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  • I dreamed about a New Home somewhere huge two lots, with a river in back and Moutains and I was blessing the house, don't know what that means other than my Spirtual house, rooms or mansions with many rooms like Jesus said. Hmmm.

  • Hey there, you hit the nail on the head, I feel like I'm somehow blocking it somehow. Even when I meditate or try to it's like turning on a lamp without having a light bulb in it, "ineffective". I never thought of the mailbox as a heart but that could make sense. After all that is where all feelings are felt, stored, sheltered if you will. I am feeling also that the events of the last few weeks have simply drained me. I don't think I could focus if I wanted to even though I have often felt others near, I simply have not gone any further to receive it or open up to it.Every now and again, the little one will off handedly make a remark about my Pop who is my father or Your mom who is my mother saying or doing or being somewhere but its as if she hints at it or simply doesn't elaborate like ok I've told you enough they were here. I've had the sense I need to get some more things in order, some of my files, boxes etc. They have been stagnant too long, not that I want to rid myself of the "stuff" as much of it is important to my research but I fell I need to give it a place to belong or let it go, it has remained packed for far too long.

    The other day I spoke candidly to my boss about the desire to get a car and the fact that I literally have nothing saved that could facilitate that but I know on some level it was me getting the desire out there. Every time I mention it or feel drawn to the possibility it feels right, like as impossible as it seems to me that it is possible that the pieces are coming together even though I cannot see them yet. Almost as if my knowing it or having it come to frutiion is almost a fleeting thought to the universe like it was a given and I'm the only one who didn't see that. Well anyway, after that conversation with him, the other day he reinforced it we were talking about meds for one of the girls and how much that was going to be and he added and don't forget about the car you're gonna get, your car. It was interesting that it was matter of fact in his description. But he added and then once she gets through school etc, finds that new job then you can get a one bedroom for yourself, a place to call your own. You deserve that.

    I was stunned that he went so far as to elaborate such detail to me, being a guy and all, such thoughts rarely flow freely to a woman such as myself. I felt him lifting me up in some symbolic way that I can rise above what is now and what I can dream can be. That night I went home and off handedly wrote out a list of things I'd need to gather for my own place. Mind you, as I look around at the cluttered mess of the girls I often think about having a place but with it comes quickly the thought that I'd be alone and worse lonely, forgotten. Could all this banter be stepping stones to a path to call my own again. Not that I am knocking the one I've been on, I'm not. It is as I have said where I was meant to be but maybe the universe is making me aware that soon it will be time to spread my own wings at long last. Could it be so? I have only dreamed. But as you say dare to dream.

    And yes my friend I feel you were preparing your spiritual house with grandeur that befits you. The river is going with the flow, the mountain that even challenges that rise up and are ominous can be reached. Two lots, one for family, friends, what you feel is important and one for you. Blessing the house because you are blessed.

  • So I excitedly get a moment to actually talk to my brother last night, tell him all about the mailbox, the mail, mom etc I say I figured it out, so cool yada yada yada ....his response, maybe you are just going to hear from a lot of people.

    Way to burst my bubble bro......sometimes you know.

  • Funny! I just read something to give us encouragement when we have times of doubts are separation, gonna email to you. Funny I just read something also about "us" moving. There are no coincidences will send them my friend. I believe you can do and be anything YOU want. Remove doubts and believe, get rid of fears. We are human but we are Human Angels. The Power is inside!

  • It seems so strange to not get to pop into my own page more often but life has really changed my direction and as much as I miss getting to come here at will, it allows me to appreciate even more when I can choose to come now.

    In exactly one week I turn 50, that round figure is giving me a little cause to think. As I ponder all that has filled those many years I can't help but feel I should have come farther by now. But then I think back to 2007 when my life was altered without my consent and I was displaced to find a new path and I kind of think well for only being five years into it I guess I've come quite far. Let's go with that one....LOL

    The hair is gray, the body not as strong as it once was, in just the last week or so I've been reminded that my knees are ailing and other things in my body are changing, mysterious bumps coming seemingly from nowhere. I could just picture my mom laughing that I'm turning 50 and falling apart at the seams. How I wish she could be here to share in this milestone with me.

    But in my heart I know that she is and has been with me every step of the way in some way or another. I am intrigued by all that I have learned and managed to understand since the first time I logged in to tarot.com seeking insight, comraderie, mutual beliefs. I am really glad I came to this site and for all it and all of you here have given me over the years. I am so very blessed to have met and become friends with so many wonderful people here. This place really has a way of bringing light and love to the toughest of times. To my friends and you know who you are, I am so very grateful for all you have allowed me to share with you, for all you have shared with me and for the bonds we have formed in that time. Kindred spirits brought together by divine intervention that's how I see it. Perhaps in our searching, in our reaching for answers we allowed ourselves to open up just a bit to receive....a feat that has not been easy for me. But by doing so we may not have gotten the answers we sought but instead found others who served a purpose in our next steps forward. You all have done that for me and I am truly grateful.

