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  • Remember your thoughts are powerful and words are even more powerful, we speak blessings and curses into our lives with the mind and tongue.

    "Declare today" Thank you for the blessings that are on the way, speak God's favor into your life, you are the head and not the tail, the beggining and not the end." EXPECT WONDERFUL THINGS TO HAPPEN!

    Everytime you feel doubt coming, say no! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

  • be back soon.

  • be back soon.

  • Today I remember. I remember the phone call from my goddaughter saying "Did you hear?" I remember watching the second plane hit live on the CNN internet report. I remember the feeling like I just got the wind knocked out of me and not knowing what to do exactly. I remember praying. I remember the scramble to determine where my daughter was and how we would connect from where I was at work. I remember the empty hollow feeling. I remember the desire to watch every image on tv and yet wanting so badly for it to all be a bad dream. I remember feeling paralyzed by the images, trapped by every word, in awe of the heroes who ran in while others ran away. I remember wondering is it over, are more coming, where will we go, what can we do. I remember wishing my dad was here somehow feeling he'd have some great wisdom from having lived through World War II. I remember wondering if he knew what was happening all around us, if he was watching over us, guiding us one to the other so we could get through the terror, the uncertainty, the sadness all together as a family. I remember wondering why war happens, what brings people to take such actions and feel there are no other choices on ways to handle whatever is wrong. I remember asking God "why?" I remember thinking about all the members of my family who had fought in wars before and wondering how many more would have to do the same. I remember for the first time realizing our freedom could be in jeopardy.

    Today I remember. The television will show tons of documentaries about what happened that day. Memorial events will take place. Loved ones who lost loved ones that horrible day will remember as they do every single day. It haunts us, it haunts me. In learning to understand about my gifts I am beginning to understand why I felt how I felt that day. The odd disconnect of my mind from my body, the quiver of my very soul. The magnetic effect of the images on television, the gut wrenching sorrow that kept us glued to those images. The hollow void that hung in the air. I know that on days such as this we are often overwhelmed by the multitude of reports and remembrances that take place almost to the point that we get tired of hearing about it at times. But this event impacted me probably the same way hearing of Pearl Harbor's bombing impacted my father. it is something I can't shake, something I will never forget, something that has become a factor in my choosing to find some positive in my life. We go through each day handling our daily struggles, taking for granted our cook outs, the ball game, the latest facebook comments from friends, the roof over our heads, the food in the cupboard, the water from the tap being drinkable.....today doesn't have to be a day to remember the beginning of a war but it is. Perhaps today should be a day to remember all that we have and those who don't have those same luxuries on a daily basis. Perhaps as you think of all those lost, the efforts of the firefighters, police, the impact that event has had and will continue to have over our lives, perhaps for just a moment it might be wise to think of something, anything you can do to make this world a better place. Remember the basics, say "please" and "thank you", think of the needy, tithe to feed the children, donate some clothing you no longer need, maybe reach out a hand to someone who could use a helping hand, hold the door for someone, ask "how are you?" only this time stop long enough to really hear the answer, give someone a hug, smile. It's amazing what an impact you can make on someone if for just a minute you think about it and do it. We are remarkable people who have the glorious opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others if we only take a moment to make the effort. We don't all have to be heroes but you'd be surprised how others see you if you merely take the time to be considerate, kind, loving. We can't change what has happened, we will remember, we don't know what the future holds but we have today in our hands, don't let it slip through your fingers. Touch the life of another, it can make a difference, we never know when the actions we take or the words we say could be our last.

  • Dear RC,

    My thoughts are with you ,even though i am on the other side of the world i will never forget what happend on that fateful day .

    Love Peace and many blessings 2u Mags

  • Thanks Mags. Hoping I don't stir up any negativity, just expressing my feelings is all. Peace now there's a concept we need to learn to appreciate.

  • I was awakened at exactly 3:00am this morning. Sometimes that happens with no real reasoning behind it. I noticed the sensation that a tall figure was standing right next to my bed looking over me, male I would think, otherwise there was no connection. I wondered if perhaps there might have been but just a minute later the little one let out a yell, literally at 3:01am. Funny how that minute felt kind of long until I heard her holler. She was fine, nothing disturbing that I could see or sense but it was odd that we both woke at such an odd hour. I remember thinking "the veil is thin" so I wonder who wanted my attention. Nothing more no great revelations. Perhaps I will soon learn more about this little encounter.

  • He was looking over your little one--she had a bad dream and he went to wake you up---he was just saying hurry up---she just needed the safety of your presence and forgot the dream right away.--so really they both wanted your attention but for different reasons. He watches over her a lot--does she ever say odd things that make you say to yourself---where did she hear that? I hear the song "you are my sunshine my only sunshine" A older tall man in overalls--thin--gray--singing that song rocking in an old oak rocker keeping time and slapping his knee. Artheritic hands-very nobby He has a gentle meek heart---lost a litle girl in a drowning--very happy man yet a touch of deep sadness. A soft man with a protective touch---Blessings. He says the name gene--not sure if it's female or male name as in jean but feel it's Gene or sounds close to that.

