• anyone out there suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? How have you managed and do you have any special "tricks" you use to counter it? P.S. I'm a pisces

  • Suffering is an under statement, It feels like I'm downright dying. I have lived with this disease for many years now (I also suffer from a variety of auto-immune disorders as well) and many other illnesses as well. I have not been able to work since December 2005, I am sick to death of living this way. I am only 48 years old and feel like I'm 70, it's awful. One of the worst things about a disease such as this (and all my other diseases) is that on the outside I look fine, but, on the inside it's a struggle to just exist everyday. I know other people in my life do not understand my pain because of my appearance. It's frustrating and I am sick to death of doctor's. In short, yes I do live, like you, with this disease and I have no special tricks, but not for lack of trying, I've tried everything, nothing has ever helped, but, this could also be because of the myriad of other problems I have.

  • MVP, I am sorry that you have to go thru this. I'll remember you in my prayers.

    Sparkle, Remebering you too!

  • Sorry you have to hurt so much. I don't know anything about this illness but do understand being ill and looking like your perfectly fine. I have seen books about changing your diet to help that but never looked into it. I was never sick much in my life and I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in June of 2006. I was working in pain and I thought I have just strained my back so I kept working and went to my primary for muscle relaxers to help me get through with about 3 days off from work. Well I didn't go back after the third day because of pain and work forced me to go to a workman's comp. doctor. They sent me to the hospital for a scan and that's how I found out. But after I beat it I wasn't strong enough to go back right away. And people just don't understand that if I got down on the floor to pick up something or I fell I couldn't get back up. I didn't have the strength or muscle to lift myself. And I would get mad at myself because I had never been so weak that I had to crawl to a chair to try and pull myself up. Yeah I looked fine so why couldn't I go back to work? Try to explain something to people who have no idea. They just don't get it. My thoughts will be with you both take care and smile even if it hurts.

  • Hi - I'm so sorry to hear about the many problems and pain you've all been suffering through. I've been dealing with chronic back pain for several years. I've also been trying to deal with an ongoing spinal fluid leak which causes constant headaches & other issues from an epidural injection gone bad for the past year. Recently, the rheumatologist diagnosed me with reactive arthritis & fibromyalgia. Between the pain & fatigue, I'm just about wiped. However, I do work with a wonderful pain doc & pain therapist who help to keep me sane. One of the things I've learned is eat right , exercise (even if it's just some light yoga, stretching, or a walk down the block), and get plenty of rest. If you need extra sleep than sleep. If you need to scream or cry than get it out. Don't be a martyr because it will only make you feel worse and don't worry about people who don't understand. Listen to your body and be good to yourself. Also, try to be happy. I know it's hard when you have such a cross to bear but you only get one life and it's matter what hand you're dealt. Surround yourself with positive things: people, pets, art, music, whatever makes you happy. Try to find joy in your makes the load a little lighter to bear. Peace & love to you all 🙂

  • thank you soooo very much Dahlia - for your prayers and kind words.

  • MaryMia - thank you for your positive thoughts and for validating my feelings. I get a lot of "get over it" - "who really cares" - "everybody has something" - "there are worse off people" - just getting validation from the people who have answered my "Fibromyalgia" call has been helpful in and of itself - I'm not crazy or selfish for hurting and wanting someone to say "I know, it's ok - take care of yourself". Love, SparkeSister

  • I believe that I got fibro from sever emotional trauma. That's why some Docs will say it's in your head. Water exercise/therapy is key. Find water therapy though your Dr. Most times, insurance will pay for it. You can use these exercises in the lake, at a pool, and theres absolutly no pain! Land exercise hurts to much to even think about. Next, get your hormones checked and get on Bio identical hormones. No adverse side effects, because it's all natural. You will be amazed at the results. Find someone who specializes in Bio identicals. Also, check yyour vitamin D levels. Everyone should get 15 mins. of sunshine a day. I've had Cancer, Hep C, Fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue and Loss of a child recently. I am discovering the mind body connection and spirituality. I am reading Sylvia Browns new book for people with chronic diseases and I highly recomend this book for everyone with chronic illnesses. I will pray for healing and Good luck.

  • There is a website called i-Village that I frequent. They have wonderful advice and information on Fibromyalgia and all of its maladies such as Fibro Fog and Restless Leg Syndrome that accompany Fibro. Hopefully this link is allowed so that you can go and sample what they have to offer for what you need. I found information on Nidra Yoga there. I also found out that Fibro has been determined to be a form of arthritis, but not of the joints. I was diagnosed March 2006 after a few years of being told that it was just depression and migraines. If you feel that something is not right it is your body and your sleep that needs to be restored. Find a pain management specialist! Not a neuro. As you can see I cannot form coherent thoughts and stay on track. I hope that you were able to get what you need from my reply.|04-15-2009|

  • I understand what you are going through, because I also have Fibro, along with RA and it is all complicated by Lupus so most of the time the Sun is out of the question it makes the break outs that much worse! I have however found a wonderful enzyme supliment that seems to make the tenderness and constant aches of the Fibro less noticeable, and when I quit taking it, within two to three days knew it!!!!! It's called Zymitol look it up I tell everyone who mentions they have any kind of chronic pain to try it! It's been a life saver for me I have 2 little boys and I'm not 18 anymore!

  • I was finally diagnosed with fibro & RA after suffering through over 20 years of pain and fatique. Recently, I've added Lyrica to my daily regement of pain killers and muscle relaxers. They help alot with the fatique and fibro fog & seem to add to my pain control a bit too. I think Jewelrybee is really onto something with the water therapy. I'd like to give it a try myself. I have noticed the amazing benefits of a nice long soak in a hot tub before bed at night. It helps with the leg pain and restlessness, and seems to help me sleep better.