    So much has changed in the last few months, daughter is now working and going to school full time, studying to be a medical assistant. Her first mod she completed with a 4.0 average I was so very proud of all her hard work to be a straight A student was more astounding than you might every realize. The little one has done very well in school and although we have hit some stumbling blocks in getting her into kindergarten there are some possibilities opening up and we look forward to seeing her advance when the universe sees a way to make that possible. We have come to believe that just because we thought we couldn't do something or that it was out of reach doesn't make it so. A huge change for all of us. My recent raise and advancements at work are proof of that, daughters report card, the opening of doors to an education that seemed slammed shut in our faces a month ago are all ways in which we have come to realize all things are possible, if you open up and believe and allow yourself to receive.

    My next goal once we get the little ones schooling arranged is to make the dream of having a car of my own become a reality. What seemed impossible is becoming more possible and although it's still a stretch and may not yet be the time there is hope.

    Thank you all for helping me to believe, to receive and to have faith.

    Love ya,


  • 🙂

  • I just had to say it is amazing when validation comes through, no matter how long it takes. Some time ago I was told by my friend Paddi about a particularly violent scene of a man & woman in a boat that was violently being shaken or tossed in an attempt to overturn the boat. The description although disturbing didn't mean much to me I couldn't connect to it. Well this weekend we uncovered a newspaper description of a death of somewhat distant relative but family nonetheless and the description was almost exactly as Paddi had described it. In the mans violence to toss the boat and the woman, it backfired and it was him who drowned after the fact.

    Also Blmoon had mentoined to us several times that we would find more info, bodies if you will in the Wells area......darn if we didn't. It's an amazing journey doing genealogy research but it's even more fascinating when those ancestors communicate to us directly or indirectly details we can validate and list as proven. Really cool, seemed worthy of sharing.

    Now on a side note. lately I keep seeing the eyes of a man, bushy eyebrows, rather piercing in it's glance, I know nothing else but apparently he is trying to communicate. If anyone can share some light I am here to listen.....

    Blessings all.

  • Everyone,

    I must ask you to look at something for me. I awoke this morning in the wee hours pulling myself literally from a very a vivid Dream (visit, I don't know). I dreamed that my godmother died and I was attending her funeral. It was weird, it was at a small old fashioned little white church that was near some body of water. I saw her granddaughter there and my brother was there with me and I FELT her daughter behind me even though I didn't see her(she & I don't get along). Oddly enough my godmothers sister was there. Mind you she died 2 years ago or so but in the dream she looked well, dressed very nicely, she was young 30ish, had dark hair again and seemed quite happy to be apart of the goings on (she was in her 70's when she died). There was an older man there who needed help with his boat. He wanted to put it in the water, it was just a short distance across the grass to the waters edge so my brother & I picked up the boat and carted off, putting it in the water for the old man. As we walked back to those gathered the preacher came up to us and asked rather adamantly "did you wait your turn?" I remember half giggling at the question as it seemed unnecessary, "wait our turn? uh no we just put the boat in the water that's all" He seemed rather agitated and was downright upset that we hadn't waited our turn. Mind you I saw no line of others trying to put boats in the water or anything of the like...that was strange. Anyway, a glimpse of the coffin and the feeling of sadness, animosity and generally not wanting to be there was enough to make me pull myself quite literally out of the event and awake. I'd love your thoughts on this....I haven't seen my godmother in some time and it's possible she passed and I haven't been informed of it yet but it was disturbing enough for me to want to wake from it and not go back to sleep. Needless to say I'm exhausted. I'd love to know your interpretation of this event, anyone???? I'm listening.

  • Hiya RC,

    How are you i have been thinking about you often i have a vision of a lady with grey hair swept back in a bun wearing a black dress she is standing by water i feel she is wearing white gloves and is carrying a purse in her hand she is nodding at me . Does the name Thelma relate with you at all ?

  • Mags,

    Oh my it is so nice to her from you. For awhile there i kind of let my thread die, not intentionally life just got busy. You know how that is. You are in my thoughts more often than you know. The way you described the woman until you got to the gloves part sounds kind of like how my mom and her co-workers were dressed as a waitress years ago but perhaps this is more formal. The bun is tricky as I can't put a finger on that one. The name Thelma doesn't mean anything to me, presently but I suppose you never know what you may uncover. Love to hear more if you get anything. I still have no internet at home but get to pop in on break & such here.

    Be well my friend, keep in touch. Would like to learn more if you get anything else.

  • RC,

    She is showing me the white gloves she is pointing to her hands this is not a waitress outfit i feel it is more dressy but not over dressy i am sorry to say this but i feel she wore this outfit to funeral and few that at that , i feel she is saying this was my important dress it was worn to occasions that matterif that makes sense i actually feel this dress was very old but she looked after it well .OKay i am now seeing her hair swept back i wouldnt say it is a bun but it is being held back by something it is grey and i feel it could have been just above her shoulders . she is showing me 1950s so i feel this decade was very important to her . She is pointing at me and saying your name Ruth , over and opver and nodding andi dont know if the name Thelma i was heaering could actually be Wilma or something like that it is coming across muffled .Whoever this lady is i feel she had problems with her hands and she wanted to cover them , that is why she is showing me the gloves does this make sense at all ? I am trying to connect with her more to find out if this is your Mother i am sking her for more clarification .

    normally whne i click out of tarot .com thats when they show me more things i will keeop you posted . I miss our chats , and the good old days.

