Advice please.

  • Hi All,

    I'm really confused by this cancer guy! We have been talking Online for a while. Anyway we have been on 6 dates Which haven't gone all that well due to us both be so very shy!! We have been sexual.. Anyway About 2 months ago I got real Pis*ed at him and kinda said a few nasty comments :O( (this is not the first time he has been on the fire line of my nasty mouth)...Anyway we haven't really spoke much over the last 2months, Due to the above. I've kept in-touch with him sending a weekly text asking how he is, ect ..(I do really like him and think we just got off to a bad start)... he will reply but he is aloof!! Anyway I just started thinking its time to leave him alone and get on with it and then out of No where he asks me out this weekend!! I live like a 140 miles away from him so I have to stay over...Ekk do you think he is using me as a booty call? Or is he just getting over the way I treated him???

  • Try telling him you want to stay in a motel while you're there and see what he says. Take the chance of sex out of the equation and you will see if he sticks around or not.

  • The Captain gave you good advice. I would second that.

    Also, if you really want this relationship to work you need to be monumentally PATIENT! Cancer and Aries is a tough relationship match and all the Cancers I know are completely guarded about their feelings which tends to make me go crazy since I prefer open and upfront communication.

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