2:30 time of death

  • My mother died @ 2:30pm, my friends mom died @ 2:30pm the more I talk to people 2:30 is a big questions. Please help thanks

  • 2:30 means holding with unworthy allies.

    In this state the whole of life feels

    like a dream, whatsoever has been lived. Just as in the morning when you come

    to the awake state from sleep, similarly, when you

    arrive in dying from this so-called waking state,

    that whole circle of the past, all that dream-stuff

    disappears like smoke.

  • thanks so much for telling me this. It has been bugging me for such a while. 2:30 was everywhere. we couldn't figure it out. Again thanks so much.

  • sophievader,

    always look on the light side of life.

    Big Black Leroy is cleaning the windows on the

    eighty-third floor of a skyscraper in New York.

    Suddenly, he loses his balance and falls from the

    scaffolding, but just manages to catch a window-ledge

    and hangs there by his finger tips, shouting for help.

    "Ah, Lawd!" shouts Leroy, "I'm not ready for them

    Pearly Gates yet! Save me!"

    At that moment, Saint Herbert, the angel, flies out of

    the sky.

    "Hi, Leroy!" says Saint Herbert, hovering beside him.

    "Have you got faith in the Lord?"

    "I sure do!" stammers Leroy.

    "Okay" says Herbert, "then I will teach you how to

    fly. Now, show your faith and take one hand off the


    "I can't do that!" stammers Leroy. "No way!"

    "Yes, you can," snaps the Saint. "Now, show your


    Turning pale with fear, Leroy closes his eyes and

    slowly lets go with his left hand.

    "That's good, Leroy," says Saint Herbert, patting him

    on the head, "very good. Now I want you to let go with

    the other hand."

    "Ah, Lawd!" shouts Leroy. "I can't do that!"

    "You can do it, Leroy," says Herbert. "Have faith,

    praise the Lord -- and let go!"

    Leroy lets go and falls eighty stories to the ground.

    "Yup," says Saint Herbert, flying away. "I never did

    like niggers."

  • Is that Saint Herbby or is someone looking for attention...

  • Neither nor.

    I will tell you one Sufi story: A man is going in

    search of truth. As he comes out of his city, he finds

    an old man sitting under a tree. The young man does not

    know where to go in search of truth. He has heard that

    one has to go somewhere in search of truth, one has to

    go on a pilgrimage -- but where? Roads go to all sides.

    Which road is the road?

    Seeing the old man sitting under the tree, he

    thought: perhaps this man is old enough; he must know

    which road leads to truth. And he asked the man. He

    said, "Yes I know the road. Follow the right and go on

    until you come to a certain tree" -- he described the

    tree in detail, its leaves, its fruit -- "and you will

    find under it a very old man... just to give you an

    example, something like me but thirty years older. This

    is the man who is going to be your guide."

    The man was very happy. He thanked the old man and

    rushed towards the way he had shown him. For thirty

    years he was wandering and wandering, and the tree

    never came and the old man never came. He was getting

    tired, and he himself was getting old, and he said,

    "What nonsense!"

    Finally he decided, "It is better to go back home...

    enough is enough! Thirty years I have wasted in

    searching truth, and I have not even met the old man

    who is going to be my guide. And God knows, when the

    guide meets me, what kind of guidance it will be and

    how long it will take. It seems to be too complicated;

    it is better to go home. I was running a good business.

    I destroyed the business and unnecessarily got into

    trouble hearing this word `truth' again and again."

    He came back. Again he passed the tree -- and he was

    shocked! This was the tree the old man had described.

    And he looked under the tree and the old man was there

    -- the same old man, thirty years older and exactly the

    same as the description in every way. He said, "My God!

    Then why did you waste my thirty years?"

    He said, "I wasted your thirty years -- or you wasted

    my thirty years? At that time you were not ripe enough

    to be guided, because I gave all the guidance and you

    didn't even look at the tree -- and I was describing it

    in minute detail. I was describing your guide in minute

    detail, and you did not look at me, to see that I am

    describing myself. You were in such a hurry; you were

    too young. But nothing is wasted. I was, waiting,

    knowing that one day you will come back, one day you

    will recognize this tree, one day you will recognize

    this old man, that I am your guide!"

    The young man said, "This seems to be a strange


  • watever it is,dun ever give up believing.somebody loves you and waiting for you no matter what happen

  • Well Mr. Wolfgang... Thank you for taking the time to reply. A strange business indeed.

  • Sometimes it feels like its me waiting for myself

  • Alfied,

    it is very easy to help others. It is very difficult

    to allow others to help you because to help others is

    not against the ego. To allow others to help you is

    against the ego. To advise is easy -- to receive

    somebody else's advice is very difficult; it hurts.

    Deep down there remains a resistance to it, of 'Whom do

    you think yourself? Whom are you advising? I know all


  • Hi Sophie, I am not surprised by a change that was brought about under 23. The number 5 and combinations of it have always followed me. I am a #5 in numerology--in name and personality. Five is a number associated with change. Change is not really associated with anything bad. Just reminds us of what we are doing in present and if we are using our full potential. It's a part of life. I have had a lot of change in my life--no doubt. I have learned that it's a reality check to try our best. Watch numbers and combinations when there is change, see if it equals 5.

  • Hi I am glad to find this place to chat with my fellow aquarians:)

    I was reminded by the other night after painting my bathroom and looking for some items to decorate it.. I found a clock I just purchased and it needed to be set,I checked the time and it was the exact time 3:02 the clock had on it with no battery.

    Another 5

  • 10-4 Hans Its all came together in a wonderful way

  • wow I learn so much from this website!

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