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  • Mischelly (T7), Thank you. I am both humbled and impressed. I will be the first to admit it is strangely easy to share my life, my experiences, my words of wisdom and woe with those I have never physically met. That is an odd treasure to me. For those who surround me no little of what I share here or of what I have experienced nor do most of them care at all. Thus the loneliness. As you say I can be surrounded by a crowd or be with my closest loved ones and friends and still feel very much alone, lonely. It is something that is hard to put into words. It doesn't make much sense, it just is. I do feel sharing my thoughts, feelings. words is aiding in my healing process and I am proud to hear others say I have helped them with what I share. I was raised to know the difference between right & wrong and I won't say I never did the latter. But I will say the sense of right & wrong runs strongly in the person that I am and so I guess that is why it is so important to me that people be treated fairly, kindly, decently that their feelings be acknowledged and appreciated because I would want to be treated that way myself.

    I love that you did the analogy with the car battery and alternator. I do understand that very well. Perhaps it is true I must also exercise that understanding for the good of myself once in awhile. Thank you for thinking of me.

  • RC..I adore you...no need for thanks. Really.....I totally get you b/c I am you !! The whole taurus thing..LOL

    Right and wrong is inherently strong in us. Yes..we do do wrong..but we know it before anyone else !!! LOL Just think about what you give...really. YOu give so much !! It is such a blessing...

  • RC, Wow look how far you have come so far...

    Sorry its taken me a little longer to write on your post like i did for healing ways..I have told you this before but I will say it again.You write straight from the heart and that is so beautiful..This amazing journey you are on will bring you so much peace and open the doors to all the questions you have...You have answered some of my questions and that is what writing from the heart means to me...Never doubt your ability to write RC ,you share your love,courage, experiences and strength and all of that comes from your heart.. I might have taken this picture from healing ways,,,, but i know she wouldn't mind (I'm becoming a picture hoarder) lol



    Peace,light and love

  • Hi dearest RC, I just have this neeeeed to ask you, have you ever considered writing a book?, I really do feel this would be SO inspirational and help many!..... and more importantly, help you!... there is nothing more helpful to us than pouring our hearts and souls in to words!...getting it all out so to speak......wonderful healings come from this, I just know many would love, as I would, to read a book that comes "straight from your heart"....you are so eloquent at writing....

    much love and joy to you RC


  • Thanks MyJourney and HealingWays. Loved the picture too, you can never have enough blessings.

    Writing a book? Hmmmm Well someone else suggested I do that also not so long ago, Blmoon. I'm not sure you are all thinking the same kind of book but I was trying to wrap my head around just how to do it. You know how it is you over think something until you can't seem to see how to begin. I wasn't sure of myself. The idea was to try and incorporate my journey through this learning and healing process with my love of genealogy and hunt for my history. Sounds like an odd mix but in some odd ways sharing here and on some of the other threads recently it began to sort of come out of me in a way I hadn't expected just comparing their lives to ours. Maybe that is the direction I am supposed to go with all this for a "book" still a scary proposition. I will have to figure out just how to go about that in my own head. I want to thank you all for the encouragement and advice. I too like a book from the heart, I'm a sucker for all the hallmark movies. I wonder if it would still prove interesting in this format, kind of today's journal if you will, I hadn't considered that. How does one go about getting a book written, published, hmmm sounds like more research is ahead of me.

  • Last night I spoke with my brother, he & I often bounce occurrences off one another. He'll call me and say "got a minute, a lot went on last night" from there he'll proceed to share his dreams, visions, flashes, encounters etc for my review. It occurred to me not long ago that it was important for us to share these experiences because we get caught up in what we think it means but lose perspective on all the possibilities. He may say "I had a dream about Bill & Bob and there was a dessert, pie shaped, uncooked dough like thing, it was tan." My interpretation is first why is Bob with Bill because one is gone the other is here. Then I continue "well you are not impressed with the dessert but there is plenty to share, it can be divided up equally"; I felt it meant a celebration, an indulgence, a reward. Mind you brother dear didn't get any of that out of that one little sentence he shared with me but it gave him another perspective. I could be wrong, maybe it is just about some pie like thing and Bill & Bob were on his mind, maybe he was hungry and knew nothing in the house was going to satisfy his craving. It's all in how you look at things, how you interpret what you encounter. There are dream logs and books to look up what the so-called experts say things mean. There are the old wives tales that conjure up this means this or that means that. But in the end you also have to consider how the "event" for lack of better terms made you feel that too is a factor in what it means to you.

