Watergirl18, I have a question for you??

  • I don't know if you remember doing a reading for me...I really appreciated you taking the time to do that for me, even though it wasn't exactly pleasant 😕 Anyways I was just wondering, based on your reading for me, do you get a feeling/sight that this guy will eventually come back around? I ended up saying to him that I knew what I wanted, but he didnt and I needed someone i could rely on. I said that if he figured out what he wanted, I may/may not still be around for him...it's been one week of no contact whatsoever from either of us.

    Anyways, if you could maybe give me some more insight about my situation. Just curious. I know you said I'll go thru 6-8 months of ups/downs before I get to a place where I'm ready for the relationship i want.

    So the question for you is...is this guy coming back around anytime in the future, or is this the end of all ends? Thank you 🙂 You do a wonderful job as a reader by the way.

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  • Thank you very much...

    I had my suspicions while we were dating. IDK why he would try dating me and being with me if he was so focused on his career. Makes no sense to me.

    Like a part of me wants to still keep him in my life if I knew somewhere down the road that maybe we could be together still, but not if he's only gonna keep me around for his own benefit, ya know?

    I just cant be friends with him while having feelings, and he had told me it wasnt fair for me to just cut him out just because he wasn't ready for a relationship...

    but if i'm not ready for a relationship either, would it be a bad idea to still be friends with him and focus on myself instead of him??

    Too bad there isn't a button for moving on... lol

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  • You're right... I guess if i feel the need to still be his friend a few months down the road, maybe I'll talk to him again, but maybe not. Idk, only time will tell.

    Thank you for all the advice and readings 🙂

    I hope you're having a great day yourself

  • Dear Watergirl18...just logged in to tarot today and your "name" appeared...so I hope theres a reason for that 1st of all. 2nd - I get 11:11's (time on clocks, license plates, cash register etc) sometimes 4 in one day when I'm needing "confirmation" or "direction" on something. Then I go months without them at all. But here's my situation...and Ive waited and wondered since 2006 for an answer and still am in "the dark'.....:(

    I brought a woman over from the UK to work for me in 2001. We eventually married. I feared she was a greencard girl. 5 years to the day (that you need to be in the US) she staged a confrontation and we "separated". I loved her very much and never really got over it or her till this year. we have two beautiful daughters 5 & 7 now which I haven't seen since 2008. Im fighting in court to see them but am not getting very far. She has had...no contact with me since 2007...wont call, talk, see me...or let me see my daughters. No Domestic violence issues or child abuse either....but see refuses to discuss why we divorced or communicate, or let me see my children even though I have court ordered vistation...she doesnt respond. I took her to court and see called the police saying I'm harrasing her.

    1. why wont she communicate, and will she ever again?

    2. will I ever get to see my daughters again and be a loving father?

    3. and regardless of our no communicating...we cant be equal parents to our children. I have no idea how theyre doing in school, sports, activities, and am a stranger to my girls.

    4. in court I am trying for joint custody and liberal visitation...but they scheduled our next appearance Dec 26th...a long time from now....

    Is there anything you see in your cards regarding my situation ?

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.....plus I havent been with anyone "since". I dont see me finding a woman ever again....and that scares me...to be alone without love.

    Wondering what you might see regarding my circumstances....thank you

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  • Thank you WaterGirl....I can see that, dont know how you can help so many people!!! its amazing, your really in demand...I completely understand...Thanks again....

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  • OMG!!!!!!!!! that is 100% "DEAD-ON"....Watergirl, I cant believe it.....!!!! You are very very good and I thank you and appreciate your taking time out of your hectic schedule.......I really cant that you enough. You have quit a "gift".....Follow your calling 🙂

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  • Watergirl 18...I think I need your help "one more time please if possible" ???

    I've been waiting for a year for a lawsuit to come to conclusion. we finally met on tuesday and the attorney for the other side (a manicipality) said they were prepared to "settle" but the moderator kinda messed things up. I dont know when were going to meet again or resolve this, but I have sent several emails to the attorney for the other side suggesting we settle this and have not recieved a response in a week. Can you see any type of outcome with this or a financial win for me at all....? thank you for when you can take a look....you were "dead-on" with the last one....Keaven

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  • Thanks again Watergirl !!! this is and has been pending for over a year.....

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  • watergirl can you do me a favor and tell me more about my cancerian guy? I posted this in another thread :

    well I've known him for a year and from the first moment he talked to me he fell in love with me. he told me he never felt this way with any girl before as he never been in a relationship but just went on few dates with girls but never had a girlfriend. he said i am the only person he can talk to about everything and never gets bored of. but I am still scared as my previous relationships were really bad abusive and one of my exs cheated on me so I could never trust a guy anymore. but this guy seem scared of commitment he doesn't want us to be in a relationship eventhough he tried so hard to make me go out with him and be his girlfriend from the very beginning but 2 months later he broke up with me saying I deserve someone better. but he never let me go cause whenever he comes around he treats me as if I was still his gf.

    his venus is in Gemini and his moon is either capricorn or sagittarius i am not sure of the time of his birth. and I am a cappy.


  • Watergirl,

    you are just amazing!!! YOUR GIFT....is incredible...Well I'll have to start paying for your services or ask you to be my advisor and put you on the "payroll"...lol. Many, many. thanks to you and your "help"....I mean that sincerely, and I wish you a year of success, and much peace, love, and a giant leap in your skills & insight too...for all the "good" that you are doing......your blessed.

    Thank you again!!!


  • I agree with you Keaven that's why I am asking for help now

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