Hey mr. captain

  • geez. me and all my silly emotions. i need to change my mind about this whole situation, but that is much easier said than done. i believe the boy has detached and gone, why can i not seem to do the same? i'm not even mad anymore

  • You are not coping with the rejection. You want to know what happened and why.

  • yes. i am a very sentimental person and i hold on long past the time when i should. i think i also want some closure and i want to know that we can still be friends. i've let go of a lot of anger, that is progress i suppose

  • Of course it is a blow to our sefl-esteem and confidence when people break off a relationship with us. But you mustn't assume the fault was all yours. Perhaps your partner was just not ready to commit?

  • that among other reasons. i don't think he was emotionally ready for any of it. i can't tell you how many times we had broken up b/c he was unsure. i think writing those e-mails did me some personal good, i've had no more nightmares and i feel myself letting go more and more each day. my attitude today is if he doesn't want to continue to be friends then it is his loss. i hope this attitude sticks 🙂

  • It IS his loss.

  • Right on!!!

    Sorry to b-u-t-t in there.. but hallelujah sister!!

    Wow, I needed to read your story!

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