    Anyway, the purpose of my sharing this was just to say consider the perspective of others or consider a different possibility when analyzing a dream or encounter. Maybe you are focused on what happened in the dream and who was there. Perhaps you need to consider was there someone there you didn't know, maybe that is someone new coming into your life. Or if it's a dream about your family and friends was anyone in particular missing, perhaps that has some significance. I'm sure I could go into lots of other scenarios was it day, night, what season was it, perhaps some of that is important, perhaps not. I suppose I'm simply explaining how I go about looking at the things I encounter or my brother encounters etc from another persons perspective you know the old saying "two heads are better than one" maybe it rings true in this situation.

    Now I suppose it could simply be something you ate. Mind you my analytical mind would just never believe something that simple.

  • See what I mean my friend....out of the conversations with your brother out came lots and lots of your valuable thoughts and feelings!! I for one cannot stop reading your words right to the end :)...I'm so pleased Blmoon has the same feeling as me that you should write a book, I for one value her opinions SO much!.....so, looks like a big message is being sent to you through us eh!....

    maybe just think of it's title........then just relax and let it flow!!

    I want a personally signed copy please of your first book :)....

    heres a little something I just found that maybe give you some tips on a starting point....:)

  • Talk about having a point driven home strongly, ok, ok, I hear ya. And the website to do it with too, wow, I already signed up for the tips. I'll keep you posted on what, when and how things progress, once I get started. Who knows maybe with this thread I've already begun. I mentioned your post to my brother a few minutes ago on the phone and he immediately said "do it, you could write a book, just decide and start writing." So how does one go about getting someone to publish their words in a "book"? It would be a dream come true to get someone to pay me to write, what a concept. Thanks as always for the words of encouragement and praise, it means a lot to me.

    I think it's time to put to the word out to all those watching over me that I need guidance to the person who would be interested in this concept and allow me to write it and God willing pay me to do so. What a thrilling idea. Here's hoping the stars are in alignment, I get the guidance I need to the right parties and in the end the reader enjoys that which I have written.

    You have done wonders for my mood today, thank you.

  • Hey my friend...funny you should mention those watching over you for guidance!!....I was going to post this picture earlier....I know this is a man writing, but I have every faith in you using your imagination to see you sat there writing.....

    many blessings on your new journey!!

  • Hi time traveler--got a message for you. Go to you tube and look up Rev.Nina Roe. When she comes up scroll down to the message for Sept. 6-12. I get these to my e-mail every monday--love them! Any way todays message so speaks to you! She talks about searching into our past lives---how to use it for a healing. Blessings!

  • Blmoon, thank you for sharing this with me, unfortunately my computer has no sound so I couldn't hear a word of it. I'll see if I can view it this coming weekend at my brothers. I'll let you know when I've had a chance to see it or should I say hear it.

  • rc will you feel like doing a what you see on me reading about me and the love of my life or is he wrong for me and will it be someone else... i feel so at a loss that im so confused... thanks so much jaffeebella

  • No sound--so sorry! I turn mine off unless I want to hear something because I hate those out of the blue sounds that make me jump. Is your computer broke or can you just not find where to control the sound? I must pray for sound--surely a techno angel will intercde on your kind hearted behalf! I think Rev. NinaRoe might have written versions on her angelsteach website but the live are always so good--she has a very healing presence. I know if it was indeed meant for you to hear sound will come! Blessings.

  • Good Morning RC- What you posted here, describes me to a tee also:

    "As you say I can be surrounded by a crowd or be with my closest loved ones and friends and still feel very much alone, lonely. It is something that is hard to put into words." Especially at group functions at work, friend of all and one. Wow, I'm glad to see you progressing along here.

    Dot had a weird dream Sunday night, she says it was very vivid, she was driving to my house and before she could get there she says there were police cars everywhere and one of the cops said to her, "you are following someone, but did not know that someone is following you" She says the cops apprehended a big man with dread locked hair and that he had an AK-47 and was shooting at my house, she said she woke up in tears it was so real. Do you have any thougths on that? I'm thinking it was meant as a warning to him and not me, hhmmm. Go figure, anyway be back soon and love these posts!

