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  • I've recently met (through an online dating site) This Tauras Man (May 6, 1968) who I (Jan 26, 1967) like a lot, but I am totally confused by. We've been talking - well.... Texting - for a few weeks now... He seems to be very sweet, but seems to hold back... We never talk on the phone - talked once or twice shortly.... the rest of our communication is thru texting (not a whole lot of... only good mornings, good nights, Hi, thinking about you... stuff like that....) He has said that I'm the type of woman that he has been looking for, yet I still see that he browses the dating site still.... I'm very interested and he talks about meeting.... There seems to be a strong connection between us, I can't explain it.... I keep telling him that he has to open up and at least call sometimes... he only responds with... I will answer anything you want, you can call me... My question is... Why can't HE call me? I won't call (Because I'm stubborn and still waiting on him to call me) -- I guess u say, you can see why we're getting no where lol.... I would like to know more about him, but I've read that you can't push a Tuarus too fast.. So, I try to be patient... I'm just running out ... but hate to let a good thing pass me by.... We are in touch every day... he even texts me (Kisses!) in the middle of the night : ) And SOMEtimes... I will be thinking of him or what he could/may be doing at a particular moment, and I will get a Text from him at that very moment! I just don't know what to do... should I leave it alone or wait on him... I read also that some Taurus men are players... I wonder if that could be it? Your insight would be GREATLY appreciated - Do you see us in a loving / commited relationship together? : ) - My ascendant is Capricorn, by the way... Thanx!

    Sun in Aquarius

    Moon in Leo

    Rising Sign is Capricorn...

  • Untill you actually meet and begin a proper relationship, all you have at the moment is a fantasy. This guy could be anything other than what he says he is.

    This matchup is made up of high ideals on both sides. When you two actually get together, you will find those high ideals fall away and you will focus on the most literal, most mundane details - and, staking a position on these, engaging in wars of nit-picking and criticism. You two will not be admirers of each other so much but you can share a mutual liking of aesthetic beauty and creativity in art, music, and literature. This relationship will lack a depth of feeling and passion which you may try to find in the artistic works of others. Besides enjoying the arts, you two may also be drawn to physical and sensuous beauty in people or nature.

    A friendship or love affair here will be taken up with tangible realities, like ready cash, expensive gifts, new cars, exotic vacations, etc. The relationship can be rather superficial but can exhibit a kind of creative thinking that can allow you to reach a level that most people only dream of. You two are also capable of moving onto more meaningful experiences, perhaps involving the abandonment of such worldly pursuits, once these desires have been fulfilled. Spirituality may be for you two an end achieved only after pursuing, attaining and finally peeling away many levels of illusion that exist here, and only after a long time of being together.

    Marriage between you would be quite a sensible affair, built on practical premises and seeking attainable goals. Much time may be given over to an immensely satisfying pursuit of beauty and pleasure, in a comfortable domestic setting. This relationship will fail at all levels however if it continues on a materialistic, superficial path and never finds a more meaningful one.

  • In a NutShell! Thanx Captain : )

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