In Love with a Taurus Woman

  • I'm a Scorpio girl and misunderstood a lot of information from a Taurus woman. She gave me the feeling that she liked me and I have liked her for the longest time. I recently told her that I was moving out because I live with my boyfriend and when I didn't move it, she told everyone that I was a liar. We have worked things out with my boyfriend and I can't leave him, yet I'm obsessed with her.

    She has stopped talking to me and has cut off all communication with me. It's been over 5 months. I've sent her gifts and have no response from her. I have texted her and she has not responded. From what I'm hearing is that she's calling me a "lesbian" and is making herself seem like a victim. She's very religious.

    We had been friends for 2 1/2 years and recently became closer. I "felt" like she was attracted to me. When I last went to see her she thought I was "pregnant" and went nuts on me. She didn't ask me she just assumed. After an analysis of conversations I had with her brother I put two and two together and figured out that, that was the reason why she had become so upset with me the last time I saw her. She has a problem communicating her needs. I would like to know how much longer to wait for her, or "if" I should wait for her at all? I don't understand what's happened. Help!

  • Googles - As you may or may not know, Scorpio and Taurus are opposites in the zodiac. As with all things opposite, this can create an attraction. However, opposites also ultimately repel, to one degree or another. Have you tried doing a relationship comparison chart available thru this site to see how you and this woman's charts compare to each other. This will give you an idea of both the elements of attraction and the problem areas for this relationship.

    Also, I'm not sure why you are obsessing over this woman. It sounds to me like she is being very hositle. It is unclear why you feel the need to pursue any kind of relationship with her. Sometimes the harder we try the worse things get. Experience has taught me that, usually, in this type of situation, it really is best to just move on with our own lives and let the other person move on with theirs. Sometimes the harder we try, the worse things get. As a Scorpio, you will most likely be hurt by the experience long after she has forgotten all about it. Why put yourself thru the pain?

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