HELP! before this Virgo man drives me crazy

  • I've known this Virgo man most of my life. We are very good friends. Years ago we had a little fling but then went on our own ways. Now here it is 20 years later and we meet again. Amazingly it was as if we never lost contact. We recently were intimate weekend. We both said we enjoyed ourselves then went back to our seperate lives. My problem is this... I am a Pisces and am very emotional. I had the sense that he was telling me what I wanted to hear, not what he felt in his heart. Of course he denies it. but he hasn't told me what he feels. I understand that this the nature of a Virgo but you would think after so many years of friendship and honesty, this wouldn't be an issue. I told him that I was going back to being just friends and he seemed offended. He said that I was reading too much into his non-response (he wasn't able to talk freely on the phone at the time). However, once he did have a free moment, he never bothered to respond. Just sent general texts throughout the day. What do I make of it? Is he still interested, or did he lose interest and not want to ruin our friendship by telling me the truth?

  • ThoroughlyBewildered,

    What do I make of it? You don´t want any advise.

    Is he still interested: no

    or did he lose interest and not want to ruin our friendship by telling me the truth? yes.

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  • thx. I thought so but was just hoping that after so many years he could just be honest with me. I appreciate the insight.

  • Yes but after so many years of being friends, and the fact that you are very emotional, could you have handled it with grace if he had been honest and it was not what you wanted to hear?

    It is possible he erred on the side of caution, because take it from me... not everyone likes the brutal truth! (I had to learn how to convey my usual Aries 100% honest and straightforward words with a LOT of sensitivity and tact over the years!)

    Don't Virgos want to "keep the peace" if at all possible? If I have their trait correct, then he would rather tell you what you want to hear than to be honest, hurt your feelings and risk the friendship.

    Does that make sense?

  • hi there i am new to this site i too am a pisces and i genuinely believe that there is a strong attraction between pisces and virgo i too understand how you feel because we are both opposing signs but the chemistry is always there play it cool and see what happens good luck

  • @ Aries... that makes complete sense. I'm sure the truth would hurt, but it can't hurt more than the lying. And there have been instances before when he has been brutal but I handled it. That's what's so confusing, why change now? why not just be honest especially when I suggested we stay simply friends. That was his out, but instead of taking it, he starts saying where did that come from. I told him I'm just reading between the lines and he said that well you are reading it totally wrong. I know he has some other personal issues going on in his life but that doesn't give him the right to play with my emotions.

    @ Himbelee.... you are absolutely right. The attraction is unbearable. I am trying my best to play it cool but I'd be lying if I said it is easy.

    Thank you everyone.... your help is greatly appreciated

  • Hmmm, if he was brutally honest before than this change is annoying and confusing. I am sorry. That would drive me completely crazy, I can empathize. 😞

    What do you think your best options are? Do you want to confront him and demand the truth? Forget about it and move on?

  • I want to confront him soooo badly but then I say to myself what will that accomplish. He probably would avoid the issue anyway. I am beginning to feel like just forgetting about it and the whole friendship. Friends don't let friends suffer when they can help it.

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