  • Good Morning,

    Blmoon my friend once again you have me awestruck. The little one does often dream and go back down almost without effort, she quieted right back down after the hollering. You have helped me to see. I have seen this image of a man before as I say "in my head", wish I had a better way to describe that. But the song, that got my attention, my daughter (little one's mother) often sings or hums "you are my sunshine" to her. I know of no one who has sung it to my daughter in her life - here anyway. Perhaps this person also looked out for her that it stuck in her head. The name Gene / Jean perplexed me but I will check it out further. My instinct was to say it was my great great grandfather on my dads side his name began with a G but wasn't Gene, I've pictured him in overalls, although I've only seen a photo of him in a suit, the hands arthritic yet a soft touch, was he balding? Then again I could be focusing on the wrong side of the family, I'm oddly being pulled in two directions on this one.

    Back to the man, I must admit, I thought of that encounter numerous times throughout my day. It was as if I could have barely moved my hand and reached out to touch him, he was within inches, something I don't recall experiencing before. Well other than the feeling from time to time that someone is behind me. Still no profound dreams as yet. I feel I'm opening up, I feel, sometimes I "feel" too much. It's draining.

    Yes, little one does sometimes come up with things that she should not know or I have never shared with her. That is something I have encountered often with children in my lifetime. I can remember my goddaughters child who was two or so at the time would often come up to me and say she wanted to tell me a secret. She'd whisper in my ear. We came to realize her "secrets" were things she was hearing from others present we didn't ourselves see in the room. This one time she came up to me and said she had a secret and she proceeded to whisper in my ear in an eerie voice that sounded like an older woman, raspy almost in tone "The lady, the lady says "What are you doing?" Piecing it together we suspected she was seeing my mother. The only part of that which sometimes troubled me was that she would change her voice when she shared such things with us. I suppose she was saying it how it sounded to her.

  • Well the sleuth in me comes alive and I researched "You are my sunshine", written and recorded 1939-40 would mean my first guess would not have heard the song in his lifetime. However the second, my grandfather (who by the way was not balding) was tall and has looked over me, so my daughter & granddaughter would be no surprise. He would have known that song and worn the overalls. I know I am allowing my analytical logical mind get in the way of accepting what is coming my way. That is not my intention but a bad habit to break. When I spoke of this to my brother he immediately thought my grandfather. The only glitch to that theory is the girl drowning, it doesn't fit with this man. There I go trying to trim the puzzle pieces again to make them fit. I know it can't be that simple so I will wait and hope for more direction. Sometimes I just wish I "knew" but I believe the truth is I do know, I'm just so busy thinking about and analyzing it that I'm not accepting it for what it is. There are so many lessons to learn in understanding awareness.

  • Ooops and the name....hmm time to think some more or perhaps not, maybe I should blank my mind and let the answer come to me. Sounds so simple, I trust it may be one of these days, just not yet.

  • Hi RC,

    Just wanted to let you know i really enjoy reading your post, and i am thankful for whoever talked you into doing it, I usually stop and think before doing something, but hardly ever stop to think what and how i am about to say, i just say what i'm thinking. but reading your post makes me stop and try to think how to handle things and what would be best way to say it and get my point across.

    For this i thank you again and i also think a book written by you would be great, so when you do please let know you will have copy sold here. (to me)

    Thanks again and may God bless you well.

  • The girl drowning could have been a close child to him

    I could have put the word daughter in there from my own head when he showed me the little girl he loved but drowned--I assumed it was his daughter--I just know he felt a deep sorrow for not protecting this little one---it haunted him so check and see if it was a close family member or even a neighbor as I could have interpeted his saying he loved her like a daughter and just assumed she was his daughter. I definetly still see the overalls and not bald but thin hair. Still get a G name but wasn't sure if it's tied to him--the child or his wife OR even a place--just has a sound like gene or glenn. I will look again later--time traveler--I'm a bit foggy this morning fighting a cold---gift from the grandkids! You know how soon as school starts let the sniffles begin!

  • witchywomen, Glad you are enjoying the thread, I am really enjoying writing it. The book will surely be a little further out as I have to figure out just how I want to tie it all together. Then I figure comes the fun of finding someone to do something with the end result.

    Oddly enough most of what I write even sort of surprises me, it just flows out of me. I loved my first thesaurus as a teenager so I learned a lot from the teacher that recommended I get that. Beyond that no fancy training is behind these words. When I started writing yesterday it was just sharing my thoughts. I wasn't expecting it to be a long tribute but I'm glad it came out as it did.

    I really appreciate the encouragement to write. I write all the time at home but little comes of it for anyone but me. It's kind of nice to share it and get feedback. I really value others input, it helps me find ways to improve.

    Lately I'm just reminded in some way how important it is that we be considerate. So many people act harshly and just don't treat people kindly in general, that is a horrible habit in my opinion. I'm not saying every thought need be premeditated but it is certainly wise to think before you act or speak especially at times when you are emotional. It's easy to say something you never intended to in haste.

