I Need Eight Ladies!

  • Healing ways you look stunning 🙂 love your picture, and glad you had fun, sorry i missed your post, forgot to check for any replies here, 🙂

    Have a nice weekend.

    Bee X

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • You see QQQQQ you do this to me heres a pic of a stunning man who needs laser treatment, ok who whants him, hes for QQQQQ or healingways...


    your going to need more than whine and jello shots for this guy...I know you all want him so i will be a verk kind woman and just give him to you for free...

    ok you ready,no fighting over this one girls....hahaha

  • YUP....I have BiiiiiG B U T T to!!!!!......LOL LOL LOL....

    the pic!! are you sure it's a man?? or was it "take a chimp to the game Day!!"....lol lol

    BUT....thanks for compliments folks, really nice of you (good job it was only head shot and my BIG *** wasn't showing.....lol

  • Interesting. I didn't consider that since I don't shave. So isn't there the same laser for v veins too? When I'm on my bike and roll my pants up I'm often embarrassed by them for the world to see. I've thought of asking a dr in my vainer moments.

    Interesting how the chaps balding yet hairy body.

    Does anyone have a healthy remedy for thinning hair? I started a medication a few years ago for IC and only took it for about 3 months but it really thinned my hair out (one of the side effects) and it's never grown back. I take vities and put brewers yeast in my green smoothies take silica...

    Cheers P

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • PLEASE PLEASE....I don't want that guy!!!...lol...a nice bit of chest hair and thats ok.....I don't even mind if they are bald!!!....LOL, but (oh no! theres that BUT again...lol) to be honest I don't want a man at all really, I have had enough of socks and pants washing in my lifetime..lol....plus, I want to find ME and what I can become.....

    I'm afraid to say ....I do have big b u t t syndrome, I put on a few pounds since the pic was taken a year and half ago, I gave up smoking, the strange thing is I didn't put weight on for the first few months but since then WHAM....big B U T T.....LOL

    Pfree, quenkath is right about the Reagaine, they do have one for women too, I looked into that a while ago and a doctor told me it does work, it takes time and commitment and is ongoing, you have to have use the regime of using it for rest of your life, and the result may take a bit of time to appear, that's why I opted for the system I chose, only because of my age I didn't want to wait any longer to "see hair on my head", and maybe the biggest reason was I wanted to experience the feeling of having hair straight away because of Sooo many years of not having much :)....

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