• Hi All lovely readers of all sorts crafts abillities n powers. Namaste to ya all

    Cwb ya lovable macademian nut born march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm in Sonderborg Denmark, requires insight n update on her love n relocation issue. Ive in the past week gone from 2 men to one, as ive accepted Aldens choise n i rest init. No sweat LOL

    So one left n i wish so bad an insight to him n me. he is a cancerian rretired fireman gone rental buisness owner born june 25 in San Francisco usa at 1.47 Am,

    i also would love insight on relocation how which when etc

    n heck while im at it this computer science thing ive taken on , how will it go me n what lesson am i to learn from it bc i sense i have a lesson there to wit my rental bizz owner man needs me to learn, but which n why n how so n so on ye ................. ok i sound officially nutty now LMAO

    better go chew some cashews instead. thanx for all ya help energy n insights


    cwb ur official nut

  • Goodluck, and hope you find what you're looking for.

    Angel blessings Bee ­čÖé

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  • It does it does thanx.

    more more more thanx ..................oh did i now slink into my shoesize?? LMAO

    oh my word!

  • Hope you found your answers CWB, ill keep bumping if you need anything more ­čÖé

    Angel blessings Bee x


  • BUmp!

  • Watergirl ..................... this may b a stupid q but i wonder y Alden gave up. do u see y how n if he at all. Boy im on confusing times lololol


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  • Well alden is on Pennsylvania n Charlie commutes between Californian, Montana, Mexico n South America┬┤s n i think some more dunno which LOL

    that┬┤ll b great

    oh also what surname do ya if u can see ill have say end 2010 come 2011 ishly LMAO

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  • Well lets see now if i can explain it lol

    Ok i made contact with Alden back in 1999 n very fast we both found a soul like never before, one that totally understood us, one that saw beneath the exterior n was not prejudiced or taken aback what was there. We saw felt understood the true soul n spirit in each other. Within 6 months we fell in love. I didnt know till much later. Shit was he was married n i respected it. Sorta. When the heat was on, divorce seperation i was impatient n a naive brat, n Alden n i had a huge fall out in en march 2004, where i also was flunked n fired from an education.

    In nov 2003 i had asked Alden to visit me for xmas n new years, he decline n i felt hurt, so i was ok ill b patient n wait n while i wanna have fun. So i made contact with Charlie for fun n to get a guy friend. Little did i know he n i had a karmic thread of magnitude that goes so far back i cant follow it. LOL he made me laugh n not take life n everything too seriously.

    i fell in love with him fast n furious as they say. With him i saw it all, kids marriage happy good life, fights make up n all that is in a good creative relationship.

    in end march he married someone else. N he told me the same time when Alden n i had the fall out. Dumped times 2.

    For days i was cased in ice. all was done on auto pilot. I slow defrosted n licked my wounds, n i did ask Charlie why her n why not me. I set in my powers of psychicness n it told me it would not last year out, whic at the time was a 5 month left ..... little did iknow it would b 5 YEARS.

    I didnt connect to Alden until 2005 where i told him he is forgiven n i apologize for my mistakes. his email remained open till jan 2006. Charlie┬┤s remained unanswered n in 2007 it also disappeared. in end 2008 i scavengedred the net for addresses info┬┤stc on them, especially Alden, bc inside n for long it was the message " u cannot move on until u know u 2 have something there" So i took a chance n snail mailed him. Break or rebuild. N i said guides help me, help me get Alden back even if its JUST friendship. He did reply me n it was the best day in all my life. I knew he had forgiven me, n since ive followed his pace. All in all he has said he aint into all the start anew with new wife family etc. But friends is all he is willing to do.

    in 2009 i accidentally found contact on Charlie n i even caught him on the phone n it was as a day had not passed since then.

    I guess i need to seriously get up nerve n ask, what do u want with me future wise, what do u dream wish pray for, where do u see us say next year.

    i keep holding back bc in past when i did i would either get no answer or cut that out replies. im in yoyoland bc it seems they r in yoyoland themselves. Both r now divorced ........

    i just had a thought, can it be all three of us is awaiting the other to say " lets do this, lets make this happen bc u i want as mine, lets talk how we can get this into the world?"

    why does this step lie with me? i hate it bc i NEVER know what the response will b. At times when ive asked personal private stuff its like they were taken aback as in "wow where┬┤d this come from?" or " whioa how did she know i was thinking that is she some kind of witch ? spooky"

    ought i do as julius ceasar at the Rubicon river, throw the dice n say we┬┤ll cross n see what will occurr?

    Where is that wise man now i wonder, boy he was a great advisor LOLOL

    Charlie is hard to catch n when i do he seems eager beaver to talk long n deep yet it has not coccurred yet. Alden has just let me know i can phone whenever im up for it. which is new aswell. hmmm man man man. fuck time to hit classes again damn !

  • i dunno if one can smothered it down to :

    alden is n has been there for me since i snailmailed him

    charlie makes me laugh but is hard to catch, further he is alway busy, yet with him its the feeling " unfinished business" it fills a lot.

    wouldnt it b easier if they just came out n said full hearted soul n all what they want?

  • Oh and i hold back asking what do you bc i fear ill push em too far n into something they may not b ready for. both has been burnt badly by their respective ex. by this i at times, often feel like i hafta somehow pay for what they did to Alden n Charlie. Like i hafta remedy heal reconstruct what has been destroyed regard love, reciprocations, trust, emotions loyalty etc.

    Also a part of me keep back bc i fear rejection. i fear a fatal blow thats fatal. a death sentence so to say. .......................................

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  • Im waiting for what waa it mercury to get a move on in uh 4 days time LOL

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  • It would depend on their reply to my question, that when i marry i want the whole nine yards, meaning sex kids love talks fights make up etc, i want it all. to me is to have children important. i need to b a mom. further i want em to stick around bc im old fashioned that way. The one i choose has to b answereing truthfully yes i want u n me to have kids lets start that project soon. to b would the enter of a marriage with no sight of children together in sight not stand. i┬┤d wither. its a simple as that.

    I want a man who wants to have kids with me. i want a man who sticks around n doesnt run when i say hon we┬┤re preggers. n yes i know they r up in years but so what, many men up there has produced children to much enjoyment. Thats what i really want, a good man who makes me laugh, who wants everything with me. i dont even need to work at all but knowing society today lol

    n mayb is that also whay they know i want n they r hesistant bc it thrills n scares em both at the same time. hell if i know. LOL

    Ill go :

    iacta alea est - The die is cast. => said by General Gauis Julius Ceasar as he was to cross The River of Rubicon.

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  • No prob babes,. what time u have now, im on 10 to 8 am right as this is typed.

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