  • i too have fybro and osteo and degenerative disk disease and it really does suck cause u do LOOK fine . i have read all of these replys and hope some of the advice will help thank you to all have a very blessed day:)

  • I have recently been diagnosed with Fibro. The doctor thought I had MS. I had disc replacement between C-5&C6 last June. I have done much research since. My neurologist prescribed Lyrica and it seems to working well. Last August, I had to detox for 7 days from pain killers, muscle relaxers, Klonapin (a benzodiazapan) that stores in your fat cells and muscles. I have spent 8 months going through withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms come from not having an artificial pain reliever in my body. When you take these medicines for extended periods of time, your body stops making it's own natural pain killers. Hence you take the medicine away and the body has to re-calibrate ( make its own natural pain killers again). I suggest anyone reading this read Read the withdrawal symptoms, they are the same. I am also a recovering alcoholic and I NEVER experienced this from alcohol. Opiates and Benzos are HELL. I also take Cymbalta along with the Lyrica. Drink losts of water!!!! Diet drinks can also make it worse. (aspertame) My neurologist believes that it is a mind, body and spirit thing. They all must function as one. If my spirit is sick, my body is sick. I also suggest the book called "The Healing Journey of The Present Moment". How many moments do we spend in the future or the past, not just breathing in the "Present" moment?

    I am also a hair stylist and I understand the "Well You Look So Good", but I feel like my body is falling apart. I have always been independent and a go getter. It is a journey, not the destination.

    Much Love

  • Hello! I am a 48 yr old female Taurus. I have had fibro and chronic fatigue since I was 20, and 50 other diagnosis over my lifetime. Everything from ulcers, IBS, bladder disease to cancer. I was severly depressed, overweight and in horrific pain, and I had to pee every 20 minutes for years. Doctors, bless their hearts, had no real idea what to do for me. Most all of the anti-depressant and pain management drugs just caused more problems with side effects. I've tried several different therapies over the years, and each one addressed my issues to a degree. I am now functional, and feel great most of the time. Here is what I learned and how it worked for me. I tested my pH, I was too acidic. I drank lots of purifyied water with coral calcium packets in it to raise my pH. Pretty much all things negative; thoughts, words, environments, relationships, etc, produce negativity, which produces acid in your body. I also had physical injuries to my back, neck and head. I worked on making all these areas positive. I removed processed foods (fast foods) and sodas. I found beautiful healing meditation music and listened every day. I used other herbs for medicinal support and to rebuild my immune system. Fibro is an inflamatory response....inflamation causes pain. Insomnia, or any sleep disturbance is a huge factor, and causes a cycle of depressed thoughts and supressed immunity. I use the spice turmeric to reduce imflamation, and L-Ornithine for sleep, along with meditation CD. I recomment LouAnne Oakes,PHD's Sound Health,Sound Wealth book, it comes with a music CD called Freaquency Treatment Experience. IT'S WONDERFUL! Also Holosync from Bill Harris at Centerpoint. Everything has a freaquency, even healing. Holosync technology is astounding, to say the least. What ever it takes to raise your pH, just do it! You will be amazed, pleased, and blessed. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, good healthy foods and suppliments, positive thoughts.....all make you well. I had to take my own health care into my own hands. I pray that you will to the same.

  • to Sparklesister,

    and all how have responded, I also know what it is like to suffer from ra and lupus at the same time. I understand what it is like living with unbearable pain, my heart goes out to all of you.

    What has worked for me and given me a better chance for a better quality of life, I have started a regime of juicing vegetables, fruits, and drink all supplements in liquid form, they are obsorded better in to the system than in pill form, Just recently I was diagnoised, it took four years for a diagniose, I have done alot of research over the years on the natural way of healing and have learn alot, one thing that helps alot is knowing that you send messages to your body thru your brain, get up each morning saying I feel much better, I am getting better, I am going to make it, dont give up. even though i am sixty one years old, God put in my hands the care of my two grandchildren, which do not have a mother to look after them, I have to fight all the way, to be there for them. they still need me, if this is the mission God entrusted for me, i will not give up in no way. I do alot of research, on natural things, also practice water therapy, I wish you the very best and please write back one day let us know that your quality of life has improved a whole lot,

  • As i began reading these statements about Fibromyalgia i remember how i felt a year ago. The pain was extremely bad and i was on four high powered narcotics and my life was nothing but pain and me being in bed all of the time. One day i heard someone on a talk show talk about the same disease i was suffering from and suddenly a light bulb turned on. This person said that she ate a high protein diet and did a regular exercise regimine, and that at first the exercising was extremely difficult but she continue to do what she could, i knew at that point i would need to stop the narcotics to be able to even eat, i had lost 89 pounds, rarely got out of the bed, slept alot, when i was awake i did not know if it was day or night. I ended up signing into a hospital psychiatric unit to detox off of the prescribed pain medicine, i was nearly past the point of no return, i had a extremely low blood pressure, i was in kidney failure due to the pain medicine and while i was in the hospital i realized that i could not remember the last five years of holidays and where i spent them, the kids, my grandkids, my husband, i was in sorry shape. After completeing the in-patient detox, and maintaining the high protein diet, my pain and discomfort has almost disminished. I was home from the hospital a week and went out for a run and fell and broke both my feet and one ankle and due to my kidney's i was unable to take any pain medication except for tylendol- not that i would have anyway after just being detoxed from pain medication. I came through all of that with peace of mind and today - almost one year later i am still doing great as long as i stay on a high protein diet. I am alive and living each day fully and very surprised that the pain has diminished as much as it has. Please check with your physician first but the high protein diet is doing great for me. i continue to have some pain from time to time but nothing like what i had when i was being threated with the pain medication.

    Good luck and god bless


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