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  • Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me with a reading i did. I asked a question about relationships and what happening in my love life using the rider waite deck and the celtic cross spread. This is what i got

    knight of wands

    3 penticles


    5 wands

    6 penticles

    ace swords


    queen of penticles


    knight of cups

    as i understand it (although not very well as i'm new at this) there is a new romance coming or already in life, and 3 with it's positive relationship but needs balance and patience. (temperance) which i find hard (5 wands)

    a sudden change in the future is either ending it or taking it to a new level. I dont know if the knight of cups as the outcome means i'm holding on to the relationship that is ending or that it's moving to a new level of commitment.

    Any views are greatly appreciated?

  • Which spread are you using? It would help to know what label was assigned to what position because even the standard Celtic Cross can have different variations of meaning.

    The number 7 position can = "You" or it can be "as others see you" or ... some other one I am forgetting.

    My two cents, based on just a broad overview of all the cards...

    For my readings court cards are always people. Not everyone does that, so I am reluctant to try and interpret your Court Cards because it will be filtered through how I do readings which may be different than how cards work for you.

    You have both death in the guidance/hopes and dreams position and the tower in the you as you are position. You either want change, or you are changing, hard to know which without knowing how you labeled the positions. Whenever I get both death AND the tower in a reading it usually means my life is about to be shaken up and how. Will it be the same for you? Time will only tell!

    Aces are always "seeds of new opportunity" and you have an ace of swords in the future position. New opportunities for thoughts and awareness await you.

    The three of pentacles is in the #2 position. Do you have this card crossing (overlaying) the Knight of Wands? On its own the three of pentacles is a positive "things are working" card, but it is trickier overlayed on the Knight. What does the knight of wands represent to you? Is that the person you are hoping for? (Do the attributes of the card represent your significant other or the person you are looking for?) With the three of pentacles overlayed on the knights of wands it could be working against the knights energy but you would be the best judge of that by evaluating what it means to you.

    I always tend to see the five of wands (in your past position) as fighting. Do you feel like you are done fighting and are now judging where you want to go (six of pentacles in conscious influence position).

    I would also encourage you to look up the meanings of these cards on the Internet and consider and decide for yourself what they mean to YOU. I always feel that the person at the heart of the subject matter has the most insight into their own future.

  • Thanks for your reply. I sort of have an idea of who and what they are representing..i think the knighof wandst is representing someone who is very new in my life and i want it to blossom into a relationship. I see this card as him. But saying that, i dont know if i am right as i could just be seeing what i want to see in the cards.

    To answer your question the 3 penticles was overlaying the knightof wands and the number 7 card i usually read as the advice. Do you think that means something has to change within me or that a relationship is develpoing but something needs to change within it.

    As i interpret the spread, he's a womanizer (not sure yet if that's true) and has several others after him ( 6 penticles) and either he changes or i walk away. Yes i struggled with my ex husband as a womanizer and i am done fighting for anothers womanizers affection, Do you see the two knights representing two different people or one person?

  • Ahhhh, ok... Thanks for the additional information.

    Hmmm... This is a tough one. For relationship spreads I always like to see The Lovers, or the Two of Cups, or some other obvious love/relationship card before I feel comfortable judging if the relationship is going to work out or not. (Even a nine or ten of cups would make me feel more comfortable.)

    If you are worried about getting hurt I would err on the side of caution, I tend to like to date the kings instead of the knights! 😉 (Knights can be so rash and quick moving, before you know it they have raced off to the next thing!)

    It is very possible that he is undergoing a major change from knight of wands to knight of cups... but that only tells you that he is opening up his emotions more, it doesn't address the "is he a womanizer" issue.

    What is your astrological sign? Do you know his?

  • Mine's gemini..don't know his

  • Can you find out when his birthdate is? Knowing his sun sign in contrast to yours is a good first step. It can help you peel back some of the layers of mystery about his behavior.

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