Watergirl18, I have a question for you??

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  • Thank you watergirl but I never thought he had a relationship before he told me I was his first gf and that he just dated random girls before and that he fell in love with me for the first time in his life. could he be lying?

  • and plus he doesn't seem hurt or anything. he just wants us to be in this situation like not just friends and not a couple - kind of in between

  • Hi Watergirl18, I have been reading your posts and I would love for you to read for me. I can see how very busy you are but you seem to have remarkable insight. So i will be very patient until you have time for me.

    My birthdate is 08/09/55. I would like to know about my financial security. Right now it looks very bleak and it seems that I am in a very dark tunnel. Can you tell how it looks for the future? I have always been a very optimistic person but I am becoming a real Debbie Downer according to my kids. Any insight you can give would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • watergirl I really hope you get back on this thread 😞

  • watergirl what do you see for me and my ex? somewhere down the road will we be back together or even just friends? my dob 2/3/57 his is 10/2/57

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