Dark Question Only For The Truly Gifted Please

  • Hi,

    I know this isn't a subject your supposed to answer, but if you could please.....

    I need to know when my Nanna (Rita) will pass as I am in a different town and my financial state is not good.


  • No longer a need for this question to be answered as my other Grandmother made it financially possible for me to be with my Nanna. Thanks.

  • what is so dark about this question? you needed to get to her.. glad your grandmother came through for you.


  • I called it a dark question as many psychics refuse to answer such questions

  • hhmmm, if you were asking a year in advance on when your nanna was going to pass, then that would be inappropriate. but you know now she is ready to pass over? and that you want to get to her before she passes on? nothing unethical about that.

  • OR if you had ulterior motives such as claiming an inheritance and because you are curious as to when she will pass so you can claim inheritance, that would be very inappropriate.

    no reader can tell you when someone will pass. only when it's obvious.

  • trinity I know that this has very little to do with your question per say but sometimes people linger longer than expected because they thrive off of their visitors energy. People will notice after being in the room for a while that they are exhausted and have to leave. And there may be a noticeable strengthening of the patient. It isn't something that they do on purpose it just happens.

  • Thanks MsSunny, as you could probably tell from my first post I did not have an alterior motive, however, from reading things over many years, I had believed that it was an unethical question, thanks for putting me straight.

    LibrasLair, she was a very stubborn woman, which combined with what you said and I noticed about her thriving off others energy. However, I also believe that it was prolonged as she was waiting for someone to come and see her, I still have no idea who that was.

    I did notice at one point that her (deceased) husband (my grandfather) was in the room, he was quite a nasty person when he was alive and if he is still that way I do hope that she has not gone to him.

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