• Hi, My story is really long but i will get to the point. Boy ( 22nd May 1982) meets girl( 21 Oct 1983) in 2006... going strong even now. Maintaining long distance relationship for about 2 years. Girl's parents was totally against this relation ( due to difference in cultures and different religion; he is from the northern part of India and I am from the south). Boy's family has accepted the girl. After all these years, finally the girls family have said that they would think about it only after the girl's brother gets married. The girls brother marriage will be on Jan 2011.

    Now the real question - Will my parents approve this marriage wholeheartedly?? Will i get married next year?? how is my future prospects with this guy???

    What do you see?

    It's been so long... I have been fighting for this to work out....kindly put some light on this ...


  • Think carefully yourself whether this relationship is right for you as all the signs say it is far better for friendship than marriage. Long distance is not like living daily with each other. Your partner shows indications that he will not be able to please you, even if he tries. You may get fed up with his impatience and his earthiness. I feel you are often split between what you think you need and want emotionally, and what you REALLY do need and want. Please think more on this - your parents may be right to have reservations. I feel that they may reluctantly accept this boy - if they cannot find anyone else they consider as better for you - but they will never accept him wholeheartedly.

  • Hi captain,

    Thank you for your reply! Even thought the long distance prevails, it never affected our relation at all. Yes, i am frustrated with this cos there seems to be no ending to this .... because of my parents indecisiveness.

    My partner is the best thing that has happened to this relation we have a compatibility of 2 best friends ...

    we instantly clicked as though it was God who brought us together... yes we both are air signs and sometimes its difficult to stay grounded but i have to say we balance each other out.... Parents do have reservations - but not on the grounds of culture difference or religion... it is a personal aspect which totally depends on me..right?

    my relatives are supportive and sympathetic towards my situation.... Why i am holding on is only because i want to get marry with my parents consent.... He has come down to see my parents twice!! He spoke with them directly...asking for my hand......

    They put new conditions - My folks want me to stay in my place and wants him to leave his family.They want him to find a job in the same place where i have my job. whereas i dont agree to that , since his mom is staying alone.Moreover, I want to get to know his family...and not be considered a witch who took away their son 😞

    I am so confused about what lies ahead of me.

  • Also, an insight on the financial side, We have plans to start business too....

  • A working relationship between you may be productive, but power struggles and trying to best each other will threaten it unless a conscious effort at solidarity is made.

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