Taurus and ram.

  • is our sign compatilbe or not. latley we have not been really clicking and I just hope we last a long time. but my friends tell me that he is doin me worng. I just want to know are we ment to be 2gether or what I can do to inprove our reationship.

  • Hi marly2 I had to do some reading on this question because I have never known a couple with those two signs together. You are hard headed and he can be stubborn. He will probably be fine as long as you don't start yelling because they don't like to fight. And once they make up their minds you will have a very hard time getting him to change it. And yelling will make it worse. They would rather walk out than to stay and fight. And lets face it that goat wants to run everything. Let me just say soft talk and smiles will get you your way more often with the bull than fighting. And good luck.

  • If there's one thing I may say on the matter. Don't take everything your friends say for the truth. It's usually in their interests, or at least a commanding share of the total, that they give such advice. On the other hand, you don't have to listen to me, or anyone else on this board. Take what you can from this, and leave the rest behind.

    Do what feels right. Understand? Not by him. Not by your friends.

    Do what YOU feel to be right. And afterward, try not to beat yourself up over it. Stay confident and be sure of yourself and your decisions. Life, luck, and happiness all favor the prepared.

    After all is said and done, it's you who reap the benefits of your life. Others may as well, but you're the one who matters to you, right?

    Good luck.

  • And LibrasLair, I'd thank you not to refer to us Aries as goats. My brother is a Capricorn, and though we are alike in our stubbornness, that's about where the similarities end, and the contrast begins. Thank you.

  • Excuse me Neanderthal it was my intention to insult anyone. Sorry if you took it personal.

  • It wasn't my intention to insult anyone. Sorry if you took it personal. I can tell your Aries. So is my daughter. She is my income tax baby.

  • aries and tauras, I cant not write you about a personal relationship, but I have enjoyed the friendship of many from the sign of tauras, at the beginning there has been alot of head bumping because we are two head strong signs, but as friends at the long run, they are friendships that have lasted a long time, the last friendship I made with the sign of taraus, have lasted over fiftheen years, relationships like everything in life have to be work on, and if the quality of love is good stick to your man, bieng a aries I was married to a cancer for fiftheen years until he passed away, two signs which supposingly are not compatible for a love relationship, and we enjoyed a great relationship, Firmly believe if he is a good man, hes worth it. Always water your plant so it can grow! and love is like a plant, nourish it daily!

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