  • jaffeebella

    I'm sorry to say I'm not the person to do a reading on you or your loved ones. It's just not a talent I've developed, yet anyway. My suggestion is start a thread, someone will respond who can better guide you. I will say this be true to yourself and trust your gut. If something feels wrong or that you should be cautious there is probably good reason. I don't wish you or your love any ill will by saying this so please don't take it as that. You sound as if you are struggling with deciding whether to let go or hold on. I think you already know the answer to that, perhaps you are just not ready yet to accept it. Know that no matter how alone you feel you are never really alone. You'll be guided to make the right choice for you. I wish you well and I hope you get the answers you are seeking. If I can be of any other help let me know.

  • Blmoon, no sound. My loving nephew brought this computer back from the dead after the fire. I've only recently discovered that the a drive doesn't work, never needed to use a floppy then I found some old ones, I was able to transfer them to cd at my brothers house. The sound hasn't worked. The unit appears to be in tact according to my control panel but there is no sound. Someone said perhaps the driver was shot and I could download another but I don't know what I need exactly so I hesitate to make a poor choice and cause other issues with the system. Having it resurrected is such a blessing to me. But if you know of a techno guru I'm game for some guidance. My hope was to get a new computer before the new year but with unemployment and no job on on the horizon I suspect that plan will be delayed a bit. Time will tell. I was looking into writing contests and grants last night. Ever have any success with them yourself?

    I'll see if I can find a written version on the message, if you find it first let me know. Otherwise I'll be sure to check it out when I'm near a computer that has good sound. Thanks for the lead it looks worthy of keeping up with in the future.

  • Poetic,

    Sorry you feel as I do but I totally understand the feeling. I expressed my frustration with being told I'm in a bad mood or depressed when inside I am not feeling that way. I'll be the first to admit when I want to be left alone but usually that is not the case. My brother found the word I was looking for yesterday, he said "you are just pensive, you give great thought to life in general and all that is going on within it." I think he is right.

    My I'm being tested today. You too? LOL Just kidding. Sorry Dot had such a frightening dream, I can understand the intensity of it and her fear for you. She is a good friend and she is feeling the angst you feel. Perhaps because she may hear from you more one on one the intensity of emotion surrounding the circumstances may be bringing about the scene she dreamed. I don't mean to discount anything Dot said or dreamed but I don't see it as a premonition. I will say this, she fears and justly so that something is going to come to a head, that the intensity of that could attract the attention of others and all that matters most to her is that you are safe and she is trying to rush to your aid or be there to comfort you, to protect you. The cops are in my mind a symbol of the protection she wants for you. The man in dreads, maybe this girl has a fella you don't know about who could be jealous and want revenge but I don't get that or at least I don't think I do. I think perhaps the dread guy is your wolf in the way she perceives him to be violent, half cocked if you will ready to go off and enraged. Not to kill you but in his own frustration with himself at being caught. Anyway my friend right, wrong or indifferent this is my take on this dream.

    Are you just trying to make me stretch my muscles? I wouldn't put it passed you. Anyway, you have a good friend in Dot, you know that, she is looking out for you, rushing to help in any way she can, not knowing exactly what to do but wanting in the end for you to be safe and ok. She is a person with a good heart who loves you dearly, that love will help you in what you are facing because as much as it is "your fight", you are not alone, she is always by your side. That makes you a lucky lady indeed.

  • The air has a certain crispness this morning, must be the smell of school starting. I used to tell my mom I could smell when it was almost time for school. She probably shook her head thinking what is wrong with this kid of mine. Truth is I think because I suffer so with allergies that I am sensitive to new growths and changes in nature. Now with the luxury of arthritis as old age begins to show in these bones of mine I can also predict rain storms, a nice snow and dampness long before it's arrival. Can you imagine when your great grandfather said to the little ones "it's going to be a rough winter this year mark my words" they probably shrugged it off. But later came to believe dear old grandpa knew what he was talking about, was he wise or what is a mystical prediction. The truth is he really meant I can feel it in my bones and he meant exactly that.

  • RC- the old folks always "knew" everything. You are so right about Dot she is my Earth Angel too, she told him once, if you don't want her send her to me! He hated her and even told me once I had to choose between her and him, I said you must be crazy, she was here before you and will be here when you are gone. I've been achy too in my thigh muscles so I didn't go dancing.

  • You are lucky to have Dot in your life. She is always there for you, that's a true friend.

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