Tarot interpretation- please help!

  • Hi, thanks for checking my post. I have found myself in a pickle regarding love. My friend did a tarot reading for me, but she's very new to it and could not tell me what the cards were saying about the future of the relationship. Please could someone interpret them for me. It may help to know that I have recently lost my love due to his travel commitments, but we didn't inevitably end the relationship.

    Me- Queen of Pentacles

    Him- King of Swords

    Past- 8 of cups

    Present- 5 of wands

    Immediate Future- King of Wands

    What lies between them- Queen of Cups

    Final Outcome- 10 of Cups

    Many Thanks,


  • I would encourage you to search out the meanings of the cards yourself. Do a Google search on "Queen of Pentacles meaning" and read the various pages that come up to that affect. Then look up "King of Swords meaning" and so forth.

    As you read the meanings, search for the snippets that feel 100% true. Is there anything in the Queen of Pentacles that makes you nod your head and say, "Oh that is exactly me right now!"

    It is my personal opinion that only the person at the heart of the subject matter can truly see what lies ahead in their future. You are the creator of your own reality.

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