• I've sat here on my PC for past couple hours and thinking, "how the heck could that happen?

    so,I wonder if any one can help me solve this little mystery, I got out of bed this morning to hear the little "ping" on the floor, I touched my ear, yes, my earring came out in the night, no mystery there, I always forget to take them out at night so I'm used to scrabbling around in the bed or floor looking for them :).....

    well, I went straight to the bathroom and was going to look for it after....I came back to search, I saw it immediately and thought, great, not much searching to do :), ...and as I always seem to never find the backs of earrings I'm glad I keep lots of earing still had the back ON....?

    How the heck could that happen? on earth could the WHOLE thing go through the tiny hole in my ear?... I know of people who constantly wear heavy earings cause the hole to get bigger, but I have always in all my years only wore little stud types....

    so now I sit here pondering and staring at the earing and I just know it would have had to be taken out and the back replaced on it!!. YIKES!!...I live alone, apart from my little dog no one is here, so, unless he had grown human hands and took it out in the night for a joke I can't come up with any explanation!!....don't these mysteries drive you nuts sometimes....LOL

    So, any ideas my friends?....

    Ummmn, wonder if Blmoon or any other of our gifted seers can see what, or who could have removed it? 🙂

  • Wow. Maybe you woke up in the night and did it. My husband has told me I have sat up and talked to him some nights and I can't remember it. Maybe one of the gifted ones can help you more.

  • Oh Yeah! could be right!...I never thought of that, it's bit scary knowing we could do these things isn't it...makes you feel little "out of control"...I kind of wish the dog had grown hands and did it

    it's funny that it never crossed my mind, I mean cos I know there are people that sleep walk and have no idea they did it....Phew!!.... hope I don't start doing that one!!

    and here was me thinking a beautiful angel came and removed it, and it was maybe a bit of comfort to confirm they are with me .....Aaah, never mind...

    I am silly 🙂

  • someone in the afterlife is looking out for you or trying to give you a message maybe? But yes it can drive you nuts. I wake up some mornings & find I am covered in the burrs from the woods I have been told I sleep walk in the woods but I dont remember it

  • I meant to say, if I did do it, I must be more adept in sleep than in waking life as I always have problems putting those fiddly backs to earings on....I can't believe I succeeded doing it whilst asleep.....LOL

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