• OK to make a long story short my bday is 6/5/87 his is 7/6/88.....anyway hes dissapeared came back blah blah blah but i love him im wondering does that mean he really likes me i rejected him one time and hes never acted the same since. Then i told him not to call me anymore because i hate how distant he got then he called me 4 days later saying he wanted to see if i was still breathing wtf i dont know what to think with this guy should i move on ? But i cant ? Is it meant to be is the fact that he keeps in touch a sign he cares or what i dont know please a little insight!

  • Cancer men are very confusing.. he will most likely call you back yes, but they take things VERY slowly, at their own pace.. that's why they retreat. They can retreat for days, however sometimes even weeks and then show up like it's nothing, their behavior is normal. Some (the one I know/deal with) also has problem committing. I am not saying that is your case, just my experience. I am not saying that he doesn't like you, however you need to decide whether or not you can/are willing to tolerate this behavior.

    Good luck!

  • I'm a cancer woman with an Aries.ascending I think? My friend who is male and a cancer is a descending aries cancer. Is that good or bad. He seems to care but I can't always believe him.

  • My friend went to Hawaii and has promised to call me and write so far,he has done everything he said he would at this point. He does remain me that the eye candy is good but he won't touch any woman boy, I'm not sure since, he will be gone for sometime. I knew I will be good when he is gone.

    He would love to have me come and stay with him for a few days that is about all I can manage. I think people are people no matter what sign we are born. Men are Men no matter what sign they are born.

  • You hit the nail on th e head--- men are men no matter what sign they are born!

  • redleo73,

    yes thats a good question and my answer is no i cant take this confusion i cant tell if its because he is a cancer or a man anyway ive had it with him because the other day i called him and he text me back we texted all thru the day then the next day all of sudden he is outta town wtf he is too much work i want to curse him out if he ever calls again .....just kidding i dont want to have to stoop that low but thats how darn mad he was making me i say was because not anymore i dont want him to affect me every since i rejected him he hasnt acted the same since can see the full story on one of my topics but i forgetr the name right this second

  • well... if it makes you feel any better, I know your pain. I want to reem my cancer's ass out, but honestly, where would it get me? It would just let him know that I was upset and give him the upper hand. Which, is what they want. What WILL get a reaction from him is when you DON'T respond. Don't call or text... then, hell think... wtf, why isn't she contacting me? AAAAAnd, when he reaches out to you, don't be all available, or nicey, nice. As f'ed up as it is, you get a response from that. Trust me, I've done it. Am doing it. It's crazy that you have to play games.. but again, do you really want to deal with that?

  • redleo73

    honestly i dont know if i want to deal with that although i must admit apart of me does still like him i mean its like he was sooooooooooo sweet and when we are together he is so warm and cuddly but his cancer ways annoy me anyway i how is it working is he chasing you down now or what????? because my cancer called me today and i didnt act all nicey nicey and he wanted to see me but i said no and i turned my phone off around the time he usually wants to meet so im not sure if he called back but i really dont care because im not gonna let him affect me anymore so we will see if he sticks around because i plan on not seeing him until this weekend and if not on my time than no time at all just curious is it just me bt i think cancer men get away with things because they do everything in such a nice way

  • hotvirgorising-

    well, I was always given this advice- If you don't know what to do, don't do anything. You don't have to make a decision RIGHT now. Take your time. Just make sure you don't waste months/years, you know? Girl... this weekend? lol... Cancers can go without communication for weeks (just an FYI)... LOL. My cancer and I are currently playing games. Don't call. but send texts... and I am not responding.. you see I took the day off last Friday to spend the day with him AND all of a sudden I couln't get a hold of him. Wouldn't respond to me. Doesn't like to 'commit'. However later on that night text me three times like nothing was wrong.... yeah, I don't think so...

    mind you I not even let him know that it bothered me.... not giving him the satisfaction...

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