Believing in phychics

  • I know when they say something you do have to put in some effort on your part also. You cant just sit back and expect things to happen but i was a phychic last year who told me that the guy i like likes me too. I should be happy but one thing that was always stopping me from doing anything was that he has a girlfriend. I dont know what it all means. Should i go for it?

  • No, you shouldn't go for it. It's bad karma to try to break up a relationship. If you're meant to be together, they'll break up on their own.

  • Ditto what manifestdreams wrote.

    In a universal cosmic sense, there is only one of us so whatever you do to another you do to yourself (which is why bad karma smacks you upside the head when you hurt someone else).

    If you try to break them up you will unravel relationships of your own.

    If you want a great relationship with a perfect partner work with good karma by HELPING another to find/keep a great relationship with their perfect partner. (When you give something to another you give it to yourself.)

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