Can somebody help me with this dream about a dead person and babies

  • Hello and good afternoon

    I have a question about a dream I had. I had a dream about Tupac the rapper that him and I was in a hospital together and we were lying in a bed that a woman just had a baby. But the nurses were not treating all of the patients nice and we were looking at that. So him and I moved to another floor in the hospital and we were again lying in a bed where a lady just had a baby. And then this nurse came and she said something to us and we when downstairs and then him and I was two seats apart from each and other and he was upset because he could not see me or knew where I was for about 10mins and then we were having some words but not really bad words. And then we left the hospital. This was like a movie can somebody please help me figure out what this dream was telling me.

  • Birth dreams are usually good omens if you are giving birthe--it represents a positive advancement in your spirituality as in giving birthe to yourself. Sometimes dreams are nothing more than a reflection of the days thoughts and interactions and have little meaning but if they really haunt you they usually mean more. My intuition senses it is a warning dream--to get back on track as you have let something from a dead past distract you from your progress. Also going down stairs further validates this as the farther we go downstairs the more out of conceisness we go. The higher up in a building we go the more it represents we are acting from our higher selves were as lower means we are still reacting from lower needs and desires--impulsiveness without real thought. Hope this helps. I'm ready to rest for awhile. Hope you get the answers you need. Blessings!

  • Don't know where all those extra e's came from in birth! ha ha--rest time indeed!

  • Good afternoon Blmoon

    Thank you for your help. I will have to so some thinking i guess, because I am not sure what I have hanging from the past, but I will be doing some searching to see what I can come up with. Again thinks and have a wonderful day.


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