I need help pls any one that knows about love.

  • I just lost a relation ship after 21/2 years. I was ready for more and she left. I am just asking some one out there that knows about love and what the cards said. When would i find the woman of my life, the one the marry and start a family with. tx

  • Oh, sounds so familiar. Maybe I should be asking same question! 😉 All i know is that when it is supposed to happen, it will. My experience is that it's all in timing... knowing when will always be a mystery until your eyes are opened by the unfolding reality of it actually happening. That is when you will know, and that is when you'll feel that unmistakable bliss that nothing or no one can compare to. It will be like nothing or no one that you have ever encountered before, it will miraculously erase all prior ideals/wishes or similar dreams. You will know 'it' by first contact, it will blow your mind and all your other attributes all at one time. Just know that it will come and rest in that knowledge. Keep your focus on taking care of your self and your own affairs. Take care of your own needs and the cards say she will appear. Love tends to have many disguises, make sure you show your true self as you explore. Hope this helps.

  • TendrOPs,just wanted to say that was a beautiful reply...True Love will appear when we start to really love our selves...Just my oppinion though...Hehehe

    Peace,light and Love


  • Tender that was beautifull, tx u have open my eyes a little more. I thought about getting back with her even though she dump me twice already. shes a cancer and im a pisces, so we do really match good, but after what she has done to me, i should just let her go, it hurts cause i still have feelings for her, but like u said i have to take care of my self first and love my self before thinking about anything else and hopefully love will fallow thank u very much tender and God Bless.

  • TendrOPs sorry but, my ex Crystal she keeps calling telling me that she misses me and she still loves me even though she already has a new man. Is she for reals or she just wants me on the side, should i even be thinking about taking her back, do u c us together again in the furure? tx.

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