    Love and hugs to you my friend


  • Mags,

    I am so sorry I miss our chats too, more than you know. Still no internet at home. I had hopes for the near future but honestly now that little one is starting school, my next priority is transportation a car of my own, God willing. I'll keep you posted though.

    I am so glad to hear you are able to have contact like this. I must say I am fighting myself not to "reach" for the answers you seek from me. The attire, with the noted purse and gloves made me think of how my mom used to dress for formal occasions, funerals in particular and yes she did have certain outfits she took good care of to make them last a very long time. The gray hair swept back could very well be her and the 50's were a good time for her in life mind you I am still not saying for certain this is my mom, although it could very well be. I love that she is calling my name it is nice to be sought after like that and to have someone such as yourself convey is a blessing, thank you. My mom did not have trouble with her hands, but gloves would have been common place on a formal occasion or it's possible she referred to the condition of her hands which was worn from her hard work.

    Now with respect to the name, Thelma doesn't mean anything to me nor does Wilma. Mom's name was Marie, mind you she was born Mildred Marie but never used the former. I have to ask you a question though, the dream I described earlier about my godmothers funeral, her sister in the dream was a woman who very much dressed for occasions such as a funeral to excess at times, how she presented herself was VERY important to her, her hair was gray at the end, swept back I don't think so but just above the shoulder line and she had a 50's style about her, her name was Vera. I don't know if this could be who you are seeing but if it is, I'm not surprised as it would very much relate to the dream mentioned before.

    So if it's not mom (and Mom I'm sorry if I am confusing you with Vera, you know I would not mean to do that) or Vera I'm not sure who it is. But our research has been peaking on some new levels so I could have stirred up someone I don't know personally or perhaps visually is a better answer. Anyway, I hope you will keep me posted on this I'm very curious. I have to ask is the woman wearing pearls or glasses perhaps? If it's the latter it isn't my mom.

    Love ya kiddo, keep in touch.

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  • Rc

    She is wearing glasses.

  • If she is wearing glasses, it would not be my mom. It's probably Vera who I dream about in the dream involving my godmothers funeral. My mother did wear glasses but only to read so she would not have shown you that I don't believe. Thanks for that. I'm hoping to find some time this weekend and try to connect with whoever this is myself, amongst others. Feeling like I could use a little jolt from the other side. It's been a long and tiring week. I really feel like the moon is kicking my tail and normally, I know the full moon is affecting moods around me. Who am I kidding it's affecting mine too. So tired.....

    If you hear anything further from this visitor Mags be sure to let me know. Maybe I'll try to look you up this weekend while I'm at my brothers perhaps we can chat a bit.

  • Ok no worries RC i look foward to catching up its been so long .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • 🙂

  • Mags, Paddi, Blmoon etc, kind of throwing this out there for all of you.....

    You know as I look back over the last week I've realized several times I was given messages that I took note of, was aware of, even mentioned aloud and yet did nothing, in hindsight I can see clearly that I either allowed my mind to outweigh my intinct or feelings or I simply brushed it off not realizing what it was. But I am keenly aware of those intances now and believe that is being shown to me to recognize. Sometimes I feel so thick....but I'm not bashing myself just taking it all in and realizing I got in the way, next time I need to not sabbotage myself by doing so. Anyway, wanted to share that as I believe it has some significance. My awareness of it is poignant in some way so I am thankful for that.

    Last night I was on spider watch, had a critter in my room and finally got it but it sure messed with my going to bed on time and staying asleep. Once again I dreamed I was at a funeral, this time it was a dear friend she's in her 90's but in good health relatively speaking. Dreaming this was a shock and also put me on alert to the possibility. So that's twice now I've dreamed about attending funerals of loved ones in the last few weeks, very vivid. Any thoughts?????

    Now I was just speaking with my nephew about it and he said I'm focusing too much on the details and missing the BIG picture. Probably very true. My mind is racing a mile a minute keeping up with all the details on our agenda(s), mine, daughter, little one etc.

    I'd like your input. I've done a dream analysis sort of, funeral, ending to a situation or relationship but in the case of the two funerals I've dreamt of attending recently both of these women are significant in my life, both are elderly and not in the best of health so the likelihood of their passing although awful is not without possibility, probably one day sooner rather than later.

    My concern is as I plan this next stage of my life it is not my intention to end contact or connection to those significant to me in my past. Although we don't see one another often my love for them is undying, as I would hope theirs is for me also.

    I wonder if you any of you have any thoughts on the significance of these events, visits etc. Perhaps the woman you spoke of is not who I thought and has a further message for me. I don't know. I get glimpses, a flash here or there but have not been able to hold onto an image long enough to make it significant in my own mind but these "dreams" which in my own mind is not the proper term for them are significant, I feel that. I'd love your input gang.

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