mind raged, I thought okay, my gut was right I can't trust this guy. I confronted him, and when I say confronted, I mean I ripped him from one end to the other. He stuck to his story though, he said, "I don't know why the box is opened or where the three missing condoms are. After a long debate I decided I should check my 14 year old son's room, he was visiting his father so I had lots of time to snoop, sure enough the wrappers had been tossed between the wall and the side of his bed. I felt so bad for not trusting my partner. Anyway I asked my son about it and he confessed he was curious, so he opened a few of them just to see what they were like. As you can imagine I had an apology to make, and I did, and then I was sorry I did, cause it turned out my partner was an untrustworthy and a liar (again anther story, another time). I always say everything happens for a reason, if something doesn't feel right it most likely isn't right. I beleive I was led to that box of condoms, I was being divinely guided, to a truth I could not deny. Anyway, that was a long time ago. I thought it an important story due to your situation.

  • Wow, I guess I am not the only one that has these issues, lol. I too would confront my husband, but if he is a good liar he can look you in the face and lie without blinking. I know I was with one for over two years. He came up with all kinds of stories, his sons did it, or I found it in their room, he was never him. Then it was my jealously and insecurities, his words that caused us to have arguments. When let's see, condoms hidden, a little sticky with a woman's name on it hidden, a woman's name on his cell under a man's name, all kinds of stuff. Do you really think they would confess that they were cheating, NO, they try to BS you and attempt to make you look like it is your fault. Confront the man and you will know if he is lying if you keep your eyes and ears open. No one can tell you what to do next, that is your call but I will sit there and say ok what if he does or does not confess to, what should I do and then do it.

  • Hi, I am curious as to what part of the truck you found the condom in. Might want to hold off confronting him and investigate a little more before you do. Be calm. Remember this is not the end of the world. Just remember, if he is messing around, it is better that you happened upon this. For some reason, I get this image of you finding it in the back or bed of the truck. Anyway, I wish you the best.

  • Personally I would check into this before jumping to conclusions. If your husband is cheating facts are he is still doing it. So why not catch him in the act. If you give up the condom wrapper chances are he will come up with some story and you will never no the truth. Follow him, check his phone. Do your investigation first, then jump to conclusions after the results.

  • If he's a Sag, and you "Follow him, check his phone. Do your investigation first", he will be long gone before you have a chance to find out if you are right. Confront him and watch his eyes. Most Sag's cannot lie while looking you in the eye.

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