A ? for anyone to answer but wld like to knw what ppl w/gifts think

  • So just wondering if you believe in signs from the Universe, GOD or fate etc? OR do you think its all a coincidence SP? and that its all just random? I have been considering giving up in trying to contact someone but when I make the decision to back off a little. I see a lot of stuff. Signs.? And it makes me feel like I'm going in the right direction w/this. Thoughts?

  • sdr1980

    Yes, I do believe that the universe give us signs in what direction to take or what to to. I dream a lot and sometimes I get messages in them. I get urges to not do something and when I go ahead and do it, it does not work out well. I believe in God and pray regularly for my needs and mostly for others so that I will receive blessings myself. We all have intutuition and a lot of people have psychic ability which I now believe is inherited though the DNA or past lives.

  • Thank you for your thoughts Shuabby. I too have those 'urges' and when I don't listen it goes bad as well. I am only now learning to listen to them. Although for me it is not an urge. It is more like someone talking to me in my head. Its not audible. Just a message or thought that comes to me sometimes before I do something. 🙂

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