    I'll keep you posted on the book and again thanks for the support and kind words.

  • Blmoon

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Fighting a cold is never fun. Kids love to share the latest germs with us. Fun fun fun.

    I wanted it to be his daughter. I try to let the names come from you but I'm going to put this out there and see what you have to say. The first person I thought it was based on your description was named George, his family did at one point live in Glen Falls. It's my understanding he had a daughter who died young, who we believe was his eldest child. Our knowledge of it being a daughter is all we know we have no info on date of birth or name etc. I'm already thnking here I go asking you stuff when I should just be open to what you have to offer. I'm learning. I hope my curiosity doesn't mess up any insights you get. I sure appreciate your sharing what you get with me. One things for sure I'm opening up, it's a new experience to me in many ways. It still makes me a little nervous but my brother reminded me to not be afraid so I don't close off again. I certainly don't want that to happen.

  • Feels right to me! Trust your gut

    as when things don't sound right there's always the possibility I jumped to conclusions---I am certein of a death and thought I heard daughter but that doesn't mean it was his but sounds like you are right--also drowning could be literal or pnumonia (forgive the spelling!) you know what I mean. The lungs filling with fluid--but do still get the word drowned very clear. Just felt he had a great deep saddness he never got over yet he was a very faithful positive man and loves protecting children in the family--I'd go with george from the glen because I did hear glen the second time. And I was very tired when I got your message last night and wasn't sure about hearing the G name right and could have heard george as gene (unless it turns up as the daughters name!) as you know these messages of yours really start rolling once they get started!. Today the image is the same and when you said George I felt a big YES. I'm inbetween chores will connect again later.

  • Aha, I never thought of pneumonia....I could see that being described as drowning. Cool. Sorry hope I don't go getting you overwhelmed but I am always thrilled to hear info you get for me. Yes he would be a man who protected children, I have a couple pictures of him and he is lovingly caring for his grandchildren in each of them. I never thought that the daughters name could be Jean, that is an interesting possibility. Thanks as always my friend.

  • Oh gosh, well Sad, very sad but cool to figure it out. You know what I mean.

  • More drama last night took it's toll on my energy but I will have more to write later today.

  • It occurred to me today that although the last year has been a trying one, thanks to this forum I have come a long way. I am more open to my own feelings than I was before. For a very long time I thought I knew what I wanted out of life but I just wasn't getting it. A negative reaction to unfulfilled dreams. But the truth is although things were not going as I had hoped, things were happening to direct my path. I'll never forget the day I got laid off. Because amidst the flood of emotions that were building up in me like volcanic eruption doomed to occur, for just a minute I had the awareness not to give my boss that. I chose not to freak out, scream, holler or burst into uncontrollable tears. I chose to rise above it and do the best I could. I knew my family was dependent on every dime of my paycheck so I had my wits about me enough to say "at least let me do payroll before I leave". My boss probably was thinking one less thing he'd have to do but I was thinking one more check I'd be sure I got on time. Besides I'd always promised my crew "we're a team" and I meant that, they deserved to not have my leaving adversely affect them.

    Anyway, back to where I was headed with this, even in the midst of turmoil I managed to find a positive, a right thing to do, a good thing to do for others that to me is what life is about on some level. I read recently of the philosophy that living on earth is an illusion. That we as humans take on all the energies to express feelings, deal with issues, handle difficulties etc when in their opinion the reality is that we are somewhere up above watching it transpire. As if we are the men on a chess board or a rerun on tv. There are days my life feels like a rerun and there are days I feel very much like a pawn who has no control of the moves life is taking me in. There are days when I feel like I'm on autopilot only I don't where the GPS is programmed to go. I see I spend a lot of time in a state of wonder, not exactly knowing where I'm being led. I think in some weird way that is part of my new revelation of finding the good in every thing you can. I may not know exactly where I'm headed but I do know when I get there it will be where I was supposed to be. The odd part is it may not always be where I wanted to go. Which I guess is just proof it's not always about me. LOL

    You may think "a state of wonder" sounds like drifting through life. I sure hope it's not, I think once and for all I'm just finally accepting that there is a path for me to follow but it's not always about the one I mapped out for myself. By accepting the turns in the road and going with the flow a little bit we may get the experience of seeing things we would surely have missed had we only went and done what we wanted to do. Perhaps you will encounter people you might never have known before by taking that turn in the road and maybe going a little bit out of your comfort zone to see where it leads you. I know if I didn't allow that first question to gnaw at me long enough to seek the answer I would never have come here. I would have missed out on meeting a lot of people who along with their ideas have made a really positive difference in my life. I still have a long way to go but nearly a year later I am realizing although there have been many days I felt like I was going backwards or standing still I was really being propelled forward ever so gently. I'm really curious to see where I end up in the grand scheme of things, change is hard, it takes a lot of energy and a times it sucks the energy from us like a vacuum. Hopefully once you reach the other side of whatever situation you are facing you will find the journey may not have been easy but was more worthwhile than you could ever have dreamed.

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