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  • Hi All...

    I have a question, or looking for some insight, I'll try not to make this long.

    A couple of weeks ago...my cousin got married YAY!! so excited for them!! I was in the bridal party and got paired with one of my cousin's friends. The night of the rehersal dinner (the first time i met him) there was an immediate attraction. The whole night was somewhat of a staring contest (which he won by the way).

    The day of the wedding, there was flirting (which i guess anyone at a wedding feels "romantic" if you will, flirtacious). We had an amazing time, everyone noticed that we had a ball together, my parents - his parents, friends all said "wow, what a connection" - it was awesome.

    All of us stayed in a hotel nearby - we all went back to the hotel (no, we did NOT) - i know what you're thinking. But, we had fun...I went with him to his room so he could take off the jacket to his tuxe, and then we kissed. OMG...what a feeling, it was amazing, i don't know how to describe it - but - WOW. I'm 29 and he's 32 so i've kissed a bunch of guys before but none like this. We went back to the hotel bar where family and friends were. After hanging out, we wound up back to his room for a little while...said he was single and he already knew i was - he inquired. after some more kissing, i told him i wasn't the type of girl to go any further. i left after exchanging phone #'s...he said he'd call me "monday, tuesday - wednesday". well, thursday came around..and he sent a text, "hey...what's up" asked what i was doing this past weekend....thinking he'd ask to hang out or get together....but, he never did.

    he asked where i hang out, i replied - he told me it was a lot of fun at the wedding with me - that was it!...what was that all about? i found myself thinking back - like was there something i did?? why bother sending a text that's so vague if he had no intentions of getting together? so, i did the "girl looks desperate thing" i sent a text saturday saying...

    "it was nice hearing from you, i had a great time - it was fun! i'm not too busy in the bar scene, but if you do ever want to get a drink or something call or text me". I haven't heard from him yet...

    i REALLY thought he was interested, i had a gut feeling he was gonna ask to get together...i was certain of it. i told my mother i see myself with him,,,do i give up? i mean of course i'm gonna go on with day to day things - but, can i expect a call or text? or, is he obviously not interested and i'm blind??

    please advise...

  • just want to say i'm sorry for the long post above...didn't realize it'd come out to be a novel..lol

  • Without drawing any cards, I would say that he might be afraid of rejection? I know he did beat around the bush asking if you wanted to do something some time. Just my opinion right off the bat. I agree with your expectations though. I am sure someone has a better answer.

  • thank you edpearite! i appreciate the feedback... i did send him a text saying if he ever wanted to go for a drink or something to call or text me. i think i seemed interested enough, i put the ball back in his court.

    maybe he had no intentions of anything...and he just felt as though he should say or text something. it's so weird, but i still feel a connection...i don't know - maybe i'm crazy...lol

    thanks again!

    does anyone else have an opinion? or can any cards be drawn on this situation?

  • just an update...still no word...i'm giving up

  • aquagrrl82, =X from the way u wrote about him, if he ever reply u it is still the same way as it is.. Both of u just barely know each other and u doesn't know if he is a playboy.. My feeling gaves me he might be one and obviously if he is damn super good looking then u might have to be reconsider again.. Someone told me before, a good guy would never hurt a girl, a guy who likes the girl would often get shy before he wanted to kiss her.. when girls are easy to get guys wouldn't cherish either.. That's part of what I know.. ><

  • I have to agree with Mikyo. If you're waiting around for him, forget it. You don't have to wait for anybody. I used to be in your situation and if he didn't ask me out by a certain time, I knew I didn't need to waste my time on him worrying to death about it. I know it sounds harsh, but there's going to come a time I hope where you start to see you shouldn't be anxious for the wrong person.

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