Virgo Man growing on Libra Woman

  • I've been friends with/ dated this Virgo man for a long time. Often resisted giving it serious thought, and even fell in love with a Gemini ex. After some maturing on both sides, me and this Virgo man have now been seeing each other and entertaining the idea of dating seriously.

    I moved away temporarily with intentions of coming back. If/ When I do return do you think this is a relationship I should seriously pursue?

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  • Libraire,

    Try to put the chart on in another way because admin is going to delete all those links you have there.

    So what you can do is copy and paste into WORD on your computer and save...then copy and paste parts of it on the board. That would probably be only the typed parts.

    And I hope for a good outcome with your Virgo.

    May I ask how long ago did you move away and when are you going back?

  • Thanks for the heads up. I'll try and fix that.

    I moved about 3 weeks ago and I'm hoping not to be gone past thanksgiving.

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