I really could use some advice....

  • I'm a gemini woman who was beginning to get involved with a libra man. He came on strong at the beginning and we really started building a strong bond and had major chemistry. We finally met in person and everything was really great. We've had many deep discussions about almost every subject, including making love, and he said he wanted all of me... the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical... not just sex. Now all of a sudden, I haven't heard from him in 12 days. He works long hours, but he hasn't texted me or anything. I really fell for this guy and believed what he said when he told me he was falling for me. But his actions aren't matching his words. He is very moody and is going through some difficult times with his ex-wife, financial problems and a friend who died in a recent car accident (my "friend" was a passenger). Is this just bad timing? My heart and intuition say he's for real and things will work out for us, but I'd like "advice"....

  • Patience is more than a virtue. It's necessary in all walks of life. Step back, and tell him you'd like to give him some space. Not that you need it. Do it for him.

    If he says no, then pursue at your discretion. If he says yes, let him decide when he's ready to continue.

    There are more fish in this sea, but he might still be the catch for you. At least, for now. Give him time to decide whether he wants to take the bait. Only then can you be sure you've got the big one on your line.

    Best wishes.

  • And, importantly, don't rush him into it. I'd recommend letting him contact you first. He'll do so when he's ready. If not, he's not the guy you think he is.

    In any case, patience is your answer.

  • I don't know...12 days is a long time without any contact....even if he was busy,had financial problems or was grieving sending a text or two daily is the least he should do if he's interested. I know patience is a virtue, but..... Have you texted him to say "hi!"? I would have done after the first day to be honest! Try to text and if he doesn't respond within a day I would personally play it cool with him. At the end of the day, go with your gut instinct....

  • Best thing you can do is leave him to his own devices. He knows how to reach you.

  • Good morning everyone, especially rnrchick. Now, butterfly523, I am a Gemini that is married to a Libra, and let me tell you it is a great match. Libra men are loyal, honest, easy to get along with and to some extent, private. I agree with rnrchick, 12 days is a long time and I am curious to know the answer to what rnrchick asked, Have you tried to contact him in any way in the last 12 days.

    When I first met my husband it was the same as you described. He was anxious, open, committed, etc. but I will admit there were times when I would think, huh...Libra men are much slower to the finish line than a Gemini woman is. There were many times that I thought something was wrong or that he did not feel the same anymore, but everytime I thought that it was my mind working overtime. I would ask my husband if something had changed and he would say, "What are you talking about?" and then I would explain, "You haven't been behaving the way you used to." and he would not have even realized he was acting different, or that I was worried. This man is the love of my life, but, I will tell you he can be very hard to read at times. I've learned over time to just leave him alone when he retreats. However, if leaving him alone is to difficult for any reason, Libra men are fairly easy to discuss things with. It's up to you, is it your Gemini mind working overtime or is there a discussion that needs to happen.

    Good luck and keep us posted...

  • I really could use some advise, Im a Aries woman. Why is hard to find true love?

  • Thank you all for your comments and advice. I really appreciate the support. I did try to make contact with him and he still hasn't responded. I even told him how much his silence and ignoring of me is hurting me. No response, which feels like a knife in my heart. I know this might sound strange, but I still feel him inside my heart and gut... I really do think he and I are an excellent match for each other and would be very good for each other in alll ways and we would be able to heal both of our hearts and souls. At this point (tomorrow will be 3 weeks since our last contact, which was 2 IM conversations and a lot of deep and also intimate things were discussed)... do I just sit back and wait?

  • butterfly523 I can only guess. But sometimes I hold off answering someone because I really hate to hurt them. That being said it doesn't mean that it will dawn on me or someone else that not answering is hurting just as much as a conversation. My kids would ask me a question and I wouldn't answer and they would say well can I or not? I would answer at times by saying the fact that I didn't answer should be your answer. If I don't answer you it means no its just not spoken. But that was my kids. Not an adult. I wish I could help more but not all Libras are like that.

  • Well I hate to say it, but, three weeks is an awful long time with no response to you. Hmmm, I would have to agree with LibrasLair, if he's not communicating with you at all even after you have made an effort to get ahold of him, his silence might be his way of letting you down easy. I know how your heart hurts and the truth is, if he has down this to you once he most probably will put you through it again if you work things out. I think you need to decide if you can live through his silence again. Sorry, I hope it all works out for you...

  • I hate to say it but I agree with my two online buddies (Myviewpoint and LibrasLair) and I think your fella is trying to let go and trying not to hurt you. Unfortunately as Gemini women, we do like to be told outright and not left guessing...our minds do work overtime! To be honest I would put a line under this relationship....yes you're hurting but living through his silence is prolonging your hurt. At the end of the day, give yourself time to really think about the situation ...listen to your head as well as your heart and the way forward will become clear soon enough I'm sure. Wishing you lots of love and happiness.

  • Again, I truly appreciate your comments, advice and support. But, like any Gemini woman, I want answers and explanations. I don't understand how we went from having serious discussions about having a true relationship and making love and him wanting all of me... emotional, physical, everything inside and out... not just sexual... to silence. It just doesn't make any sense. And he was the one in the beginning and even when we talked 3 weeks ago that brought up the "heavy" stuff.... not me. I was actually trying to play it cool. Being a typical Gemini... my head thinks positive and negative thoughts at the same time, but my heart and my "gut" tell me it's going to work out. I would imagine when we work things out, I'll have to get used to the silences, since that seems to be his way.

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