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  • I have chosen to revisit the prospect of "The secret". In as much as it had items of interest I found myself focusing not on the book / audio version as much as on the hype it conveyed in the media. So I sort of was half listening. But I recently discovered a book which is part of the same series called "The Magic" it's all about being thankful, truly focusing on those blessings we take for granted every day and how that focus can change your energy. I think that is very true. Because even on the worst of days when you suddenly think of what is not so awful you have a change of state and thus can redirect your energy, your focus, your thoughts.

    I've started a new habit with the little one, just prior to picking up this book and now I feel like I was kind of driven to that change. Daughter and our little one have a sometimes volitale relationship, way too much hollering and tears to suit my taste Most of which is prompted by lack of sleep or crunch of time. So I started talking with the little one about getting up with ease, preparing the night before for the next day all methods to my madness which in reality is stop the screaming and start days on a more pleasant note. And on that same thought pattern I began tucking her in at night and then after our story time etc I just take a minute and say now settle down, focus, what was the best part of your day today? how did it make you feel? etc

    In this sense she starts each day prepared on some level and with direction and ends each day feeling good about the day she just had. Hopefully this action will be a positive one and help her to find better ways to communicate with her mother. As for me I'm just pleased with less shrieking and tears. I've never been one to just sit in silence but prior to our latest experiment I was really starting to appreciate it.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I know it's been some time since I've written about the things going on in our world. It seems the veil is getting a bit thinner, around our house anyway. We seem to have had a visitor in the last day or so. I was walking into my daughters room and she shouted "get out" passed me, I thought surely the dog was in some sort of trouble only to realize the poor thing was sitting to my side anxiously staring in the direction of the door way. As daughter protested to the pup that nothing was there, I glanced over my shoulder but saw nothing. Daughter doesn't often respond to such things in fact she pretty much takes the position that they do not exist because she doesn't want them to although knowing full well that they do it's her way of denying the evidence right in front of her. I've had a few glimpses, something / someone that seemed to be entering or existing a room which to me is no big deal really except on those rare occasions when their exit goes through a closed door / wall, some out of the ordinary structure.

    Lately I have had the distinct impression my guides or ancestors are truly looking in on me. In one instance the face was so clear, i could almost count the whiskers upon it. The illumination is still so cool to me, you have to see it to understand it I think but I'm sure those of you reading this may know exactly what I mean.

    So what are you experiencing these days anything new? troubling? or that simply makes you curious how it came to you? I feel that way a lot.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd drop in and drop you all a line to let you know I'm still out there kicking. Take good care and remember always be thankful, you are blessed.

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